Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday 30 July 2012

Monkey Business - 2

We begin with Dizzee , he's dressed in red and white, reminiscent of Mr Bean's abandoned rucksack. There's a house party going on, a rave, Dizzee is singing that "some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm free". The dancers surrounding the house move up to the Tor, ascending it's spiral, Tower of Babylon resonating, path. We cut to Amy Whitehouse, then to the lost-phone lovers dancing in a triangular roofspace.  "They will not control us" from Muse's Uprising blasts (see images above  and below), whilst chequerboard attired chicks groove on down. The Tor is jumping now, it's like 1988 until we flash back to Dizzee. Trevor notes that "grime music was born in East London"; but that was after acid house.

The music stops, the house rises to reveal Sir Tim Bernard-Lee, inventor of the world wide web. The stadium lights up with the hand-held gizmos, "This is for everyone". It all goes dark and Tim is left, centre stage, illuminated. We cut to a black and white 1948, with black and white televisual recordings of the previous London Olympics, the then monarchy including young Queen-to-be, Elizabeth. Suddenly we are in Greece watching this year's Olympic flame beginning it's journey.

Section 10 begins - The Olympic Torch tour. It's a montage of clips beginning with David Beckham then quickly on to Edinburgh Castle, home of the Stone of Destiny. We see London, Princess Anne, Stonehenge, the Chariots of Fire beach scene from St. Andrews, a mountain top in Wales, police officers high fiving, (Royal) lifeboats, a  princess on a horse, the Royal Marine abseiler - Williams, The Queen and Philip, an ex forces cripple on prosthetic legs, a golden pyramid torch kiss, a zoom in on police officer SC 73335,  a marriage proposal (the "bride" dressed in red, white and blue), the abseiler again, this time passing the torch to Kelly Holmes at the Tower, 10 Downing Street with Dave Cameron, Kate, Wills and Harry, the London Eye and Big Ben. Curiously, when we first see Big Ben, it's 10 to 7, yet a couple of micro-seconds later as we zoom in, it reads 8 to 7. Everything is speeding up, it appears.

Then it's night time, current time, there's a speedboat on the Thames with David Beckham piloting, the torch held out front by a young lady foootballer. Huw and Hazel gush over Becks, I think he looks possessed, maybe delusions of grandeur. He is dressed in shirt and tie, it reminds me of Bond. Huw remarks that (there are) "very few people as qualified", Hazel reminds us of Beijing and the "big red bus". It's time for a pause to remember the "people who couldn't be here" as a variety of photographs appear on screen.

It transpires that it's time to commemorate the 7/7 bombing victims, the incident occurring the day after London "won" the bid to host the games. Maybe the Big Ben clock time was a hint, indeed perhaps too was Mr Bean's rucksack.  A giant sun appears as dancers cavort manically beneath. The  commentators note  the "great sorrow of 7/7", Hazel has  obviously forgotten the previous commemorative "pause" earlier in the show as she advises of  a "calming and reflective pause after the exuberance of the last hour". The dancers form a triangular mass and it's  section 11, Abide with Me.

Fittingly, for a song written by a Scotsman, it is sung by a Scottish girl, Emeli Sande. As she progresses so do the dancers, their frenetic jiving a stark contrast to the lyrics and the voice. The troupe move out and form a circle, one man is left, he walks to a small boy on the sidelines and proceeds to indulge in more frenetic showmanship. The dance pack reforms, crouching, and the man leads the boy into the throng. The boy holds a hand up into the air, I am bemused as to what this all represents, or maybe just don't want to know. Trevor notes that Abide With Me has been played at "every Football Association cup final since 1927". I am now bewildered, luckily it stops - "Please welcome the athletes"

Its section 12, Parade of the Athletes. Greece are first, then Afghanistan. I am really pleased too because the whole peformance lasts four hours and I simply skip to section 13, and miss a good deal of nothing out.

Section 13 - Team GB. Dressed in white and gold,led out by Scottish cyclist Chris Hoy "The Flying Scotsman" to the chords of Bowie's Heroes whilst white confetti falls from the sky. Referencing this, Huw advises that there is "one bit paper for every human being in the world", though he doesn't mention a New World Order's utopian "democracy". The stadium lights up, there are Union flags galore, we cut to the Royal Box, the Prime Minister, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. We cut to the Tor, it is now covered in all the other countries flags. Drummers follow the UK team round.

Section 14 follows, the BBC advise that it  is tiled "The lighting of the Torch by Seven Young Athletes" but actually it's not time for that. Instead we move to section 15, The Artic Monkeys : Live. It's quite interesting. Their first song is, I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, a track which includes a chorus line of "dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984, from 1984". Unfortunately, the drummer doesn't look too good, attired in what looks like a ceremonial sash, typical of the Orange Order. We get a short camera back view of him, the reverse emblazoned HELDERS, his surname. None of the other band members have their name on their clothes.  Fireworks explode from the stadium, and form a crown like shape in the sky. From underneath the stage winged cyclists appear, apparently representing doves of peace. They don't look too peaceful to me, in fact, the contrary. The Monkeys cover the Beatles', Come Together, it's all quite ominous. One of the doves cycle-flies into the sky, it reminds me of E.T.

