Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 31 December 2009

Bright Sparks ?

Maybe getting a bit carried away with my last post's comments but connecting further with the Scottish/aircraft/Pope line is the above image of bungling bollock bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, attired in a Glasgow Celtic football club away strip. For the unaware, Celtic are the "Catholic" team whilst their bitter rivals, Rangers, are Protestant (Orange). See my April post, G20 - Food for thought for more on Rangers.

Just so that no one can accuse me of any religious bigotry, the regular reader will know of my preoccupation with Prince William and his forthcoming Luciferian lightbringing role, all roped in with the Stone of Destiny and Edinburgh. Tying in well with Umar's underpants, last night we saw further confirmation of the forthcoming tragedy for humanity as an event branded as "Light-night", conducted by French artists Compagnie Carabosse in the historic Royal Mile, went wrong, with sparks flying from burning braziers into the crowd forcing the fire brigade to intervene and evacuate proceedings. Luckily there was no combustion.


(Carabosse relates to the "wicked fairy godmother" as featured in Sleeping Beauty)

wiki - Sleeping Beauty.

Edinburgh Evening News re Light-night.

Aferrismoon - El NWO.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Devil in Sports Casual

Picking up on another brace of King related stories:

The first appeared in the media on Monday afternoon, just prior to the solstice, but concerns the birth of a King Penguin chick at (Royal) Edinburgh Zoo back in late October. No reason is given in the
BBC report for the delay in reporting, however given my ongoing thoughts about Prince William and his androgyny, at least in terms of "our" unconscious perception, this quote (from link) seems apt:

"It is too young to tell if the chick is a boy or girl so it has not been named."

The second regards an incident today at Prestwick airport, Ayrshire, where a plane failed to stop whilst taxiing on the runway on arrival from Dublin, Ireland and skidded onto the grass - thankfully with no injuries. (
BBC report). Prestwick airport was the location of Elvis - the King - Presley's only visit to Scotland (indeed the UK), on a top freemason level resonating, 3/3, in 1960 (adding all the digits gives 22, double 11 etc) It maybe needs reminding that Ayrshire could be considered the birthplace of the current wave of "masonry", the Lodge Mother Number 0, located in Kilwinning, is only 13 miles or so away. The etymology re Ryan (see pic below & here):

From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendent of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish rí "king" combined with a diminutive suffix).

Note - there was another incident today at Kingston airport Jamaica, where a plane overshot the runway.

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Like mother, like son

A pair of future, one and only, King stories have risen in the media today; maybe no surprise given that it was the solstice at 17.47GMT, Monday.

The first concerns his mother, Princess Di, and the sale of some (more) of her personal letters. In a seasonal report, regarding one of her musings written to personal beautician, Jane Filderman, she admitted to opening her Christmas presents early and feared that Prince William had "acquired her habit" - given the discovery of discarded wrapping paper "scattered around the home". (

The next directly concerns the Prince himself as he shares in another endearing family trait - charity. We note that Wills spent an entire night last week bedding down in the manner of a homeless person before rising at 6 to "tour" other street-sleeper haunts close to his Blackfriars Bridge dossing-spot. Afterwards the entourage went to Centrepoint centre where our hero "cooked breakfast" for a group of unfortunates before chatting with them and staff. (here)


Friday 18 December 2009

Urinating on the lamp-posts ?

This is not really my territory, however it involves a countryman, so technically...

At Copenhagen, (where he ended his speech with the ritualistic: "I'll be back") , Arnold Schwarzeneger received a bottle of - Stop Climate Chaos - whisky from unbeknowing, sleigh pulling, red-nosed Rudolph resonating, MSP Stewart (Stuart) Stevenson; as pictured below. The spirit was 42 proof, apparently in recognition of Scotland's target for reducing carbon emissions by that percentage, pre 2020; we note Arnie's comments from the
BBC report:

The California governor has praised Scotland's carbon-cutting targets, saying they had sent a message to the rest of the world that swift action was needed.

As I noted a couple of posts ago, Scotland leads the way - it is ritual.

Talking of rituals, what struck me was the body-building Governor's visual resemblance - or is it just me ? - to dead President Ronald Reagan. I recalled reading an article about his funeral and it's occult undertones. I did a google, and from
, Goro Adachi, in 1994 (although I do not think that was my original reading source, no disrespect intended) :

I had detected the presence of Arnold in the line moving toward the coffin and almost instinctively I began to anticipate what was coming next: the 'death' of the Sun precisely coinciding with Arnie standing in front of the dead 'king'...


