Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday 29 November 2010

The Mark of the Beast ?

From a man in black we shape-shift to a black cat, as we read from the BBC of a dead lamb and mysterious mammoth feline believed to be prowling Princes Gate in Pembrokeshire, Wales; farmer Malcom MacPhee noting:

I couldn't believe it when I saw what had happened . . . the beast had ripped off one of its shoulders and there were huge claw marks all the way along its body.

From the

"The beast, described as a large jet-black animal similar to a panther"


Note, the nearest village of Narberth is steeped in Welsh, Prince, mythology.

Big cat probe after sheep death in Pembrokeshire:

Sunday 28 November 2010


"Here come the Men in Black, they won't let you remember"

A major tabloid story up here is the resignation of top Scottish football referee and thus "man in black", Hugh Dallas, due to an alleged e mail which he sent, on 16/9, containing some sort of cartoon style road sign featuring the Pope and child abuse within the Catholic Church. 16th September being the date the Pope visited Holyrood and Scotland.

It should be noted that long before this incident, Dallas had courted controversy with some of his decisions, especially in the infamous Glasgow derby Celtic Rangers games. Celtic supporters considered him biased against their club, often chanting : "Who's the mason in the black", for example. Celtic supporters appear to be of the misconception that freemasonry is a Protestant members only organisation, which is nonsense. As long as one pays homage to a "great architect somewhere in the sky", then one technically qualifies for the craft. Unless of course one has mammaries, in which case it is another story.

Thus, we see how Hugh can potentially interwind with previous posts this month and, given that, we can turn our attention to a more globally recognised Dallas : the soap. I have never watched it, but even then am aware of the "Who shot JR ?" story and indeed, more relevantly, the resurrection of Bobby Ewing, or Patrick Duffy, - who got his break as the webbed hand man in the remarkable Man from Atlantis. Yeah, Atlantis is being reincarnated and the shadowy, light loving,"freemasons" stoke the phoenix fire of their kindling.

Another story which appears to be of relevance comes from the BBC today :
Promoter CK events and Hopetoun House sign gigs deal. In it we read of CK events, who brought the likes of Rod Stewart to Inverness and Westlife to, Macbeth resonating, Cawdor Castle. That's CK, 3/11. One recalls a hazy July, back in 2007, when Stewart collected his CBE from HM the Queen, proudly attired in a skull and crossbone motif tie. .(here). Some say the Templars brought secrets with them in 1312 after the Pope put a bounty on their head, secrets which live on with the freemasons. The image below comes from Ecclesmachan cemetery, there are many others with similar artistry. Close at hand is aforementionedHopetoun House, an impressive building, to say the least. One surely appreciates how the aristocracy gained, and keep, their wealth.

Then, from yesterday, from the BBC, we read of our royalty under the self explanatory headline, Pirate-hunting warship receives praise from the Queen , this during her Gulf trip. A gulf being highly applicable, as are double standards.

To close, and understand the signals, we must return to the hated "men in black"; the referees. For here in Scotland, notwithstanding the Dallas incident, a strike took place yesterday, overseas refs being transported in to take control of matters. Work it out from that.


Note images : Oz soap; Dallas' "lucifer horn" handsignal with the specsaver backdrop. Irony squared.

Dallas report - bbc.

Thursday 25 November 2010

One I'd One. (AiA)

Saturn, that ultra-slow moving, ringed planet, some say resonates the metal lead.

Alchemists, like Stone Roses' Ian Brown in the Harry Potter film, turn lead into gold. Or attempt to.

William and Kate, both 28 - thus Saturn's "return", astronomically and astrologically. 100 Golden Tickets, by lottery. Willie Wonka is another Wizard of Oz ?
top image - Queen and PP from yesterday, shaded from extreme light.
2nd image - Note "rising sun" handkerchief style and dishevelled cuff.
3rd image - Scottish Sun - Adolf and Icke "Son of God" will share it.
4th image - Scottish Sun - Billy Smart's Circus ?
5th image - "Hol the best Wills" - add ai, take out the "halo". Add another a, thus:
Hail the Beast Wills. (7/11)

Tuesday 23 November 2010

En - cryptid (Guess who's back)

"I've created a monster, cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more"

The countdown is on, the date announced: 29th April. I was 18 days out. (Edit: A holiday has been declared. Long live the King).

Meanwhile, again from the main BBC headline page, we read of a proposed new visitor centre for Loch Ness - The Jacobite Discovery Project - under the banner:
"Up from the depths... Loch Ness could cool new centre". Given the last few posts re Walter Scott, Rob Roy, Stuart bloodlines and (fallen) angels "rising", this is perhaps no surprise.

