Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Rocket Science

5th November 1605, Guy Fawkes allegedly attempted to blow up the House of Lords, as part of a Roman Catholic conspiracy, his target James 6th and 1st, Mary Queen of Scots son, UK amalgamater and Bible reviser. These days, here in the UK, we still celebrate the non-event by means of firework displays, bonfires, and effigy burning.

Which brings us to 2011

There was a firework display on Friday 4th November, at Taunton, Somerset, organised by the local rugby club at their stadium. Alongside runs the M5 motorway. Some elements of the media blamed smoke from said display for a horror, 37 vehicle motorway crash which claimed 7 victims. Blame has not been officially apportioned as yet. Witnesses spoke of a impenetrable blackness which suddenly descended. The club's logo includes a large dragon. (Guardian).

Meanwhile, up in Oban, Scotland, another firework story headlined. This year's display gained global recognition after the planned 20 minute long extravaganza took some 50 seconds after a "
glitch". It went web-viral, pure rapid. Such are the days we live in. Things can go global, so quickly. Again the event took place a day early, on Friday, 4/11 (the third anniversary of Barack Obama's election victory), and was organised by the Oban and Lorn Lions. The location was Mossfield Park, part time home to Oban's Saints football team. The Saints logo appears to be a ruined Roman colosseum. (BBC News)

Two weeks later, night of 18/11, venue St. Andrews, Scotland. Yeah, Saint Andrew's, the town where Prince Wills studied 'n met Kate. Here, also courtesy the University, "their" (politically) Conservative student "fraternity" burned an effigy of Barak Obama, apparently draped in an EU flag, on East Sands beach. From the BBC report (image from elsewhere):

One of those who attended told the BBC that members of the association had "no input" and were "surprised" to discover Obama was on the bonfire.

St. Andrews, notwithstanding it's "home of golf" association, is named after Scotland's patron Saint, his relics (bones and suchlike) transported here long ago (wiki) from Constantinople, under "
supernatural guidance". St. Andrew is recognised as the driving force behind Scotland's conversion to Christianity in the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, an independence declaration which formed the model for America's. The Saint Andrews cross, or saltire, was based on his choice of Crucifixion apparatus; he seemingly considered himself unworthy of the same form of cross Jesus was executed on, and opted for an X shape (see links at bottom). Obviously a lot of Andrew's "Christianity", amongst other things, has been exported directly from Scotland subsequently.

St, Andrew's Day falls on 30th November. This year we saw a gigantic strike by UK public service workers, an event British Prime Minister, David Cameron, called a "
damp squib". More importantly though, greater events were unfolding, the self explanatory headlines Britain joins multi billion pound global bailout as key banks face new credit crunch and Europe faces 10 days to save the Euro, surely spelling imminent disaster, given it appears that a number of countries/huge financial institutions have chipped in to buy dollars to lend to each other:

Olli Rehn, Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, said: 'We are now entering the critical period of 10 days to complete and conclude the crisis response of the European Union

That 10, or X in Roman numerals, takes us nicely up to 10th December, a Saturday, thus it will be the following Monday, the 12th day of the 12th month and 12 days after St. Andrew's Day, when the markets re-open and we truly see the conclusion of the "crisis response". Curiously, this falls exactly three years to the day that ex (Scots) Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, hails EU recovery package (BBC) :

Gordon Brown has said European leaders have agreed to back an "ambitious and co-ordinated" recovery plan to help their economies through the downturn.

The package, negotiated at an EU summit in Brussels, will see 200bn euros of funding - equivalent to 1.5% of the EU total output, poured into economies.

Could it be that 12/12 will define the end of the economies we currently know, will go down in history as the day world systems finally collapse ? The twin towers of the euro and the dollar come crumbling to the ground. That that our "leaders" will admit "defeat", class the world "bankrupt", and pave the way for a new global system, a new global currency, and a New Order.

With global King.


Note - It would not be the first time that the date 12th December has popped up here, I wrote about the economic 12/12 implications (America's tarp) some three years ago (One for the pot on a glorious 12th) along with Spirit's can you hear me ? , where I noted a grand cross in the heavens and leant heavily on, (luciferian and wife of 33rd degree freemason) Alice Bailey, an esoteric writer of some significance.

wiki - St. Andrew.

Tsarion - cult of Aton, lots on freemasonry, Egypt, 10's, x's, symbols etc.

Mythomorph -lots on Scotland, Templars, freemasonry and suchlike.

Saturday 19 November 2011

The Chain Gang

According to various news sources, planning permission has been sought to attach a giant Olympic ring logo to Edinburgh Castle - location of the "Stone of Destiny" - for a four month period next summer, advertising the London (Prince William) event.