Wiki re 42.

Sunday 13 December 2009


Whole load of headlines today, 13th December, regarding an article in the Mail on Sunday which declares that, according to secret information the newspaper has received, Prince William is to take over a substantial part of the Queen's duties and is in effect being "groomed" as a "Shadow King".

The timing of this "exclusive" could not be more appropriate, today being the anniversary of the signing of the European Treaty of Lisbon which, in my post
Going back to our roots, I noted falls on St. Lucy's Day, the Scandinavian commencement of the Christmas season:

Lets go back to the beginning, the date, the 13th of December, Saint Lucy's, or Lucia's Day, still celebrated mainly in Scandinavia as a Church feast day, and the beginning of the Christmas season, given before the reformation of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century it fell on the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

and of St. Lucy, herself:

"here are traces of the legends of Saint Lucia even in the Nordic countries in the middle ages, and her day of remembrance is also December 13th (just like the Lussi). However, yet another name is relevant here, namely Lucifer. His name has the same etymological background (lux is– latin for ‘light’). Once he was an angel of light, then he was dethroned and became the Prince of Darkness. "

Prince of Darkness; Shadow King ?


Whilst on the subject of the 13th December, readers may be interested in my notes from last year,
One for the pot on a Glorious 12th, (remember it was a leap year and the position of the Sun) which ties in well with my last post regarding the Lloyds takeover of Bank of Scotland and the birthing of the New World Order

Sunday 6 December 2009

Scotland the Grave

The Bible, revised by Catholic born, Protestant raised, King James Charles Stuart, 6th of Scotland (1567-1625) and 1st of England (1603 - 1625), contains many numerical references in it's construction, for example: 40 days in the wilderness, 12 disciples of Jesus, and probably the most infamous of all, the number of the beast, six hundred, three score and six as found in the Book of Revelations.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man;

In the same manner our current Western society relied heavily on the Scots in it's architecture, America being built on the trades of tobacco, slaves and alcohol - many Scots adopting a freemasonic angle to their lifestyle when travelling abroad to oversee this. Numerous sources have pointed out the curious symbols and suchlike which are engineered into American buildings and indeed even their banknotes, with the dollar bill showing pyramids and all-seeing eyes.

Banking, and it's global replication, began with the Bank of England, founded by a Scotsman in 1694 and originally located in Walbrook, London, on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Mithras, their God of Contracts. Next year, in 1695, the Jacobean (House of Stuart) Catholic sympathising Bank of Scotland was formed, the Hanoverian Royal Bank of Scotland following some 32 years later with full British governmental/state approval.

Back this time last year we saw the ramifications of the global financial crisis when the two main aforementioned Scottish banks appeared to be in major financial difficulties, the Bank of Scotland being bought out by another financial institution - Lloyds - on Government orders, whilst the Royal was very shortly afterwards bailed out by the ever accommodating State itself, using taxpayers monies, obviously. Shortly after the Loyds acquisition of their rival it became clear that they had in fact bought a dead duck and also required State intervention in the way of funds.

Two weeks ago a stushie (row) broke out after the Government revealed that they additionally lent £61.6 billion to the two financial organisations, yet kept the fact secret in the manner of a freemason. Obviously the shareholders of black horse Lloyds are a bit upset as they voted to acquire Halifax Bank of Scotland in ignorance of this vast cash injection and thus confirmation that in fact their purchase was bankrupt. As noted, after the takeover had taken place the State "injected" monies into Lloyds, again using taxpayers money, and in effect, just like in the case of the Royal Bank of Scotland, we became our own bankers to a certain extent, in this instance 65%.

This week, 70.3%, soon to be 84%, state owned Royal Bank of Scotland has seen another media circus, this time in respect of bonuses to be paid to staff. It appears that the Government have advised the directors of RBOS that they are not happy with their proposal to pay £1.5 billion in bonuses to top investment banking staff, in response the directors have advised that they need to pay high performers/earners top money in order to retain their services. Furthermore, the board have threatened to resign, en masse, if their recommendations are blocked. This would, if it happens, leave the Bank with no clear leadership, business strategy, mission statement etc. - prerequisites for any organisation competing in the cut-throat world of capitalist banking.