It is worth recalling the Queen Mother / Loch Ness Monster "co-incidence"; in that it was the former's 33rd birthday the same day that the monster - an alleged cryptid - was "revitalised" through an article which appeared in the Inverness Courier regarding a Mr. George Spicer, who claimed to have seen the beast on the 22nd July 1933 (although the Courier had run a short submitted report just prior, where the term "monster" was first applied) . Up until then it had been forgotten about for 1368 years, indeed thus since 565, when it was allegedly tackled with the help of God by Saint Columba, a Christian missionary. Nonetheless, from my post

"the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal that I have ever seen in my life".

Lest we forget, the countdown won't be completed on 29th April; for that we must wait for the London Olympics and some sort of raising of the King ritual. In the meantime, given the Loch Ness/Crowley/Jimmy Page connections, I feel justified in once again promoting my outlandish Beijing handover - Wizard of Oz parody theory: Things are not always as they seem.

cheers. >eminem - without me : If I had the time, will, and thought it was worth it, I would link this, amongst other things, to Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Girls (sampled by Slim) and thus Sex Pistol , John Lydon, a man who was booked on the Lockerbie flight, but missed it. (Lydon "missed Lockerbie flight" -BBC). From there, 1976, The Pistols, and a Jubilee. "Ever been swindled ?"

Monday 22 November 2010


Here's another move in the game plan for our future; well possibly. Today's Will offering from the ever understanding BBC, Royal Wedding: Bishop apologies for Facebook rant, explains how Church of England Bishop, Pete Broadbent, has "apologised for deeply offensive comments on Facebook about William and Kate.

It appears that our friend the Bishop stated, and think about this:

"We need a party in Calais for all good republicans who can't stand the nauseating tosh that surrounds this event," he wrote of the wedding day.

Marriages should be about family, not "some piece of national flim-flam paid for out of our taxes, for a couple whose lives are going to be persecuted and spoilt by an ignorant media", he had said.
After criticising royalty for a history of broken marriages and a "corrupt and sexist" hereditary principle, he then went on to attack the "gutter press" for "persecuting" the Royal Family.

Now, realistically, despite the apologies, surely this slur is directed at the tabloid media - the ones that killed Di - and not the rising angel.

Thus, you see the future.


ps. as a matter of note, Broadbent's "manor" is Willesden, obviously nothing to do with Wills, lion-kings, farmer/shepherds and suchlike. I had a quick look on wiki, it is apparently famous for a Black Madonna statue being violated by a group called the lollers, or something similar. Wiki has "gone down" -caved in - as I write.


Sunday 21 November 2010

You just can't keep him down

Wills hits the headlines again today, nothing to do with Kate, but rather in his helicopter pilot capacity, apparently rescuing a heart attack victim from Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain.


BBC report.

See also Gas Masks re his first "rescue", additionally topical given the Charles Camilla Queen stuff over the last few days, indeed Prime Minister, David Cameron, has entered the stage:
Cameron :"Too early to say if Camilla could be Queen"

Saturday 20 November 2010

The Snowball Effect

Yesterday, through the comments section, three definitive lines were established (cheers Z and Moon). Hekate, mining and fishing.

Today, The Scottish Sun, a widely read tabloid, reports on our Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, visiting the globally appreciated Tunnocks biscuit factory. From
Alex Happy as he takes biscuit:

"HI HO, hi ho, it's off to work he goes... First Minister Alex Salmond looks just like one of the Seven Dwarves as he visits the Tunnock's factory yesterday."

Which may all sound irrelevant. However when one thinks about the global society we live in - the banking systems, the golf, the television, the telephone, America, indeed freemasonry, indeed Albert Pike - it can be fairly stated that small Scotland forms a substantial part of the backbone. Furthermore, it has an important alchemical (yeah) role in the dissolution of the current United Kingdom and formation of the new, yet to be fully revealed, Global United Kingdom of God, or Zion, or New World Order. The Golden Age. Trust me on that, that's why the Stone of Destiny is in Edinburgh Castle. (On that note, I'll tip 11th April for the Royal Wedding, meanwhile see
King Conn from June 2008 re Sean Connery and Salmond)


For anyone with a couple of spare minuted, check this short u tube clip of the Disney film. Note the O's (sacks) going into the vault door (a big Z) at 1.49 onwards. Note too that the key is hung outside the door, implying that...

Also, here for Springmeier's thesis on Disney, Illuminati, and mind control. Excellent. I am sure it compares the "witch" to Hekate, although I may be wrong. I don't have time to re-read at present.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Drama Kings

We meet again, banked up on the esoterically ominous.