Image from The Scotsman.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Hearts and Minds

Being quick here, it's late, note the chap's attire (above), Mohammed El Bibi - the man who allegedly killed Gaddafi, especially the New York Yankees baseball cap and striking tee shirt, then note the similar NYY headgear of John Clark Wilson, the man who attacked Neil Lennon, the Celtic manager, at a football game last May; an incident with severe ramifications.

Remember, it was Celtic, playing away, at Hearts.


my Braveheart post re Wilson is here.

Lets not mention a golden gun would be rather heavy.

Note my last post, given the Yankees are nicknamed the Highlanders.

Monday 17 October 2011

Animal Farming

Saturday past saw Prince Charles up in Aberdeen, unveiling a statue in honour of the Gordon Highlanders, a now extinct British/Scottish military regiment, originally founded as the 100th Regiment of Foot, to fight the French in the revolutionary wars. Charles is, of course, Prince of Wales, the image above from his investiture at Caernarfon Castle. In the middle of the two dragons, on the plume, it states,
ich dien, or I serve.

Meanwhile, Saturday past down in London, a Welsh Dragon flew over number 10 Downing Street; reason being that Wales were playing the French at rugby.

Again Saturday, over Europe, indeed globally, demonstrations were being held to oppose the "elite" rulers of our globe. There did'nt seem to be any mention of royal families, rather the bankers seem to be the target of the (alleged) militants. Rome got it tight.

Sunday 16th saw the anniversary of the death by execution of cake-famed Mary Antionette, daughter of Francis 1st, Holy Roman Emperor.
Wikipedia notes that "
some academics and scholars have deemed her frivolous and superficial, and have attributed the start of the French Revolution to her". She comes from the infamous House of Lorraine, the same royal family who spawned Mary Guise, mother of also decapitated, Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS), and thus grandmother of James 6th & 1st, United Kingdom unifer and Bible reviser/promoter. Something we go on about a bit here, given Princess Diana, William, and rituals.

Personally, I think we can link these matters together by means of the classic film, Carry on up the Khyber. In it, we travel back in time to colonial India (although it was fimed in Wales), and view the antics of the Scottish 3rd Foot and Mouth regiment - the "Devils in Skirts" - as they attempt to contain a revolution; a battle eventually won by a unified lifting of the kilt, exposing their snakes, thus terrifying the native enemy away.

Yeah, revolution, right up you'r Khyber.


wiki- Carry on up the Khyber.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Watership Down

Solar system bases, the new world order
Lust for space dust, forming galaxy borders
Never seeking new life, only planning war
Sending satellites at new height, satellites to destroy

Tail end of last week saw white-rabbit-skin-hat attired Prince William and Kate visiting Calgary on the last day of their Canadian tour; taking in the rodeo and "launching" the annual stampede. Calgary is named after Calgary on the Isle of Mull, West Scotland. It was originally Fort Calgary, constructed to help enforce a federal order against whisky traders. Indeed, it is sure that many of the population, like untold Australians and Americans, have Scottish roots/blood ties, given the impact of the Highland Clearances. For anyone unaware of what the Clearances actually were; well, the poor Scottish people who resided in small, rural, farming habitations were forced to make way for sheep, thus packed onto ships and launched away to colonise . Their trusted Clan leaders, church, and State, facilitated this process; indeed the ministers told the people that they were sinners and deserved it. Their houses were then burned, their crops left to rot. Kate wore a lovely turquoise embedded holy-cross belt buckle. Scotland has many exports.

Middle of last week - 7/7 - saw the premier launch of the last Harry Potter movie - Deathly Hallows part 2. Creator Rowling lives in leafy Merchiston, an up-market suburb of south-central Edinburgh. Straight out of Compton it is not, although the residents do have attitude. Some say the Potter series is repackaged Satanism; mutton dressed as lamb.

Behold too Space Shuttle Atlantis and it's ultimate journey, launching late last week.

Friday saw the Royal couple hit Los Angeles - city of angels - meeting and charming as they went. David Beckham played a starring role, as he did in the Wizard of Oz parody Beijing Olympic handover ceremony. (Things are not always as they seem),(bbc).

7/7 again, saw the 5 day Scottish Golf Open begin. The venue is Castle Stuart, on the Moray Firth, close to Inverness. Castle Stuart, as in the tower house, was built on land given to James Stewart (Lord James) by his half sister, Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS), on her return to Scotland in 1561. Mary subsequently fathered another James - 6th of Scotland and 1st of England - Bible reviser and Stuart King of a United Kingdom. MQOS got decapitated, her son got sympathy. MQOS liked golf, she was a pioneer in that respect. Scotland is the home of golf. William is House of Stuart, see Diana.