In some of my older posts I pointed out that this global money meltdown was a scam, part of a conspiracy to create a New World Order - a new "Golden Age" - and we have heard many top politicians, including Scots born Gordon Brown, use this phrase in the last year or so, always in regard to the financial doom which pervades the so called "global community"; indeed as it stands today, I believe that every man woman and child in Great Britain is "indebted" to the UK state by the sum of approximately £30,000, the majority of this liability due to the "Scottish bank" bail out.

Turning back to the Book of Revelations, it seems transparent that the time is coming for implementation of the infamous mark of the beast and indeed the appearance of the antichrist, a one world order "leader/King", in my humble opinion. Yet it appears that good old James whilst editing his version of the Bible made a mistake in the translation of the number 666, as from wikipedia we note :

Different early versions of the Book of Revelation gave different numbers, and
666 had been widely accepted as the original number. In 2005, however, a fragment of papyrus 115 was revealed, containing the earliest known version of that part of the Book of Revelation discussing the Number of the Beast. It gave the number as 616, suggesting that this may have been the original.

This numerically pans in extremely well with the secret 61.6 billion loan, as indeed does the secrecy angle when considering the freemasons and "their" manipulation of today's global economic situation, however I realise that to offer that potential "coincidence" in any prophetical sense could be regarded as amusing.

However bear in mind, for example, that Scotland domiciled, self confessed black magician Aleister Crowley stated: “Every intentional act is a Magical Act” and indeed if we consider this line of reasoning then surely the construction of this New World Order is both magical and furthermore occult - given that it is hidden, or certainly obscured, from the average punter's eyes.

Continuing down that line we must give credence to the importance of ritual in magical acts and indeed ritual as part of our unconscious, manifesting itself in diseases such as OCD. I believe that the basic theory is that if something has worked before, it will work again as long as exactly the same conditions are in force and exactly the same technique is applied.

Working back from that and tying in to Scotland, we again stress the importance of Scotland to the building of the current society we inhabit, Scotland is indeed the root. Yet we are moving forward to a different type of society - a global village - seemingly driven together by the ongoing and as yet incomplete global financial meltdown.

What you have and will see with the two Scottish banks, in particular the Royal, is a blueprint for the future economic system of the New World Order. Basically, one will be paying mortgage interest and suchlike to the State, who in effect are your bankers, indeed they will own you and your children will be born into what is, lets face it, fictitious debt and slavery without the chains. This is laughingly called, as previously noted, a golden age and as all good alchemists will know, in order to create gold, one must reduce one's materials to their pure base state.


Tuesday 1 December 2009


Working on a post about £61.6 billion "secret loans" involving the Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in relation to their ritual importance in the occult alchemical creation of a New World Order (Global Village). Am struggling, may have to attempt reverse engineering. In the meantime the Treaty of Lisbon was implemented today, 01/12/2009, thats 11 22 9.


Wednesday 18 November 2009


We return to the Aberdeenshire village of Pennan, location for the film Local Hero, which involved an American business tycoon, Felix Happer, attempting to purchase an entire community in order to establish an oil refinery yet being outfoxed by a hermetical beachcomber named Ben Knox.

I touched on the similarities between the movie and the real-life acquisition of a nature reserve to build a housing development with golf course by Donald Trump way back in January 2008 in the post
Communication in Mysterious Ways; at that time DT had not obtained planning permission for his pipe dream whilst Pennan was hit by an act of God: severe landslides which "turned the sea red with mud as far as the eye could see" whilst causing huge damage to the village - yet miraculously leaving the telephone box intact.

Since then Trump has had his application approved in an extraordinary, indeed groundbreaking, move by Alex Salmond's Scottish government which overuled the local council and agreed to allow the wealthy Yank to destroy a nature reserve. Just a day after work commenced on the sand dunes a whale was swept up on the beach, as noted in my recent post

Today we read of further disaster for Pennan as it transpires a large crack has appeared in an overlooking cliff, resulting in the 12 inhabitants being evacuated from their homes in order to allow some type of structural engineering work to take place.
BBC: Landslide villagers set to leave.