Things calm down though as we focus onto the Tor, pinpricked with national flags. Seb Coe and Jacques Rogge are there, it must be section 16. Speeches are given, the Queen being addressed first, Seb talks of "loving sport", "working harder" and "living for the  moment". Jacques talks of "gender equality" and of how "the  Olympic Games are coming home tonight". Furthermore, he suggests that the UK is the "birthplace of modern sport". It's  section 17 - Let the Games begin - so we cut to HM the Queen in the Royal Box,"I declare open the games of London celebrating the 30th Olympiad of the modern era". More fireworks then the Olympic flag is carried in by indivduals who represent "justice", "courage" and "integrity". Playing games seems apt.

We proceed to the Tor where boxer Muhammad Ali is waiting. He doesn't seem to know what's happening, maybe he met Coe a very long time ago for motivational advice. The military take possession of the flag and carry it over. It's hoisted higher than the other countries flags, alongside the imposing union flag raised by the same personnel earlier, which also stands taller. The camera focuses on Coe, Ali etc. It's time for section 18, titled The Olympic Flame enters Stadium.

Beckham is still on the speedboat. Huw asks "who will take possession" and talks of "mysteries". It rings bells with me. Athlete, Steve Redgrave, collects the torch whilst Becks helps with the torch-kiss. Huw advises us of another mystery, "the location of the cauldron". The stadium is dark, then lights up brightly. Sarah Stevenson reads the athletes oath, Mik Basi the judges oath, and Eric Farrell MBE, yet another. I'm beginning to utter oaths myself, it's taking so long. It all goes dark and the torch is ushered in by 500 workman in hard hats. It's section 19 (see 14), Huw talks of a "joyful moment" and we see the seven lucky young athletes who will light the cauldron, immaculate in black and gold. Scottish youngster, Cameron McRitchie, is first with the torch. Underworld's Caliban plays*. The choir from the stands have moved to the Tor, the mad drummer lady returns and the lucky 7 cuddle their nominators. Huw talks of a "symbolic act" and we see more triangle forming torch kissing.

We get the "first glimpse of the cauldron" designed by a Thomas Heatherwick and it does indeed set the heather on fire, certainly as far as the commentators are concerned. There is a bell chime as it is ignited, the stems rise and converge, "one great flame of unity" and a "symbol of peaceful coming together". The commentators have surely forgotten the 18,000 military deployment.  More fireworks then Pink Floyd's, Eclipse, plays, "and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon", which speaks volumes.

It's  section 20, Paul McCartney, begins with a snippet of a song I don't  recognise. He then sings, Hey Jude, and the crowd all join in; it appears. I am more intrigued with his jacket and the red strips down the sleeves, I wonder if it has something to do with the scarlet thread and Biblical stories.

And that's it, will sum up tomorrow, maybe day after.


* As far as I am aware.

Sunday 29 July 2012

Monkey business - 1

First things first, here's a link to Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony which the BBC have kindly broken up into 20 sections, which makes it a bit easier to narrate. The first hour or so is covered below, I will get the rest  done over the coming week. Any feedback or extra info would be appreciated, I will attempt to sum it up at the conclusion.

The presenters were Huw Williams, Hazel Irvine and Trevor Nelson

Section 1 is titled introduction. We see an arial set of the stadium. In only lasts a few seconds.

Section 2 is titled Green and Pleasant. Huw mentions that it portrays revolutions and their effect on British society. We see maypoles, a water wheel, an orchestra, a clip of a weather forecast, cricket, and last, but not least, Glastonbury Tor and the solitary tree allegedly planted by Joseph of Arimathea. Huw reminds us again that "the industrial revolution changed Britain and the world". A countdown of numbers begins, each an image from the public's elsewhere - bus numbers, shop numbers, and suchlike. Suddenly, we are under water, submerged, before surfacing at a grave-like stone which reads: "Isles of Wonder" - "this stone was placed here to mark the source of the river Thames". A perhaps symbolic dragonfly leads the way from the head of the river as we rapidly meander downstream; boys are fishing for minnows or sticklebacks, poppies are imaged, 30 pub beer garden umbrellas open, it's idyllic, we see geese, boaters, and a flying pig. We flash back to the Olympic stadium to glimpse 11-a-side cricket then off again, now in London central, with Big Ben and other infamous landmarks. Only the first line of the Sex Pistols', God Save the Queen, is played, there is no mention of any "fascist regime".

The Clash song, London Calling, comes on as we travel though a tunnel, before poster advertisements for previous games appear. Then we are in the stadium, balloons are bursting on a countdown from 10, two of the number six don't burst however. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to London". Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins comes on stage, bows, and rings a giant bell. A young boy sings Jerusalem as we see more cricket and, tellingly, beekeepers. We cut to Ireland and the Giant's Causeway where a choir are singing Danny Boy, then to Edinburgh Castle for another choir and Flower of Scotland. The camera focuses on a young black boy, scarce up here. Then to Wales for Bread of Heaven.