Tolkien's Hobbit, Chapter One : "
Old Took's great-grand-uncle Bullroarer...was so huge (for a hobbit) that he could ride a horse. He charged the ranks of the goblins of Mount Gram in the Battle of The Green Fields, and knocked their king Golfimbul's head clean off with a wooden club. It sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole, and in this way the battle was won, and the game of Golf invented at the same moment.".

On Friday a flash flood hit Edinburgh, caused by a highly localised heaven's opening. Morningside appears to have been central. From Morningside you walk up-hill, steeply, for maybe 200 metres till the brow. Then, as you descend, you enter Rowling's Merchiston. (bbc).

On Saturday morning a flash flood hit Castle Stuart, wiping out the day's event and causing significant, unprecedented damage. From the Scotland on Sunday report (here) :

A DAY of Biblical proportions in the Highlands where the weather gods took a look down at Castle Stuart in the early hours of Saturday morning and decided, with all the venom they could muster, to let the course have it with both barrels.

The storm that blew in overnight was freakish, estimated at only three miles wide and ten miles long, so localised that up the road in Nairn and down the road in Inverness you wouldn't have had much of a clue about the carnage that was unfolding. The skies were a filthy grey, the day as foul as could be. "End of the world stuff," as Colin Montgomerie put it.

There were landslides on the 1st and 12th holes, giant chunks taken out of the age-old hillocks, the debris then streaming across the width of the sodden fairways.

Meanwhile, over in L.A. Saturday, Wills was playing polo, his shirt adorned with a sponsor: Royal Salute Whisky. Forget Fort Calgary. Royal Salute is blended by Chivas, in Keith. Keith, like the pulverised golf course, is in Moray. Royal Salute is premium, aimed at the wealthier, export market. The 38 year old version is called Stone of Destiny. The Stone of Destiny, if it is that, is the stone on which Wills is crowned King. It is likely that when this happens it will be in an "independent" Scotland. Keith too is the location of Lossiemouth, where it is said Richard Branson wishes to launch his WhiteKnight2 spacecraft from.

On the 30th, Wills swaps the actors of Hollywood for the actors of Holyrood Palace : Queen's grandaughter, Zara Phillips, wedding reception. That's the Edinburgh Holyrood I keep drumming on about : King David, alleged close encounters with "God" (he prayed to Him just as a deer he was hunting went to retaliate and was miraculously saved - a vision of a cross appearing), the Scottish Parliament, Arthur's Seat etc. The one where the Pope met the Queen last year, squarely on 16/9, before meeting the head of the Catholic Church, Cardinal O'Brian, at Morningside.

Meanwhile tonight, at Balado, at Scotland's T in the Park, the Foo Fighters will close the festival. "The band got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as foo fighters." (wiki).


Note: newspaceman, like the news of the world (7/7) is finished, he too will reincarnate: as newspaceboy, he will advise. cheers, and thanks.

Lyrics at top - Ian Brown, My Star.

wiki - Holyrood Palace.

Friday 24 June 2011

Wilful ?

The three Followill brothers and their cousin, otherwise known as Kings of Leon, made it into newspaceman last winter after their tour buses burned at daybreak outside the 02 Arena in London. The evening before had seen a lunar eclipse, the winter solstice, and the virgin illuminating of the Olympic Stadium. (No bones about it; Strings of Leon).

Today we read of the Leon's documentary, Talihina Sky, which will debut tomorrow in Edinburgh at the Festival Hall, detailing their rise to fame. Edinburgh too - specifically Meadowbank Stadium - was where the Olympic torch headed just after it's unveiling in London on 8th June at St. Pancras, the colloquially known
cathedral of railway stations.

Directly between Meadowbank and the Festival Hall (otherwise known as the Festival Theatre), lies a large expanse of Royal Parkland. It contains Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood Palace, the (soon to be "independent") Scottish Parliament , and a large imposing extinct volcano - Arthur's Seat - which looks remarkably like a haunched lion, or even sphinx.

A lion King coming, a fresh Arthur ? Follow the Will.


BBC -Olympic Torch Edinburgh story.

Kings of Leon Documentary - BBC News.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Holidays in the Sun

Donald Trump jetted into Scotland yesterday, the solstice, to oversee progress on his under-construction golf course and hold a press conference. Apparently, he wishes Scottish PM, Alex Salmond, and 007, Sean Connery, to officially open the development next 1st July.(BBC News).

It's the solstice timing which interests me, given that on 1st February last year Trump announced his illuminating choice of contractor: Sol. My post, Number Crunch, details more of the potential numerical significance of the chosen date, mainly revolving around the numbers 3 & 11.

Then there were the Trump masks which, overnight, were affixed to statues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen. That was in September 2009, bang on the equinox. At the same time, Libya's Gaddafi was meeting relatives of the (winter solstice timed) Lockerbie bombing victims in New York, just after speaking at the United Nations where he was sandwiched between Obama and Gordon Brown. Gadaffi and his entourage were staying on ground rented from Trump. (post here).