Sunday 15 November 2009

Curtain raising

We touched on the historic, Stuart connected, Prestonfield - originally Priestfield - House Hotel last month here at newspaceman in regard to a hedgehog which had entered the premises before giving birth to a prile of hoglets behind a curtain and a pile of logs; after being discovered they were left well alone in case of cannibalism (See chopper)

Last Saturday, 7/11/09, we saw a meeting of the global G20 group at St. Andrews, Scotland, discussing the ongoing, surely engineered, new world order orientated "financial crisis" in which a pledge was made to keep "stimulus" measures in place until recovery is assured. (in the interim create a generation, or more, of indebted humans)

Later that very evening at the Prestonfield House Hotel, disgraced Royal Bank of Scotland (the world's largest company 2008) chairman and pharmakos, Fred Goodwin, attended a charity dinner organised by his wife, Joyce, the event raising £150,000 for the Barnardos organisation. Part of the entertainment included an ABBA tribute band, The Fabbagirls, who sang Money Money Money.

Going back to 4th November 2004, Lord Watson of Invergowrie, attended a function for Scottish Politician of the Year at the same venue, where he drunkenly engaged in an act of wilful fire raising by setting the curtains alight; an offence for which he received 16 months imprisonment. From wiki re Invergowrie:

A village referred to as Invergourin was recorded in 1124. This would suggest that the name was from derived Scottish Gaelic Inbhir- meaning the mouth, namely Tay, and -gobhar meaning the place of goats

From, Fire-raising peer sent to prison:

The sheriff said that it was due to the prompt action of staff that there was neither injury nor more significant damage.

She said there had been no explanation for his actions

see too a box without hinges key or lid, the scotch egg analogy resonating the "gypsy method" of high temperature clay-ball cooking a hedgehog.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Satan's Claws

Another quartet of things happening today, 3/11/09, that need mention in regard to humanity's post 2012 New World Order future, including matters that I don't usually pursue and maybe even an apology (of sorts).

First and foremost the "light bringing" Luciferian Treaty of Lisbon was eventually ratified (rat being the operative syllable - see Konrad Lorenz on their clan/warlike tendencies) as finally the Czech president, Vaclav (Santa) Klaus, gave up the ghost and signed the goatskin bound document. It seems that the Treaty could come into force as soon as December.

Next up the McCanns, still desperately missing unusually eyed Madeleine. Much speculation, including freemasonic involvement, has been written in various quarters about this saga but given my post yesterday re Michael Jackson it does seem uncanny that the happy looking photofit of what she might look like now is almost a reversal of Jackson's whitening process. Bear in mind that the government agency sponsoring this latest publicity drive is Ceops, similar to Cheops, the Great Pyramid of Giza (cheers aferrismoon) . Thinking tracking chip/implant promotion. (the mark of the beast)

Then H.M. the Queen visiting Olympic Park to give it the eye, sorry, "inspect preparations for the 2012 Games". (Zion pic below from Rik Clay, remember his "fake" Messiah/Prince William rationale)

Last and sticking with London, Disney's Christmas Carol haunted star, Jim Carrey, switches on the lights in Oxford Street, London. Jake Kotze highlighted Mr Carry last year in respect of a (K)Christ resonator, pyramids and mythical moon landings in his post Look to La Luna . I don't personally agree with Jake's synchromystical and optimistic view of events post 2012, but credit where credit is due, after all it is a full moon tonight and a new diagonal landing pad style pedestrian crossing opened in Oxford Street yesterday - the largest in Europe.


Queen visits Olympic site.

Rik's work (with additions).

See too Kozmikon and Tommy's very recent posts.

Monday 2 November 2009

Something evil's lurking ?

Yesterday we learned from the BBC that the small town of Huntly in Aberdeenshire was "set to stage its own tribute to late superstar Michael Jackson with a mass Thriller dance", the day after Halloween

Town all set for Jackson tribute:

Dozens of people in Huntly are to recreate the famous video as part of a festival on Sunday.

The zombified local residents have been preparing for the Huntly Hairst event with choreographers for many weeks to perfect their routine.

After the event Huntly was hit by the worst flooding for 50 years, as we note again from the BBC, this time today's,
Heavy rain causes flooding chaos:

Insp Kevin Wallace, of Grampian Police, said the force's focus had moved to the Huntly area, where dozens of houses were affected by high waters from the river Deveron.

He said water had got into a large number of properties on the north side of Huntly.
Dozens of people from a local care home - many elderly and vulnerable - were taken to safety by rescuers after a river burst its banks.