We are back in the stadium; from a horse drawn coach, advertising biscuits, Isambard Kingdom Brunel decants, Sir Kenneth Branagh playing the role. He  looks up at the Glastonbury Tor, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is being sung by the in-house, black infused choir - a song accredited to Wallis Willis who was inspired by the Biblical 2 Kings 2-11. More Jerusalem is played. Three people are imaged, they look puzzled or afraid. "Brunel" is on the Tor, he is reciting Caliban from Shakespeare's  Tempest, " Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises". Huw fills us in on that.

Suddenly loud drumming is heard. We cut to a mad lady beating madly on a drum kit, and other "drummers" using metal buckets. The tree at the top of the Tor rises, we symbolically see it's roots and, from the gap, people climb out and down. Huw reminds us of the industrial revolution again and how Britain was the "workshop of the world". We are moving from the agricultural revolution into section 3, titled Pandemonium - we are picking up our boots.

Giant chimneys pop up, two at first. Huw refers to them as "smoking stacks". Huw further advises us that they "created wealth", but he does not expand. Trevor Nelson calls it a "history lesson" and suggests the viewer "turns up the volume". Hazel reminds us of the source of the word pandemonium - Milton's Paradise Lost. Suffragettes appear. More chimneys; there are now five. The agricultural props are being carried out.  Huw advises that a "pause" is imminent, to commemorate those lost in military campaigns. We see more poppies and soldiers. More noise, then a posse of top-hatted gentleman appear. I don't see any ladies amongst them. One imagines that they are represent the factory and sweatshop owners of the  time. A boat appears, Huw advises it is the "Windrush", which carried the  first load of immigrants to Britain, in 1948 just after the war, from "West India". He doesn't mention that it arrived on Midsummer's Day, 64 years ago. (Prince Wills birthday - hermetically speaking, given 1948 was a leap year). It's maybe symbolic of a chessboard. Or that it is reverse colonisation with a purpose.

We focus on a smelting operation, creating the Olympic  rings. It reminds me of a tadpole, or a little sperm shape, as the molten metal travels down a small stream to the ring. The camera pans out, then back in. It seems perhaps sexual, given Brunel is again imaged, looking chuffed as he smokes a cigar. Huw reminds us, once again, of the "wealth and industry" created at the time. Suddenly, a group of pearly kings and queens appear, Huw tells how they are the "other Royal Family". The workers are still forging the rings whilst we cross to the Tor again, it is jam packed with suffragettes, the top-hat crew, and the drummers. "Brunel" is there too, he again looks chuffed. The rings float up into the sky, Hazel calls it "organised chaos", whilst stating that the "moment will live with us forever". Huw notes that "the Olympic rings have beeen forged", as they drop sparks from the sky. A man is watching adorned in welding mask and goggles, somehow I think of Day of the Triffids, not sure why. We cut back to Brunel and the rest, all ogling the sky, transfixed. Maybe that's why. Two people appear to ascend into the heavens and vanish. Huw reminds us that the rings symbolise "a union of five continents", Hazel gushes that it is "dynamic".

Suddenly it's section 4, Happy and Glorious. We cut to a tailor, he is cutting too, a patch with Happy and Glorious embroidered upon it. We see it displayed on a red military uniform. A tune is playing, I think the theme-tune of the Antiques Roadshow television programme, as we realise we are at Buckingham Palace. A group of children rush to one of the windows in the palace as a taxi arrives, registration H315 XYW. It carries another number - it's licence - 38092. My OCD kicks in and I realise it's a subliminal double 11, and that the XYW forms two triangles; whilst 007 James Bond jumps out. He enters the Palace and is ushered to HM the Queen, as her corgi dogs cavort. It's exactly 8.30pm. The Queen is at her bureau, she leaves the room with Bond a respectful couple of steps behind whilst her dogs bound ahead. The humans go out the French doors and enter a helicopter, we look down to see the corgis pining on the doorstep.

The flight is over London landmarks. Big Ben again, whilst a Winston Churchill statue comes alive - it appears to be waving a stick, or maybe wand; it is magical. The 'copter flies through Tower Bridge and onto the stadium. Huw tells us this is a short film made by the BBC called "Happy and Glorious", whilst it seems we have reached section 5, titled HM the Queen.

The  helicopter hovers whilst a pair of stunt doubles create the illusion that Bond and the Queen have parachuted out. The Bond theme tume plays. The Queen appears, along with the Duke of Edinburgh, at her seat in the stadium. The  Olympic president is also there as is Rowan Williams, druid and Archbishop of Canterbury - the man who married William and Kate. We cut to the stadium as a giant Union flag (jack) is carried in by the  military. Huw reminds us of the military involvment - "18,000 troops deployed so far".