From the media we read of what is reported to be a major "terrorist" incident in Scotland: dozens of police including "anti-terrorism officers" and "bomb disposal units" have self-herded onto ultra-rural Garadhban Forest (colloquially Ross Priory Wood) , near Gartocharn, to the south east of Loch Lomond. Apparently there was an explosion, around about mid-day.

I had a wee sniff round
Ross Priory via wiki (linked), which stated that an 11 century affiliation with the Buchanan (see Black and White whisky) clan preceded architectural evidence of settlement since 1693. Later, it was seemingly owned by Teacher's Whisky. The reader can have a nose for themself although, perhaps most relevantly, Rob Roy was written in the Priory by Sir Walter Scott.

In the interim, from the
BBC: Anti-terror police probe explosion near Loch Lomond, the local hotel manager's name, rather than his anonymous establishment employer, is somewhat illuminating:

"I got a phone call last night from CID asking if I could meet them here as a matter of urgency and that they wanted to access our CCTV system.

He added: "I was here for four hours with two CID officers and the CCTV officers that work with Strathclyde Police."

His title ?

Stuart King.


wiki - House of Stuart.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Snakes alive !

Overnight, floods and heavy winds cause chaos in Cornwall, centred on the "St. Blazey, St. Austell and Lostwithiel communities". Main roads have been closed, landslides have stopped train services in and out of Cornwall, whilst schools too are dysfunctional.

Therefore, geographically - given it's central location to the above - also badly hit was the Eden Project, with 3 feet of floodwater in places forcing closure for at least a week, Eden(link from wiki as are "Eve" grass sculpture and landscape images; flood from BBC): located 2 kilometres (1.25 mi) from the town of St Blazey and 5 kilometres (3 mi) from the larger town of St Austell, Cornwall." .

I will leave the rest to your, hopefully fertile, imagination; given yesterday's Royal Wedding announcement and the ongoing theme proffered here.


BBC report.

Sunday 14 November 2010


Top image, Mark Morrison, return of the Mack, released 18/03/96. Some say that the depiction of looking through a keyhole/spying, when combined with the handcuffs, would indicate some form of control being applied to the artist.(relevantly, Pseudo Occult Media)

Next up is from last week, 11/11, when "Muslim fanatics" - obviously in the grip of something - held a demonstration including poppy burning. Obviously the media are outraged. The characters in question were unmasked as being members of a "new" group: Muslims Against Crusades, or MAC, for short. Bear in mind here my last few posts, in respect of Scotland/Ireland, and that mac means "son of" (as perhaps, in this senario, God).

American rapper, Prodigy, born 2/11/74, the above album released 27/3/2007, produced by The Alchemist. (see forthcoming "Golden Age")

Lastly, Prince William, in Afghanistan today, laying wreathes.

The Sun finds poppy thugs.
wiki - Machiavelli (and his Prince)

Thursday 11 November 2010


John Reid, Baron Reid of Cardown, chairman of Celtic football club, previously held various senior government cabinet posts, including Blair's Secretary of State for Defence from 06/05/05 to 05/05/06 - thus Iraq. The image above is from wiki, captioned "John Reid answers questions at a Pentagon briefing, 7th November 2005". Mr. Reid was an early member of Labour Friends of Israel and is, potentially, of zionistic persuasion.

"Your deeds would shame all the devils in Hell. Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan. No bloodstained poppies on our hoops." Next image is "Irish/Catholic" Glasgow Celtic football supporters from last Saturday, holding a "demonstration" against the team wearing poppies for Remembrance Day. The club have distanced themselves from the action, blaming a mysterious dissident minority called the "Green Brigade". Reid has vowed to ban the culprits.

Following up with a snap from yesterday's London "student riot", note the green and white striped attire of the chap lounging on the table in the foyer of Millband House, the Tory party headquarters, the image heavily highlighted on the BBC. Millband House was originally built for Vickers - a "military-led" engineering company - see Vickers gun. The student union are blaming dissidents.

Next up, the Christ-mas day bomber, student, allegedly Yemen (BBC, 10/11/10 - yemen mail bomb could have detonated over eastern US) trained, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab , born 22/12/86. (Bright Sparks). Note the Celtic top. Note too, that on 11/11/09, M15/6/ "British intelligence officials" apparently warned America that a jihadist was kicking about, ready to shoot. (wiki).

Last, but certainly not least, image from today's BBC, re todays, G20'ish announcement that Europe will need to bail out Ireland - once the economic Celtic tiger - or...

Beggars can't be choosers, for there are no choices soon.


wikipedia - Vickers

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Opium of the Masses

Here in the UK it's our 9/11 with just a couple of days left till Armistice Day.