First Minister Alex Salmond, who is the MSP for Gordon, visited Huntly and said: "Many families and elderly people have been affected by what has been the second round of flooding in as many weeks.

The B side of Jackson's Thriller single was: Can't Get Outta the Rain

Note: in an almost incredible twist, it appears that a Barbary Macaque monkey called Yousef escaped from Edinburgh Zoo on Thursday and was recaptured after being shot with tranquillisers on Saturday. This was the second time he had broken free, the first being just days after Michael J's death as noted in my post Hair snare bunch. The name Yousef is a variant of Joseph, Jackson's middle name.

Edinburgh Evening News report.

Friday 30 October 2009

Jonah ?

Last month I wrote my post, a sandwich full of nonsense, where I noted that Uri Geller's recently acquired Lamb Island lay almost directly in between the infamous Lockerbie and Balmedie - the site of Donald Trump's "best golf course in the world" which he is currently developing, despite opposition. Indeed work began on the liberty Wednesday just past. (Trump objectors extremists)

On Tuesday, in my last post, I noted that Jeff Nisbet had published his follow up article, The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited, where he again referenced historical floods, Atlantis, Lamb Island and the town of North Berwick, specifically the whale bone "capstoned" hill, North Berwick Law:

Walter Ferrier, in his 1980 “The North Berwick Story,” explains the etymology of the town’s name, writing that Bere is the Old English word for “barley,” and Wic means “village.” In “Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning,” Richard Hinckley Allen reports that in the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” Orion was known as Smati-Osiris, the Barley God.

In my article I drew attention to a mid-17th-century map on which The Lamb was named Long Bellenden -- curious because it is the shortest of the three islands. I then speculated that the islands may have been “one long island at some point, carved from the mainland by a cataclysm the ancient ‘mythmakers’ would only hint at, and then cut into three,” and that the nearby North Berwick Law, just three feet shorter than Giza’s Great Pyramid, might have been “shaped” into the pyramidal form we now recognize it by.

From the BBC we note of how a Noah's ark raintime length resonating 40 foot and 40 tonne sperm whale was today found dead, washed up on the Scottish coastline.

The location? None other than "Trump's" Balmedie Beach.


Sperm whale found dead at beach.
Moby Dick chpts 87/88.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

The Man from Atlantis

I touched on Uri Geller and his purchase of Lamb Island in the river Forth on 11/02/2009, making reference to the article Pyramids of Scotland by exiled Scotsman, Jeff Nisbet.

Uri plans to dowse the island for signs of buried treasure which he believes is buried there; in the interim Jeff has produced a follow up article,
The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited, in which he delves more deeply into his "theories", in particular with reference to Atlantis, the great flood, and Freemasonry's "Cosmic Angles":

"What are the chances that the freemasonic numbers 23.5, 33, and 47 would lead us to a small patch of the globe containing three islands laid out in the pattern of Orion’s Belt, near a very pyramidal hill just three feet shorter than the Great Pyramid, only 20 miles to the east of a Sphinx-shaped extinct volcano with Arthurian connections, in a city that is the acknowledged world capitol of Scottish Rite freemasonry -- all in a land with an much-decried Egyptian foundation legend?"

But Gaythelos’ pedigree was more ancient still—stretching back many more generations to Old-Testament patriarch Noah, eldest survivor of the Biblical Flood.


See : all 2 geller now for February purchase info.

Tuesday 20 October 2009


A pair of interesting, intertwined, stories from this week tying in well with the Prince William/nephilim/ 666 speculation, which nowadays abounds :

The planet Venus is highly regarded in gnostic/occult/mystery circles: the morning star, the light bringer, indeed biblical Lucifer1, the personified fallen angel/serpent who apparently advised Adam and Eve, or maybe just Eve on a hen night, of how the God(s) of the Old Testament Genesis had created genetically modified humans to be their slaves by crossing their own reptilian DNA with that of an ape-like creature (in the process surely establishing hybrid-vigour within the resulting offspring).

On Friday we noted how a small and ancient carving of a human figure is to be displayed at Edinburgh Castle over the next fortnight. From the BBC, Orkney Venus to face the public:

The Orkney Venus, which was discovered a few weeks ago, is a 5,000-year-old female carving which has the UK's first known depiction of a person's face.