The military march to the Tor. Huw reads the participating members names out. A "signing" choir called Kaos sing God Save the Queen in their pyjamas. The Union flag is slowly hoisted. We cut to the Queen and then to a book page - "second to the right and straight on till morning", it reads. Huw advises that it is time for the tribute to "children's literature and the NHS" whilst Mike Oldfield appears, him of Tubular Bells fame. It seems we are in section 7 which, mysteriously, is also titled Happy and Glorious.

The arena is allegedly full of NHS staff with some dancers and actors. They form the word GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital).  Children in hospital beds are abundant. There's a lot of dancing and it all goes dark. Hermes worshipping JK Rowling, transpires, reading "quotes from JM Barrie". Green eyed uber-hairy monkey-like entities appear too, a load of them. A giant cage is paraded. Hazel takes the opportunity to remind us of Rowling's philanthropy as she notes the appearance of a giant puppet Voldemort, from the Potter stable, alongside the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A bed, equipped with child, floats up towards Voldemort as Trevor states that he "really likes the use of children", and, although it is a "dark ceremony", "the  light around the beds is a big contradiction". A host of Mary Poppins then float down from the sky on their umbrellas and chase the baddies away. Voldemort deflates and the children on their beds dance. The Nanny State is good. Trevor mentions the light again in respect of some sort of audience-participating "little hand lights". Hazel adds that the wiring for them "took 40 days to install". The Poppinses tuck the children in, the giant Voldemort puppet now resembles a sleeping child. We close with just the children, sadly the bed frames resemble prison bars.

Onto section 8 - Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire.  Rowan Atkinson, the actor that plays Bean, is involved, playing the fool, as well as a keyboard. Behind him is a red rucksack. He bends down at one point and one can see a soft drink container sticking out the top of it. It has a red pentagram logo, with the two points upwards, rather than the three. A straw is inserted (which is why I thought soft drink, not coffee) at a 33 degree angle. Bean looks at his phone for a bit during the recital, and also uses an umbrella to facilitate playing whilst he retrieves a paper hanky from the bag. We cut to the infamous Chariots of Fire beach race scene, Bean is again involved. He cheats and wins, however we find it's a dream.

We move on, to a red mini, a blonde lady, and a mixed race child. Without skirting, the vehicle registration is TBL 2012. I think TBL= trouble.  It parks outside an house which has appeared/inflated in the arena. Michael Fish (a once prominent weatherman) appears on a giant video screen and states "hurricane on the way". He then retracts it. Huw tells us that this is the "digital age" coming as we cut to the Sugababes - "press my button"and clips of old comedy shows including Blackadder (which involved Atkinson too). Trevor Nelson says there's a music  montage coming up and the  Jam's, Going Underground, plays. We cut to a clips of a (Scottish) film called Gregory's Girl and images of Charlie Chaplin appear. Things are speeding up. A love/romance story is emerging too, involving two young people and a lost 'phone. The Who's, My Generation, plays. Dancers abound, the majority in bright  colours, some in vaguely pyramidical chequerboard dresses. My Boy Lollipop plays, then the Kinks and the Beatles. The dancers/performers create a giant CND sign. Scenes from the movie Kes are displayed.  More dancers appear, again mostly brightly coloured, this time the others wear figure-hugging chequerboard body suits. Trevor advises Hazel that it's "damned if you do, damned if you don't" in connection with remembering the music playlist. Bowie's Starman is played as three "aliens" ascend, back?, into the  sky. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is next, as the performers form a "star", just like the one on Bean's drink carton. Freddie Mercury's face is beamed on the house, I start thinking astro-logically in terms of messengers, Mercury,  and HM's "death" - in favour of Wills.

Pretty Vacant sounds potentially apt at this stage so, synchronistically,  the Pistols are back again, whilst giant mohican-haired puppets pogo-dance. Images of John Lydon are shown, the same John who booked the Lockerbie Pan-Am flight, but never flew. Then it's some New Order, with Frankie goes to Hollywood's, Relax, whilst the "house" transforms into a giant speaker. It looks like a giant eye, watching. Time for the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, before the Prodigy and their Firestarter. The singer is dressed in a US stars and stripes bastardisation. Flames appear everywhere and Underworld's Born Slippy comes on. We cut to a scene from Trainspotting, Edinburgh's Princes Street, just across from the Castle. The song Blowing Bubbles is next, whilst our lost phone love story concludes with a kiss. The "house" shows images of Hugh Grant kissing, Kate and William kissing, some Disney kisses, more Kate and Wills, and a human kissing a monkey in a scene from Planet of the Apes.

It's time for Section 9, Dizzee Rascal. Will leave it there for now.


J B pillars image - Freemasonry - Boaz and Jachin (JB)

wiki - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

wiki - The Tempest

wiki - Windrush

wiki - Pearly Kings and Queens

Saturday 28 July 2012

British Israel (Order from Kaos)

Will get a proper post up over the next few day re the opening ceremony; highlight for me given the content of this blog was the raising of the Union Jack on "Glastonbury Tor" as the pyjama attired childrens "signing" choir, Kaos, sung God Save the Queen. Read between the lines.