Thus Prince Harry opened the new Royal British Legion Wooten Basset Field of Remembrance - the first remembrance field dedicated to the Afghanistan war dead.

Initially I thought that the choice of location, Lydiard Park, had something to do with the original owner, Henry St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, born 16th September 1678. However despite his contemporary influence over the likes of Americans: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, notwithstanding his "Jacobite" persuasion, it appears that the reason for choice of location was simply: "It's because of the proximity to Wootton Bassett". So said Rod Bluh, leader of Swindon County Council. (
BBC report)

On the subject of remembrance fields and US presidents, given recent post content it is worth recalling 6/6/2009, when Barack Obama spoke at the American war cemetery near Omaha Beach, France. For that was the location for the famed Omen movie's "Damien" poster, a movie which was released in the UK on 6/6/76, exactly 33 years to the day before the ritual. (
Red Hand Gang)


Note the alleged birth date of St. John, recalling the Pope's visit, St. Ninian and, most recently, the 33 beached whales - given a plaque sits at Burtonport, Arranmore, Rutland Island commemorating the landing of James Napper Tandy in a failed attempt to resist rebels on 16/9/ 1798.

wikipedia - Henry St. John.

Monday 8 November 2010

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Just surmising the later comments section of my last, 11 11, eleven eleven, Prince William post.

On 3/11, Scotland and Dundee United football player, David Goodwillie, was arrested after a fracas in Glasgow's Queen Street, making tabloid headlines. I proposed somewhat jokingly,= that this was in some way indicative of Osiris, who's body, in 14 parts, was allegedly strewn round Egypt; all being recovered with the exception of one - his penis, a replacement being formed from gold.. The slender connection being that a "willie" is schoolboy slang for a penis and surely a golden one would be a good one. As I inferred it was tongue in cheek, as were the references to Stuarts, grail codes, Bobby Sands, hunger strikes, Da Vinci, ET, chicken suppers and suchlike.

Nevertheless, Dundee United themselves are nicknamed the Terrors, their supporters the Arabs, seemingly as their home pitch was, in season '62 -63, regularly ameliorated with sand to provide a playable surface. Originally the club were called Dundee Hibernian, inspired by Edinburgh's Hibernian, or Ireland, and were the "Irish Catholic" Dundee team, replacing a previous, similarly orientated, Dundee Harp side. The club play in tangerine at home, black and white away, and squarely utilise a Rampant Lion (really a dragon) as crest.

On Sunday, Edinburgh Hibernian played city - originally Protestant - rivals, Heart of Midlothian, in the shadow of Arthur's Seat at home ground Easter Road, in the local derby. Hearts won, with a remarkable goal from another David, this one surnamed Templeton (resonating knights), who later set up Stephen Elliot for the decisive second in the 66th. Some crowd trouble erupted, coins - no doubt featuring HM the Queen - thrown. Hibernian, nicknamed Hibs, or the cabbage and ribs, originally utilised a harp badge.

Sunday too, saw the reports of beached whales in Ireland from Saturday. 33 of them in Donegal, specifically Burtonport, Rutland Island. Rutland was originally "humanitised" by William Burton Conyngham, a man famed for, according to wiki: "having presented the Trinity College Harp to Trinity College Dublin; from 1922 the harp was used as the model for the insignia of the Irish Free State and the Republic of Ireland. It was also registered as a Guinness trade mark from 1862."
( see Michael Tsarion - An occult history of Ireland) .

No one knows for sure why the whales came up.

Exactly 22 days prior to the black and white whales beaching, 33 Chilean miners escaped their "hell hole", coming up from the depths of their sand-desert situated copper and gold mine, dapper in their pentagramic logo tops.(Vigilant Citizen - The Odd Masonic Imagery of the Chilean miners).

Copper and gold - a tangerine-ish, Unitedish colour, no doubt. Wikipedia records the metal as Orichalcum, nothing to do with oracles, divination and sperm, rather from Plato's Critias and his records of Atlantis.

Then, just to close, I checked wikipedia re the Goodwillie (surely resonating the bogus one, our saviour, Prince William). It referenced the Sun newspaper re a previous fracas involving the young "star" when he, in the manner of a David, ominously knocked out with 3 punches, an "18 stone" rugby player in Stirling.
(I KO'd rugby giant butt he started it - The Sun).

Date of publication 11/11/09.

Aye, but our time is numbered, the sands....


NB -note my earlier Braveheart Enigma post: Stirling Castle statued William "giant of a man" Wallace, Barry - the gangster boxer - Hughes, Colin - the Scotland football team captain, caught in Lucifer's spirit of gambling - Henry. (here).