To close, it is thus most interesting to note the last publically recorded meetings (I think) of Messrs Connery and Salmond, almost exactly three years ago to the day. They played golf together at Peterculter in Aberdeenshire; Connery vocally adding support to Trump's then still-planned course, indeed stating he wished to be the first to tee off. (Curiously, or perhaps symbolically, at Trump's event yesterday he had forgotten a tee, and used a pen top instead).

The very next evening, the 23rd of June and Bannockburn's anniversary, the pair met again, this time at Edinburgh Castle, where they symbolically sliced up and scoffed a cake in the form of the Stone of Destiny.(King Conn).


Monday 23 May 2011

Pure Genuis

Just a week after her "Wills 'n Kate" Carlisle performance (here), and with the UK news still full of gagging orders, Lady Gaga appeared to again be up to some sort of alchemical based ritual malarkey, this time actually giving birth; to liquid gold, on American TV.

Instead of the coffin inspired Carlisle pregnancy entrance, she appeared from a caviar advertising pod of some description, as noted from the mail on line report:

The 25-year-old singer began her performance by emerging from a pod, emblazoned with the name Beluga Gagaviar No1 - a reference to the famous, and very expensive, brand of caviar.

Wearing a pair of PVC trousers and a cropped PVC blazer, which exposed her ultra-flat midriff, she launched into a typically energetic performance, singing all the vocals live as usual. Towards the end of the song her dancers surrounded her and, when she emerged from the scrum Gaga had acquired a huge bump.

She immediately headed from a mock hospital bed to the side of the stage where her dancers helped into a pair of stirrups, and she subsequently 'gave birth' to a gold liquid.

Meanwhile, Obama and wife arrived today in Ireland, closely following the footsteps of HM Queen last week. He arrived in the small village of Moneygall in the Offaly district, where he has roots, before indulging in a pint of Guinness, a drink affectionately known as black gold.


Note - It is worth pointing out too, that Alex Salmond, the Scottish National Party top-boy, today met with Chancellor, George Osborne, to discuss Scottish affairs, in particular a further levy on North Sea Oil, another black gold. Salmond's deputy leader is named, Nicola Sturgeon, as in caviar.

BBC report - Obama/Ireland

BBC- New Scots powers....

Thursday 19 May 2011

Heads we win; tales you lose

I touched on the Lady Gaga - MQOS (Mary, Queen of Scots) connection just two posts ago, via the former's "orange" dedication to Wills and Kate at Carlisle "coinciding calenderically " with MQOS' second wedding, and indeed later "capture", imprisonment, and beheading.

Yesterday, the BBC reported on how Mary's "Book of Hours" prayer book, which she clasped at her execution, has been returned to Scotland for one day only, and is to be displayed at prestigious and expensive Loretto School in Musselburgh. Just a mile or two along the coast from Loretto sits Seton House (indeed Loretto School itself has a house named Seton) where Mary was arrested in connection with the death of her husband, Lord Darnley, the father of infant King James 6th and 1st - Bible reviser, Stuart King of both Scotland and England, British Israelite, and proponent of the divine right of Kings). (By their fruits ye shall know them). It was noted on the indicement that she went to Seton to play golf, most probably at Musselburgh, the oldest playing course in the world, St Andrews a close runner up.

Today saw Cardinal Keith O'Brien, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, call for the 310 year old law - The Act Of Settlement - which bans Catholics from taking the throne, to be repealed. He claimed the law "
amounted to sectarianism as much as chanting on the terraces". That's the same Cardinal who the Pope had lunch with last September 16th, after, unprecedentedly, meeting the Queen at Royal Holyrood in the shadow of sphinx like Arthur's Seat

Perhaps we can tie matters together via the Queen and Prince Phillip, notwithstanding their current "bridge-building" Irish visit. For last year, 310 days ago, on 14th July, the regal pair landed landed unannounced at the home of golf, Musselburgh links, after apparently encountering fog which caused them to abort their helicopter ride to Holyrood where they were hosting a party.

And indeed Princess Diana, like MQOS a House of Stuart "member" popular with the public; a contraversial film funded by al-Fayed concerning the hazy events of her death premiering just last Friday at Cannes.

Hence her to be globally supersized "James": William


Note - Middle image is Gail Porter, also from Musselburgh, seen here projected onto Houses of Parliament from a few years back. She is now bald, or shaves her head. Tried to kill herself on Wednesday night, blood everywhere.

*Loretto is a boarding school, the pupils are split into "houses".

BBC- MQOS story.

Queen - golf story.

BBC - Cardinal O Brien story.

bbc - Diana film story.

wiki - British Israelism.