From my post A New Eden : "Curiously, "In England's green and pleasant land" - on which the hymn Jerusalem is based - is the  last line of  William Blake's "And did those feet in ancient time" poem, which he based on the "apocryphal story" that a young Jesus Christ visited England  in the company of his uncle, Joseph of Amirathea. According to wiki the legend is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation describing a "second coming" wherein Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem. Danny doesn't mention any of that, nor that Joseph is alleged to have thrust his staff in the ground at Glastonbury, whereupon a thorn tree grew."

Order from chaos indeed.


Note -once again, got it well wrong about Prince William lighting the cauldron, will see what happens in the closing ceremony.

Note - Kaos are a "signing" choir for deaf and hearing children.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Shoot those poisoned arrows through the heart

The  above image is from today's Edinburgh Evening News. It shows the Scottish capital's city centre off rather well, the Castle in the foreground with extinct volcano Arthur's Seat to the back.

According to the linked article, the Royal Air Force Red Arrows are due to flyover tomorrow in respect of Prince William's Olympics: "nine aircraft will perform the Big Battle formation over Holyrood Park, flying up the Royal Mile, over  Edinburgh Castle then over the crowds".

The event will take place at "precisely" 12.33 British Summer Time, which equates to 11.33 Greenwich Mean Time.

see too - A New Eden

Note - Arthur's Seat is  located in Holyrood Park, home of the Royal Palace and the Scottish Parliament.

Note - I  am still banking on Prince William lighting the cauldron at the opening ceremony.

Note too from the linked report that bells are due to be rung for  the first time in sixty years from The Hub in the Royal Mile. The Hub crossed the radar here back in 2008 when an alleged crystal skull of Atlantis was displayed for one day only, on 23rd November. Given that it was a leap year (extra day added), I correlated this sun-wise into 22/11, JFK assassination etc. etc. The post is here, although it is not that great, sorry.

Wednesday 25 July 2012


Very quickly, the Olympic torch relay had extra-special visitors today, Prince Charles and Camilla making a surprise visit. From the BBC report

"Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited the torch relay in Tottenham where they watched a torch kiss from the side of the street. They posed for pictures with torchbearers Scott Moorhouse and Jay Kamiraz, whose Souls of Prophecy choir is a favourite of the prince."


Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lord of the Rings

A trilogy of Scottish based Olympic / monarchical stories hit the headlines over the  last few days.

The first from yesterday regarded cyclist, Christopher Hoy, who has been voted to carry the Union flag for Team GB, something he also did at the closing/handover ceremony in Beijing. As I noted back then his name seems apt, what with the Christopher; whilst his pedal-powered sport resonates the new approaching astrological cycle of Aquarius. A different spoke in the wheel, so to speak. The BBC report also has time to mention the inclusion of archer, Alison Williamson, although none of the other contenders get a mention.

On Saturday past we learned again from the BBC that Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, is to lead a trade delegation to London for the games, "showcasing  industries and promoting investment". A "Scotland House" will be set up in the heart of London with more than forty events, advertising Scottish  culture, food and drink to the unwary Olympic visitors. 

Then today, it was revealed that a "military take" on Disney's Brave soundtrack is to be included at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, based at Edinburgh Castle. Along with this, the  evening is due to conclude with "an orchestral re-enactment of the Queen's Coronation of 1953", featuring "the preparations, crowds lining the street, bands parading, the Abbey waiting for a princess, the solemn processional, the anointing of a Queen, and the oaths of allegiance". (BBC)

It's worth pointing out again that the Stone of Destiny, if it is that, is located at Edinburgh Castle, and that it is highly likely that any future monarch will be crowned upon it. The Stone was repatriated on Christmas Day 1950 and left outside Arbroath Abbey on 11th April 1951 before being returned to Westminster. However, on St. Andrew's Day 1996, it was officially handed back to the Scots by Prince Andrew at Edinburgh Castle. Bear in mind here that 11th April 2008 was the date that Prince William received his military "wings" from his father, I wrote about  it here, whilst noting in the process that Richard Dannatt, then head of the British Army, was undertaking the first official celebration of summer events marking the centenary of the Territorial Army on the same day at Edinburgh Castle. Don't forget too, that on  11th April 1689, William of Orange and Mary 2nd were crowned joint Sovereigns of the United Kingdom.

Oh, and don't forget the solitary franchised Edinburgh Castle ice cream van, it's registration WMS 666 T  - a big clue to the potential future.


Note - When "Protestant" William and Mary "took" the crown, many powers were (allegedly) transferred to parliament rather than the monarchy. Watch the situation reverse.

See link on sidebar to mythomorph, re relationship between America's declaration of independence, and Scotlands.

Top image - Stained glass window featuring St. Andrew at Innerwick, Glen Lyon - a place of historic Druidism including the ancient yew tree at Fortingall. Note X shaped cross, tartan (coat of many colours),  fish, and Knight's Templar symbols. See far more from Tsarion link in sidebar, although this actual image is not from there.

