Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 24 June 2011

Wilful ?

The three Followill brothers and their cousin, otherwise known as Kings of Leon, made it into newspaceman last winter after their tour buses burned at daybreak outside the 02 Arena in London. The evening before had seen a lunar eclipse, the winter solstice, and the virgin illuminating of the Olympic Stadium. (No bones about it; Strings of Leon).

Today we read of the Leon's documentary, Talihina Sky, which will debut tomorrow in Edinburgh at the Festival Hall, detailing their rise to fame. Edinburgh too - specifically Meadowbank Stadium - was where the Olympic torch headed just after it's unveiling in London on 8th June at St. Pancras, the colloquially known
cathedral of railway stations.

Directly between Meadowbank and the Festival Hall (otherwise known as the Festival Theatre), lies a large expanse of Royal Parkland. It contains Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood Palace, the (soon to be "independent") Scottish Parliament , and a large imposing extinct volcano - Arthur's Seat - which looks remarkably like a haunched lion, or even sphinx.

A lion King coming, a fresh Arthur ? Follow the Will.


BBC -Olympic Torch Edinburgh story.

Kings of Leon Documentary - BBC News.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Holidays in the Sun

Donald Trump jetted into Scotland yesterday, the solstice, to oversee progress on his under-construction golf course and hold a press conference. Apparently, he wishes Scottish PM, Alex Salmond, and 007, Sean Connery, to officially open the development next 1st July.(BBC News).

It's the solstice timing which interests me, given that on 1st February last year Trump announced his illuminating choice of contractor: Sol. My post, Number Crunch, details more of the potential numerical significance of the chosen date, mainly revolving around the numbers 3 & 11.

Then there were the Trump masks which, overnight, were affixed to statues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen. That was in September 2009, bang on the equinox. At the same time, Libya's Gaddafi was meeting relatives of the (winter solstice timed) Lockerbie bombing victims in New York, just after speaking at the United Nations where he was sandwiched between Obama and Gordon Brown. Gadaffi and his entourage were staying on ground rented from Trump. (post here).

To close, it is thus most interesting to note the last publically recorded meetings (I think) of Messrs Connery and Salmond, almost exactly three years ago to the day. They played golf together at Peterculter in Aberdeenshire; Connery vocally adding support to Trump's then still-planned course, indeed stating he wished to be the first to tee off. (Curiously, or perhaps symbolically, at Trump's event yesterday he had forgotten a tee, and used a pen top instead).

The very next evening, the 23rd of June and Bannockburn's anniversary, the pair met again, this time at Edinburgh Castle, where they symbolically sliced up and scoffed a cake in the form of the Stone of Destiny.(King Conn).