Pyramids of Scotland.

Queen visits horsebreeding centre.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Double cover

Tying in well with the general flow as noted, the Queen today made a historic visit to Ireland, the first by a monarch since 1911. Landing at Baldonnel, dapper in emerald green, she was then escorted by 33 motorcycles to Aras an Uachtarain, the official residence of the Irish president in Dublin's Phoenix Park.

Later on, dressed in white, she visited the Republic's Garden of Remembrance - for those killed fighting the Brits - before visiting Trinity College to peruse the Book of Kells, a New Testament gospel illuminated manuscript.

It is worth noting that Phoenix Park was built on land owned by the Knights Hospitaller, a "Christian" Catholic military organisation. Much of their land acquisition came via the more infamous Knight's Templar; after the latter's Papal suppression in 1312, titles were simply transferred.


BBC -report .

wiki - Torphichen Preceptory - A Scottish Hospitaller church built around 1140, where William Wallace (Braveheart) held his last parliament.

Aras an Uachtarain - History.

Top image - front cover of freemason, Albert Pike's, Morals and Dogma. "Order from Chaos"

Monday 16 May 2011


444 years ago yesterday, 15th May 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots (MQOS), married James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell in a Protestant ceremony. Just a year or so before she had produced a son, James, to a chap called Darnley. James went on to be 6th King of Scotland and 1st of England, a Stuart King and the reviser of the Bible. "Catholic" Mary went on to be imprisoned the next month in Loch Leven Castle. There she was forced to abdicate in favour of her 13 month old infant son, miscarried twins, before escaping and fleeing to England where, almost exactly a year after the marriage, she was imprisoned at Carlisle before being found guilty of treason in a court involving "about 40 noblemen", then beheaded.

Yesterday, "orange/protestant" team, Glasgow Rangers, pipped Celtic to the Scottish Premier League title, after a 1-5 win, away against Kilmarnock. "Catholic" Celtic beat Motherwell 4-0 at home, but it was not enough. Kil-mother.

Also yesterday, Lady Gaga appeared at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. It was held in Carlisle. She arrived on stage via a coffin, and wore a black PVC prosthetic pregnant stomach. She dedicated the jazz track, Orange Colored Sky, to Kate and William. Her show ended with a song called Judas.

From the infant James, came James 2nd and 7th, before his ousting by William of Orange, King Billy.


BBC - Gaga.

Pseudo Occult Media - Kittens made Gaga with MK.

Thursday 12 May 2011

A Brave Heart ?

In my last few posts I again pondered over the Braveheart enigma - a highlighting that Scotland is destined to be the future role model for other countries, our "society" replicated globally to produce a New World Order, a sort of police state like human farm where all work and no play is the key, yet we believe we are free.

Indeed only last week (Barnum effect), I utilised the media story of (Braveheart) Barry Hughes' fourth child, given the boxing/New York/Madison Square Gardens/circus connection, whilst a few weeks ago, (suspect device) I dwelt upon the freemasonry angle attached to the letter bomb campaign against Glasgow Celtic manager Neil Lennon, given the Kilwinning (mother lodge) association.

Last night and today saw dramatic developments. Firstly, as Celtic played away to Heart of Midlothian at Tynecastle Park, a home - Hearts - "supporter" ran on the pitch and attacked Lennon. Whether he was brave or perhaps under some form of mind-control is no doubt a matter of opinion, however John Clark Wilson is now in jail, remanded. His photo is above, note the Saltire style blue and white attire, topped with a New York Yankees (once known as the Highlanders) baseball cap. Obviously there is outrage, his ex girlfriend is reported as calling him a "clown".

This morning saw police raids in Kilwinning, two arrests in connection (BBC report) with the letter bombs.


Friday 6 May 2011

The Barnum Effect

Coldplay: "And it was all yellow"

Last July brought you, The Braveheart Enigma, a post detailing the synchronised demise of three legendary Bravehearts: footballer and ex Scotland captain, Colin Henry; boxing promoter Barry Hughes; and the original himself, Mel Gibson, all blended together via freemasonry, William Wallace, a new Zion and a sliced sausage based delicacy - in order to illuminate the terrible destiny of collective mankind whilst exposing the myth of "freedom".

Earlier this year I again touched on the Braveheart post in conjunction with Barry Hughes, this time in relationship to the double eleven, 11 11, enigma, in particular concerning events on this year's 11th February and their relationship to Prince William .(Forever blowing doubles).

Today, we saw the Scottish National Party, rejoicing in the news that they have triumphed in yesterday's UK elections and will, for the first time, form Scotland's first ever majority Government.(BBC News).