My take on the Beijing Olympic handover, David Beckham, Gordon Brown, Wizard of Oz - Things are not always as they seem .

Sunday 22 July 2012

The WoW moment

 According to various news sources, the question of who has the honour of lighting of the Olympic cauldron is top secret, as is it's location.

Although, according to BOA (British Olympic Association) boss, Andy Hunt, it will be a "wow moment" (here).

Could the "wow" be a clue, do the letters signify William of Wales. If so, surely he will utilise the Baphomet/Hermetic pose as imaged  - "as above, so below" - fitting for an up-and-coming Sun God, cut from the womb during an eclipse on the longest day of the year. 

Watch his fingers.


wiki - Baphomet .

Saturday 21 July 2012

Holmes is where the heart is

Let's start with the naked, Santa-hatted rambler, Willy, AKA Stephen Gough - an ex Royal Marine - as noted in my last post. Some say he is batty. He never made it home and was re-arrested for breach of the  peace yesterday after a three-day resurrection; the location Townhill, Dunfermline - a place so quiet that it's wiki article really only mentions that it shares a church minister with the neighbouring village of Kingseat. 

Also up here in Scotland, Strathclyde police chief constable, Stephen House, has advised that he and his officers will now take responsibility for the Olympic football events due to take place in Glasgow, the security company G4S unable to deliver on it's contract as with London, where we see the military taking ownership. (The Scotsman)

Meanwhile, over in the USA, mild-mannered James "Jimmy" Holmes, goes berserk in Aurora, Denver, at the Batman premier, killing a dozen  and injuring many more. Denver airport is a hotbed for freemasonic symbolism, see Vigilant Citizen for examples.

Down in London, the Olympic torch was abseiled into the Tower of London last night as I noted a couple of posts ago. It was dropped from a Sea King helicopter by Royal Marine, Martin Williams at 20.12 BST, who handed the torch to Dame Kelly Holmes (no relation to James) on the rampants. Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted that the tower was a fitting point for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides". (BBC News)

Curiously, back in 1967, Batman visited the Tower of London in a episode called  The Bloody Tower. It was season 3, episode 13 of the television series. An image from today's mail on line shows James Holmes parent's home. It appears to be house number 13310,  whilst his  motor vehicle carries the registration number 119 ROC.  The reader may need reminding that in Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony there are due to be 119 farmyard animals; not forgetting the 911 reversal (see my post Caterwauling).
For sure, a Dark Knight is rising, one does not have to be Sherlock to see that.


Bottom image, from short wiki entry on Townhill, captioned "The disused Townhill Power Station closed in 1985 and the twin chimneys were later removed. The entire structure was demolished in 2008"

Note - Madonna is due to play in Edinburgh tonight, talk is that if she produces a gun on stage she is liable to be arrested.

Thursday 19 July 2012

A point to be made ?

This  could be synchronicity, coincidence, or even manipulation at a higher level, bearing in mind recent posts.

The gentleman above in the Santa type hat is ex Royal Marine Stephen Gough, AKA the Naked Rambler, who was released early from Perth prison on Tuesday 17th July, after being handed 657 day sentence for parading in the nude; legally for contempt of court and breach of the peace. This was not the first time he had been incarcerated in Scotland, the norm previously was that as soon as he was released he was re-arrested given he refuses to wear clothes, however this time he appears to have been allowed on his way home to Eastleigh, unlike several previous instances over the last 6 years.

The images are from the Scottish Sun, who have christened him Willy, a short form of William and slang for a penis.

The Olympic torch briefly visited Gough's homestead, Eastleigh, on Sunday 15th July, having "taken off  and  landed" on the British Airways Firefly Airbus from Southhampton airport in order to visit the Channel Islands (here).

Monday 16th saw the torch leave from Portsmouth, more specifically, Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth football club; a club in the same financial disarray as Glasgow Rangers, the Scottish, Orange "King Billy" team. It was first carried by John Jenkins, in front of "1000 local schoolchildren(BBC).

What the BBC don't mention though, and what ties in with poor "Willy", is that Portsmouth notorious hooligan firm are called the 6.57 crew, a name taken from the fact that at one time they regularly got the 6.57am train to  London Waterloo (wiki - 6.57 crew).


Note - The curious demise (and rebirth) of "Orange" team Glasgow Rangers has been noted here often.

Monday 16 July 2012


Just briefly, the Olympic torch is due to arrive in London on Friday, where it will be abseiled into the Tower of London by a Royal Marine, Martin Williams.

From there, it is due to be carried by 982 torchbearers (18 short of 1,000) through the 33 London boroughs. As far as I can ascertain from the BBC article, on Thursday 26th it will visit Downing Street and Buckingham Palace before, on the following Friday (the last day), leave from Hampton Court Palace, originally in the ownership of The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, in a cauldron.