The 4cm-tall carving, known by locals as the Westray Wife, will be on show in the ante-room of Edinburgh Castle's Laich Hall along with colourful panels giving information about how and when it was found

It will be exhibited for a fortnight from Monday.

What jumps out here is firstly the change of name from Westray Wife to Orkney Venus in the space of a few weeks, the reason being that carvings discovered from elsewhere in Europe portraying women with rounded heads, large breasts and exaggerated hips are known as Venus images. The latter two attributes, large hips and breasts, are obvious requirements when rearing large, hungry babies. The name Orkney in Irish Gaelic is translated as
island of the pigs.

Genesis6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Note too that that the display ends on 1st November,
Samhain, All Souls' Day, the first day of winter, a festival of the dead still celebrated by lighting bonfires and where our witch infested Halloween tradition is rooted. It would be perhaps speculative to suggest that Guy Fawkes (Faux Guy) night, five evenings later, is connected.

On Tuesday we read of a hedgehog rolling in to the top star Prestonfield House Hotel before giving birth to three babies.

The area Prestonfield lies in the shadow of Arthur's Seat, whilst the hotel has both historic and recent connotations; from
Prestonfield history:

The lands of Prestonfield, or PRIESTFIELD, as the estate was known until the late 17th century, were ceded in medieval times to the Cistercian monestry at Harehope in Northumberland. This wealthy order had been founded in 1150 by Henry, Earl of Huntington – son of David I of Scotland. In 1376, after the bloody War of Independence, the order’s Scottish lands were confiscated and given to the Earl of Carrick, son of King Robert II – who sold them to the wealthy and powerful Wardlaw family.

Sean Connery, Elton John and Catherine Zeta Jones all partied the night away. And Oliver Reed raised the hell for which he was so very well known.

Now, new life has been breathed into the stately old pile following its acquisition by James Thomson, owner of Edinburgh’s celebrated Witchery and Tower restaurants.

As well though, Prestonfield House was the birthplace of rhubarb eating in Scotland (hence it's in-house restaurant name nowadays) which leads us to the film Rhubarb, starring the cat - Orangey - who later appeared in Breakfast at Tiffany's before closing her her career with Village of the Giants in 1965, a movie based on - some say illuminati - HG Wells' offering: The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth .

Check the above poster, the massive breasts (in context of the Lilliputian) with the GIANTS logo angled like an erect penis.

Note too considering the BBC report (linked below) that the proprietor, James Thomson, also owns the Witchery establishment- which celebrates it's 30th anniversary on 30/10/09 - and Tower (Babylon) restaurant which both lie in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the former at the top of the Royal Mile, the latter located on the top level of the museum. Mr Thomson has had an unprecedented rise to "fame"; chefs always remind me of alchemists, they seemingly produce gold from base materials.

The quote below, from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream also resonates the nefarious ongoing agenda as indicated by the hedgehog, given Prince William's birthday on that eclipse laden, solar maximum night back in '82.

You spotted snakes with double tongue,
Thorny hedgehogs, not be seen;
Newts and blindworms, do no wrong;
Come not near our Fairy Queen

Charles Darwin, no less, apparently believed in a myth that hedgehogs rolled onto fallen apples (think Garden of Eden), before making off with their plunder to eat underground, in safety. This has been proved nonsense; you may chance upon a hedgehog with an apple stuck to it, however it has no desire to eat said fruit.

Moving up to date, Sonic the Hedgehog also identifies with William of Orange/Rex mundi, Baphomet/ boss of da new world order, given the video game release last March, Black Dawn soundtracked The Black Knight - resonating the solstice - a game based on Arthurian legends. For Wills is King Arthur, resurrected, and all of the above plus more.

From hedgehog central we note alongwith the earlier Darwin information that the sandstone, hedgehog centred image above was sculpted in interpretation of the following Biblical passage, Zephaniah 2:14, regarding the destruction of a great city :

While the King James version renders this verse as:"And flocks shall lie down in the midst of her, all the beasts of the nations: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it; their voice shall sing in the windows; desolation shall be in the thresholds; for he shall uncover the cedar work"

Getting down to nitty -gritty, Stone of Destiny containing Edinburgh Castle, is built upon the volcanic plug (the top part that blows off during an eruption) from Arthur's Seat - the sphinx like dominating natural hill feature of Edinburgh. The plug resonates the eye/capstone from the pinnacle of the familiar new world order pyramid, final destination of William.