Today too, saw the Scottish Sun carry a story on Barry Hughes, this time a positive one as he celebrated the birth of his fourth child, Madison. Also in today's Sun was the news that Mel Gibson is no longer accused of punching his ex girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. (here and here)

Barry apparently named his baby girl after Madison Square Garden in New York, given the boxing connection, a connection which seems reinforced given the Gibson story notwithstanding the ring within the square analogy of the braveheart haggis centred square sausage. Madison Square Garden is, like Barry's offspring, on it's fourth incarnation, an incarnation which opened on another 11th February, back in 1968.

It's first incarnation was as a railway station 'till, in 1871, P.T Barnum opened an arena which he christened "Great Roman Hippodrome". Barnum was a showman, like Barry, and is widely remembered for both his hoaxes and his circus. Bear that in mind when thinking about Scottish Independence, for we have to box clever here.

"Just skin and bone"

For another birthing process is underway at present, and soon will see the emergence of a New World Order, a new empire, a golden age, something it is intended we will all be as one under. It will have a King, a saviour, an eye-con. The King will be ritualistically crowned here in independent Scotland first - on the Stone of Destiny, bogus or not. From there a global, reborn United Kingdom beckons.

"turn into something beautiful"

Note- Oz creator Baum (see last post) well admired Barnum.
wiki - Barnum Effect.

Friday 29 April 2011

She wore a yellow ribbon

It began very late Thursday night, for me, with BBC Radio 4's : The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The True Story, an hour long tribute to the story, and indeed it's creator and alleged top freemason, L Frank Baum.

Friday, the day of the wedding, saw Morrissey reported via the BBC, apparently on a BBC radio 5 show condemning the Royal Family and labelling them "benefit scroungers". We covered Morrissey in some depth back in early March, his cover of Patti Smith's Redondo Beach - originally released on her album Horses - tying in with the sardine disaster at King's Harbour.

The wedding began, Kate unveiled beside William at 11.11, after arriving in the same phantom Rolls Royce containing Charles and Camilla en route the Wizard of Oz billboard festooned Palladium - the one which was attacked by alleged rioters. Rowan Williams performed the ceremony. Wills, of course, is no stranger to 11, 11, remember last year's front cover appearance in Hello magazine, issue 1111 ? Archbishop Rowan, as a Druid, is surely no stranger to oaks and perhaps saw some symbolism in the three acorns displayed on the Middleton's new Coat of Arms. Maybe the same sort of symbolism as contained within the Little Red Riding Hood fairy story - for does not the grandmother's house sit beneath three oaks.

At twelve minutes to twelve, Blake's Jerusalem began. That's the same Jerusalem which Morrissey used in his "Introducing Cantona" video, the one which features an Eric Cantona, loving bootboy visiting London. As all noted in my mid-March post
(Masquerade). Just at the beginning of this month, the Cantona sardine story reincarnated after the conviction of Crystal Palace supporter, Matthew Simmons, for an assault offence (4th Reich).

Later in the afternoon, an impromptu party took place in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, a park designed by Joseph Paxton, who's most notable work was the Crystal Palace in London. All hell broke loose, the police being pelted with bottles, cans and suchlike, their vehicles vandalised, 22 arrests, and eleven officers injured. BBC - here
; and note my recent Old Firm/New World Posts

Perhaps Kelvingrove is most notable for it's art gallery and museum which was opened by HM the Queen, after refurbishment, on 11/7 in 2006. Indeed, it's star attraction is Salvador Dali's, Christ of Saint John of the Cross.


Top image - from yesterday's Kelvingrove incident. Note the horse chestnut tree.

BBC- Kelvingrove Park riot.
wiki - Kelvingrove Park.
BBC - Morrissey story..
Morrissey - BBC story.
BBC i Player - Wizard of Oz.
newspaceman - follow the yellow brick road.
BBC- Kate Middleton coat of arms.

Monday 25 April 2011

Turning Japanese

We read today of a magnificent gesture by seven of Scotland's independent whisky distilleries, each donating a cask of single malt to be mixed with the others and sold to raise money for the "disaster relief effort" both in Japan and New Zealand. The product is to be called Spirit of Unity.

Which is all good at face value.

However, there is another side to the Japanese, especially in regard to their work ethic, which is often promoted via the media as being something desirable. One sees them in their car factories, immaculate in identical boiler suits, doing physical exercises and suchlike before commencing ultra-productive operations. My Grandad told me more about their ethics too, he came across them in the second world war, and for sure they follow their orders, regardless.

Yeah, there's a spiritual price to be paid for global unity.


BBC - whisky story.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Suspect Device

In my March post, Black magick, I considered the possibility that Glasgow Rangers footballer, El Hadji Diouf, was colluding with the ongoing establishment of a new world order - a global prison - given his behaviour in the Old Firm game, behaviour which included a spat with Celtic manager, Neil Lennon.