Also note this BBC article from last week - Who invented the National Debt - where it explains the history of credit and debt in the UK, beginning with William of Orange and the Stuarts. Very apt, at this moment in time.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Progression of the Fittest

Day 55 of the LOTR and as noted yesterday it  began at Druidic Stonehenge "as the sun rose", although the  the actual relay began  at 7.49am from Cathedral Green in Salisbury (BBC News). The golden torch was carried by American "sprint legend", Michael Johnson, for both events, which may seem an extraordinary choice unless one is aware of his recent comments.

Just back in June, Michael advised that black American and Caribbean sprinters carry a "superior athletic gene" due to their decendency from African slaves. According to the mail on line,   "some scientists believe a combination of selective breeding by slave owners and appalling conditions meant that only the strongest slaves endured, creating a group predisposed to record-breaking athletic performance", whilst Michael himself commented that "Difficult as it was to hear, slavery has benefited descendants like me – I believe there is a superior  athletic gene in us".

If we take this peculiar philosophy in the context of today's world,  adding into the equation that there are indeed too many humans and that the "powers that be" realise this, then it gives even more substance to the ongoing sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that the game plan is to eradicate the majority of humanity - act out the Book of Revelation - thus leaving themselves with a small workforce of slaves, whilst they act as "new gods" of a "new Eden". 

One has to remember that the "new gods" see this as progression for the human race, indeed maybe in centuries to come our descendants will be equally as brain-washed as poor Michael.


Note -LOTR - London Olympic Torch Relay, note the 7.49, kick off time, 49 being 7 squared.

Wednesday 11 July 2012


Following on from yesterday's post tying in the Olympic torch visit to Windsor Castle to see the Queen with Donald Trump's Scottish golf course opening, it appears that the British Israel connotations were further established with the news that Stonehenge was illuminated "into a glowing fairytale environment" "as the sun set last night". The 3-night project, named Fire Garden, was organised by French arts group, Compagnie Carabosse who, according to the  BBC report , have "incorporated the points of the compass, the shadows on the stones and the sense of many souls departing."

Today, it is my understanding that the Olympic torch relay itself will join the magical fire-festivities on an off-route excursion similar to day 33-34 of the relay - Prince William's 30th birthday -  where it somehow retraced it's route to return to Scotland as noted in my post Fruit for thought.


Note that back in 2009, Compagnie Carabosse organised a Hogmany "light night" in Edinburgh which went "wrong", sparks showering the Royal Mile, forcing the spectators to flee. (Bright Sparks).

Tuesday 10 July 2012

A load of balls ?

There are 18 days left of the London Olympic games relay and today "it" visited Windsor Castle to see the Queen and Prince Philip. Earlier, the procession had been interupted by a male streaker.  The rain was torrential as Gina MacGregor, aged 74, carried the torch in. She was the 73rd carrier of the torch out of 111 and passed the torch to Phil Wells, aged 12. 

The above image shows the transaction taking place in glorious sunshine. Note that Gina is short for Regina, which in itself means Queen. Note the pairing of the two Phils. Add the two torch bearers numbers together - 73 & 74, a total of 147 - the maximum points achievable in the game of snooker - which revolves around a triangle/pyramid. Note the "torch kiss", forming the triangle/pyramid. 

Then turn to the Bible. Palm 147 - 2 :  

        The LORD doth build up Jerusalem:
           he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.
Then look to Scotland and Donald Trump. Today he "opened" his 18 hole golf course ("probably the best in the world") in the North East, the one built on a nature reserve, whilst dedicating it to his mother who hailed from the Isle of Lewis. Remember that the North East corner is highly important to freemasonry, for it is always the site of the cubic corner stone - "the most important stone in the whole edifice". (The Symbolism of Freemasonry).

Then hail British Israel.


BBC - Trump story.

BBC - Queen/Olympic story

See also Freemasonry - Lewis stone

Saturday 7 July 2012

Conspiracy squared

An 88 minute long documentary which claimed that "dark forces" conspired to kill Princess Diana has been shelved after the makers were unable to obtain indemnity insurance against any potential libel claims, according to the Guardian

It was produced by an actor/comedian called Keith Allen and bankrolled to the tune of  £2.5 million by Mohamed Al Fayed (father of Dodi), someone  I wrote briefly about back in 2008 - Mohamed of the Glen - given his Scottish connections : "I like to sit in the chair in my kilt," he said. "The ancient Egyptians wore a sort of kilt, so I don't think I look out of place.

Keith Allen has a singing daughter named Lily, who is probably more famous than him. Ben, at Pseudo-Occult Media, wrote a short post concerning her, "mind control", sex kittens, caged animals and the ubiquitous chequerboard motif (here), back in 2009.


Top image - Al fayed with his waxwork image.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Prickly issues

It's the Aphelion today, the time of the year when the Earth is furthest from the Sun. It usually falls the day before - American Independence Day - however with this being a leap year, an extra day has been slotted in, thus shifting the man-made calendar.

It was also today that Prince William received the Order of the Thistle from HM the Queen in Edinburgh, just after 11am. Hopefully the reader recalls that William was born by Cesarean on the summer solstice during an eclipse, thus the Sun temporarily obscured. Hopefully the reader sees the connection in terms of the Hermetic dictum - "as above, so below". Certainly it looks like others do.