To close, encapsulating Venus at Edinburgh Castle, nephilim/fallen angels, bloodlines, the phoenix, the volcano Arthur's Seat, the Sun (God), the advent of the Age of Aquarius 2012 + and our future destiny - all seeing eye included -we have the gypsy myth of roast hedgehog: the story goes that to cook a hedgehog one simply surrounds the unfortunate in clay, places in a hot campfire, then removes and cracks the ball open, all that is left is flesh, spines and all else removed.

Welcome to Hell.


1: Curiously, and beside the point sort of, Lucifer was never referred to as such in the Bible until the 4th century or so, and that occurred when St. Jerome - the same Saint as noted in the Treaty of Lisbon signing - carried out his translation of the scriptures

Hedgehog BBC report here.

Sunday 11 October 2009

Ring of Fire

Another couple of outer-space related stories have raised their head over the last couple of days, the first from Friday regards a famous UFO incident known as the A70 abduction case, in which two normal working men were allegedly abducted (then intimately examined) in their motor vehicle by a flying saucer of some description which trapped them in an energy beam. A movie is to be made of the happening, hence the media interest. See Filmaker set to reopen Lothian's very own X files.

The second is perhaps more sinister, if you believe that there is some sort of occult worship of Saturn going own in today's world, which, judging by the astrological line up at the time of the Lockerbie bombing and the ongoing shennanigans all related to the flowering of the New World Order in 2012, seems likely to me. We read from the BBC of how towns and cities in Scotland (germination place of the NWO all these years ago) are to be used to represent planets and asteroids in a large scale model of the solar system.

How this works exactly is beyond me, however the date chosen for this happening is 24th October, United Nations Day, although the town chosen to represent Saturn, Inverness, is holding it's event a week early to avoid clashing with some sort of Homecoming Scotland event - the latter a matter which I have discussed at some length in previous posts. From:
Cities in big Solar System model:

Inverness, representing Saturn, will hold an event a week earlier to avoid clashing with other activities.

Highlands Astronomical Society will beam a 15m true-to-scale image of Saturn onto the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

I did touch on the - most notable for it's automaton Noah's Ark clock - Eastgate Shopping Centre back in July in my post,
When the Saints go marching home, after it was hit by lightning and severe flooding. In the same post I again noted the Queen's visit to officially open the Glendoe hydro electric scheme back in June, we note now that a rockfall has closed a tunnel within the complex, thus putting the plant out of action till at least next year (see here).


Friday 9 October 2009

Four of a Kind

Solar system bases, the new world order
Lust for space dust, forming galaxy borders
Never seeking new life, only planning war
Sending satellites at new height, satellites to destroy

Ian Brown - My Star

A quartet of potentially sub-connected events occur this very morning, 9/10/2009; the first a "religious" service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London to commemorate the British military and civilian personnel who were killed in the Iraq "war", attended by HM the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Next up was poor Gary McKinnon, the Scottish computer genius and Asperger's syndrome sufferer who hacked into the U.S. military computer system in an effort to find evidence of UFO'S; his attempt to appeal against the decision to extradite him to America refused at the High Court in London.

Then those friendly peace loving Americans shoot a couple of rockets into the moon in an attempt to find water whilst their "leader", Barack Obama, somehow wins the 2009 Nobel peace prize.


Service honours UK Iraq personnel.
Hacker refused extradition appeal.

Thursday 8 October 2009

The Real McCoy ?

Back in February 2008 I wrote a short post regarding the historic Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, specifically in relation to the science fiction show and movie series, Star Trek - the small Scottish town apparently being the birthplace in 2222 of chief engineer, Montomery Scott, "an engineer with no known equal in the universe". (Background to the future)

Some say that swine flu was deliberately man-made, perhaps to encourage vaccination for nefarious reasons, possibly to perpetuate the climate of fear which constantly pervades us as human beings. I don't know for sure, although in one of my rasher posts, Stork Raven Mad, I did insinuate that HM the Queen was somehow involved, given that she presented the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, with a leather bound copy of Orwell's 1984; only a week before the initial outbreak.

Today these thoughts trot back into my mind as we read from the BBC of what appears to be a massive outbreak of the virus at Linlithgow Academy, with 297 pupils off sick, around a quarter of the "community" although only 14 confirmed cases.


BBC report here.