My philosophies were fairly simple, he was acting as an agent provocateur.

The next derby seemed fairly quiet, maybe only a couple of stabbings at most with a slashing or two, however this week the whole Protestant Catholic bigotry thing has kicked off again.

On Wednesday, just before the media explosion, Diouf again made front page headlines, apparently stating that he admired Libya's Colonel Gaddafi and felt sympathy for him. Then, on Thursday 20th, it was announced that the police were looking for a serial letter bomber, explosive packages having been intercepted en-route manager, Lennon, his and Celtic's "lawyer", Paul McBride QC, and an elderly lady Labour MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament), the ominous sounding Trish Godman. Today it was revealed that the parcels were allegedly posted in Kilwinning, Ayrshire.

This has caused outrage it appears, allsorts are now shouting again for an end to bigotry, whilst the police are ready to move in special "snatch squads" this coming Sunday (another derby) and arrest any would-be chanters of The Sash, or the Boys of the Old Brigade. McBride has apparently suggested that a South African style "truth and reconciliation" commission be set up to help address the problem. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has called it an appalling act. Michael Kelly, former Celtic director, claimed it was "terrorism, purely and simply".

So here's how it goes. Diouf begins the process with his reference to Gaddaffi. This, obviously, has many thinking Old Firm footballer, Lockerbie, bombing, terrorism. Next day it's Lennon, letter bombings, terrorism. Same script, different actors, same outrage.

Basically, all football related "bigotry" is on the edge of being classed as terrorism. Simply not acceptable, a threat to our civilised, democratic, society. There is no place for it any more. If you don't think like that then there must be something wrong with you. End of story.

What if though..

Hi Neil, it's X here. We need you to do us a favour, help us stamp out the blight of bigotry, help us all live harmoniously as a big family. All you need to do is go along with the scam.

Hi Mr. McBride, QC, it's X here. We need you to do us a favour and help us stamp out the blight of bigotry... (QC is an abbreviation of Queen's Counsel)

Hiya Mrs. Godman, it's X here. We need you to.. (Mrs. Godman is secretly flattered she was chosen for the role, believing it might be something to do with her wearing a Celtic strip on her last day at Holyrood.)

Mrs Godman is wrong, it is all in her name. The old religions are being destroyed, a new God-man to worship is appearing. The source, just like the alleged letter bombs, is Kilwinning. For here, at 99 Main Street, only a few hundred yards from the post box, sits the freemason's lodge number 0, also known to the crafty as the mother lodge and reputed to be the oldest in the world. Where it all began (again) many hundred years ago.

And it is their man-god who will rule over the one world society; after all, they built it.


BBC - letter bomb story.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Salmon of Wisdom

Following on from yesterday's post, today's Scotland on Sunday advises that it is likely that Prince William and Kate are to be bestowed with the title Duke and Duchess of Strathearn when they marry on the 29th.

Now I am not, nor desire to be, expert on these type of matters but from wikipedia it appears that this dukedom is reserved for the Royals and, as matters stand today, has never been awarded by itself per se, but rather in combination with another. Including Cumberland it appears.

Perthshire's Strathearn, or valley of the Irish, too is known for it's glass, Teachers whisky rebranding the popular Vasart company set up by Salvador Ysart in 1947. The Strathearn Glass logo was a leaping salmon whilst Teachers sold out to Stuart Glass in 1980 and the company was again rebranded, this time to Stuart Strathearn. Production ended in 1992.

Perhaps there is esoteric wisdom to be taught here in terms of the salmon, the king of fish - who leaves it's home-burn and travels down to the sea to migrate in search of rich food. It then returns - an arduous journey - to spawn, before, hopefully making the journey once again.


Scotland on Sunday story

wiki - Duke of Strathearn.

Saturday 16 April 2011

Linked ?

On Friday, 15th, UK military "reservists", as part of their training for Afghanistan, re-walked the route of a "Jacobite night march" in 1746 - a march which was originally aborted the day prior to the Battle of Culloden, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and his "Stuart" rebel army were defeated by a British army headed by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, alias The butcher. (BBC - Reservists re-enact Jacobite night march).

On Saturday, 16th, HMS Cumberland returned home to Plymouth after her final deployment (from Libya to Malta). The vessel, nicknamed "fighting sausage", was welcomed home by "friends and family standing on the cliff-top at Devil's Point". (BBC).


see A box without hinges, key,or lid... and squaring the circle (re HM Queen's visit to Culloden on 29/6/09)

Monday 11 April 2011

Highway to Hell

Today, 11/4/11, saw Prince William and Kate on their final public engagement some 18 days before the wedding. In the morning they opened a new school, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, whilst the afternoon was spent at Witton Country Park. (BBC News).