Don't want to go too much about his award, details are on wikipedia. As usual, there is a sketchy history which no one seems to know too much about. For sure, back on 29th May 1687 when King James 7th of Scotland, 2nd of England, re-founded it, he claimed he was reviving an earlier order, although no one seemed to take a note. 

The image above is of St. Andrew - patron "Christian" saint of Scotland - as found on the Thistle's "badge appendant" which is used only on "great occasions", suspended on the collar. Note the "gold rays of glory" which emanate from Andrew's head. Some would claim that this too relates to the Sun.

Note - 29th May is also Oak Apple Day . In 1660, Parliament declared it a holiday to commemorate the restoration of the English monarchy.  Also see my post from 2009 - Arthur's Treat, relating to 28 musically minded military personnel from the Royal Regiment of Scotland, posing on top of Arthur's Seat whilst Prince Harry layed a wreath in the Big Apple's Ground Zero

Wednesday 4 July 2012


Couple of stories from yesterday's main page BBC caught the attention.

The first related to Jerusalem, not the place but rather the anthem based on William Blake's, And did these feet, poem, which hinted that perhaps Jesus had visited Great Britain  in the company of his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. It's something we have touched on here relatively often recently in regard to the London Olympics, given Danny Boyle's Green and Pleasant opening ceremony which, apparently,  takes it to heart. That's not forgetting the "bouncy" Stonehenge.

There was no mention of the forthcoming Olympics, or of Boyle's ceremony in the  BBC article, rather it was being suggested by a musicologist, Professor Jeremy Dibble, that Jerusalem is being sung in the wrong manner - basically, the first verse should be solo. The article goes on to mention Prince William and Kate along with an interpretation that Blake's implication was "that a visit of Jesus would briefly create heaven in England, in contrast to the "dark Satanic Mills" of the Industrial Revolution". 

The second story relates that 3 Scottish Universities have joined ranks to let us know that at one time the United Kingdom was much bigger than it is today, and that vast expanses of what are now sea, used to be land. The original article title mentioned Atlantis, although this has now been removed. What we can glean though is that the boffins are calling this "new discovery", Doggerland (BBC).  This is not new news, however for those interested in the subject it is worth checking Jeff Nisbet's, The Pyramids of Scotland, where he compares three islands in the Firth of Forth - Fidra, Lamb, and Craigleith - with the pyramids of Egypt. For those sceptics, add into the equation that, surely dodgy, double eleven infatuated, Uri Geller, is now the owner of Lamb Island, where he claims to believe returning Egyptian princess, Scota, stashed her loot. 

Then today, another story popped up re Danny Boyle's Green and Pleasant opening ceremony. Danny is not happy about "spoilers" appearing in the media regarding the show, urging the "surprise to be saved". One can only assume given the lack of background information that he is making reference to articles like the one I wrote about here, where mention is made of a giant wand wielding Prospero overseeing proceedings - which include visual references to Blake's "Satanic Mills". However, he does mention the animals which will be involved and assures "animal rights campaigners" that "no harm will come to them" (BBC). Just for the record there is to be "a menagerie of 70 sheep, 12 horses, three cows, two goats, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, nine geese and three sheepdogs" (BBC), a grand total of 119; a number which might ring some bells.


Note also re 119, that 29th April is 119th day of year. Date of Wills/Kate wedding.

Monday 2 July 2012

Red Bee feeds you bull ?

Today the BBC unveiled their "title sequence and marketing campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games".

It's an animation, thus licence is granted to portray the UK as a giant stadium with various athletes undertaking various sports in idyllic scenery. The music is to be provided by a band called Elbow,  the project produced by a company called Red Bee Media. (BBC) 

Back in the early days of this blog when I concentrated on the televised news and it's effects on the collective psyche, Red Bee crossed the radar. It was October 2007, and the news was full of the inquest into the death of Princess Diana. On Friday 5th, the BBC chose media harrasment of Prince William as the headline-act on their 10pm show; poor Wills had beeen out with Kate earlier in the week and had been "aggressively pursued"  by a pack of motorbike riding paparazzi, all looking for the picture that would make them a fortune.

The next item up on the same show concerned a documentary which was previously shown on the BBC regarding the Queen. In it, she was seen to be allegedly raging about something or other, however apparently the sequence of events had never actually happened and the producers, Red Bee Media, had allegedly undertaken some sort of cinematic cut 'n paste exercise to create an illusion. The actual news story was that the then BBC controller of programming (get it), Peter Fincham, had resigned over the affair. My post BBC News Review Friday 5th October, also carries further same-day stories which, even back then, sowed seeds towards what we see happening now in terms of a monarchial rebuilding - out with the old in with the new - exercise, although I apologise that it is not terribly well written (spots and leopards).

It surely speaks volumes, indeed libraries, that the BBC have used the same, allegedly disreputable, company for this production: would you re-hire a plumber who had flooded your home ?