From wiki, we note the ominous location of Darwen: The town stands athwart the River Darwen and the A666 road, with Blackburn to the north, and Bolton to the south.

And that it's name come from the Brythonic derw, or oak, the Druidic king of trees.

In my vampire post Old habits die hard, I noted many other "coincidences" which surround this date: the (alleged) Stone of Destiny return to Arbroath Abbey after repatriation, the Dunblane massacre, William's wings, William of Orange etc., and indeed it pops up in James Shelby Downard's KK33, being the birthdate of the town Ruby in Arizona.


Friday 8 April 2011

4th Reich

In the middle of March I pondered over the course of two posts the madness of a connection between The Smith's Morrissey, Eric Cantona, and a highlighted warning of Prince William as forthcoming global king of a "new world order" through the mechanism of the King Harbour, Redonda Beach, sardine disaster. (Uncanny and Masquerade).

The second (as linked) post dealt more with the Cantona angle; in particular his infamous Kung-Fu kick at the Crystal Palace supporters and subsequent "sardine" press conference, all of which led on to Ken Loach's, Looking for Eric, movie. The post ended with reference to Loach's cancelling of a screening of the film at the Melbourne Film Festival, "citing a campaign to target events that are in receipt of financial support from the State of Israel" by way of explanation. My thoughts were of masks, Jews, and British Israel.

The infamous karate kick incident was 16 years ago and nothing more has been heard of the "victim", Matthew Simmons. Until this week that is, for Mr. Simmons, now aged 36, appeared at Kingston Crown Court and was today found guilty of punching the coach of his son's football team , Stuart Cooper, last August, following several years of "bad blood". Simmons claimed he had reacted after being called "Nazi scum". (bbc - simmons report).

This latter story seems to again join dots and thus produce lines to read between: a return to London and thus the "Zion" Olympic "crown" stadium, the Nazis with Hitler's plans for his own world order, bad-blood, Kingston Crown Court and the victim, Stuart Cooper, his name resonating both the infamous House of Stuart (Princess Diana) dynasty, and indeed Cooper, a worker of metals and, as such, alchemy - essential for the imminent "golden age".


Sunday 27 March 2011

The Final Countdown

Back in December, Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd's Dave, swung pendulously on the cenotaph Union Jack before allegedly steaming into the Prince Charles Royal Variety Show expedition convoy, en route the Wizard of Oz flyer festooned Palladium. It was the day of the riots. Since then he has been in court for the latter offence, whilst a charge of stealing a mannequin leg was dropped.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Kate Middleton will travel to the forthcoming wedding in the same Rolls Royce as Charlie allegedly attacked.

On Friday, Gilmour was back up in court although not much happened, he will return on the 26th April, 3 days before the knot tying event.

On Saturday, more riots in London, apparently all focused around the "Zion" Olympic clock. From the BBC:

Police Commander Bob Broadhurst: "All was peaceful for quite a long while but then for some reason one of them made an attack on the Olympic [countdown] clock, we moved in to make an arrest, the next minute they're attacking us and they're trying to attack and damage the Olympic clock in Trafalgar Square."

Protester "Sophie": All of a sudden about 10-20 Met police came storming down the steps of the National Gallery, ran straight to the Olympic clock. "I have never seen such a fast escalation of violence in my life. Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can't believe it."


Bottom image from, Police fear anti-monarchist anarchists plan to disrupt Royal Wedding, features clock after attack, note paint bomb stains. I thought the clock was meant to count down from 500 but...

BBC- Charlie Gilmour court case.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Talking Ed

Elizabeth Taylor passed away at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in L.A. She was "skyroaded to stardom" (wiki), aged 12, in the film about a horse called Pie, National Velvet.

We touched on L.A. a couple of posts ago (
Uncanny) due to the sardine disaster at Rodondo Bay, Patti Smith's song of the same name leading to the, allegedly Princess Diana death prophetical, Smith's, Queen is Dead, and Morrissey. The reader may remember that Patti's original version came from her Horses album and was released 13th December, St Lucy's Day; a day which could be classed a "lightbringing ritual" with it's roots in the winter solstice.

National Velvet was released on 14th December 1944. It was a leap year, hence a day had been added.

Taylor possessed the piece of jewellery imaged, a "plume design" brooch once owned by Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. It is said she (unknowingly) outbid Prince Charles for it and that he wished it for Di. (


Note- Bottom image, Charles investiture as Prince of Wales. Under the plume between the dragons is written, Ich Dien: I serve.

Cedars-Sinai, an anagram, sardines cia.


Monday 21 March 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

In Yellow Brick Road last December we noted the student "revolution" demonstration and the "attack" on Prince Charles' car en route the Wizard of Oz billboard festooned Palladium for the Royal Variety Show. Top image is from that post, bottom from Wills' current Oz trip.