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Wednesday 15 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Tuesday 14th August

It was Fiona Bruce hosting the BBC News at 10 last night and we commenced proceedings with details of Chinese manufacured toys being recalled as they are deemed unsafe for children to play with. The toy company concerned, Mattell, have asked for another 9 million items to be returned, they have already requested 1.5 million - toys include Batman, Barbie and Polly Pockets.

We heard how Mattell had sub-contracted part of their production run to Bejing, where the crafty Chinese have "cornered the market" and are also actively engaged in "cutting corners", simultaneously. It is not just toys either as we heard of tyres, antifreeze and pet food and we were told to remember - "if the label says made in China, then buyer beware." Have a look at our insurance industry for more on this interesting "buyer beware" concept, it is not unique to Chinese goods.

It was time for some fear as we heard how some of the dodgy toys have been in production since 2002 and are therefore "scattered around our homes". We went to a toy shop where the offending items were being removed from the shelves, the proprietor told how "there could be some toy shortages this Christmas." Chinese quality control "simply is not up to scratch".

Over to Iraq for the news that 175 have been killed in a suicide bombing in which a fuel tanker was utilised. Details were still rather sketchy at this early stage.

Foot and Mouth - More checks are being carried out after another suspected two cases.

Education was up next as we heard that 40% of pupils aged 14 dont reach the required standards. This is "a sobering thought for every student". We went to a school where the teachers are offering extra classes for pupils and we heard how the time was up for long holidays and short working days. These teachers are themselves "trying harder." Statistics were provided for our perusal as we were advised that "fewer that half of all maths teachers have a degree in maths" (t<(t+d)/2) and then we saw a bespectacled leftie looking lecturer to close.

Lady in Scotland has died of the e coli disease. The source is believed to be Morrisons supermarket who have now removed cold meats from their shelves. - Advice, "dont eat it."

After the tragic murder of the man murdered in Warrington, a senior police officer has spoken out of "parents turning a blind eye to their childrens drinking and anti-social behaviour." We saw floral tributes being left at the crime scene and heard of "parents responsibility". An unproverbial "raft of tools" is seemingly available although no further information was provided. Sobering thoughts indeed.

Two year old girl killed (stabbed) by her mother.

Economics, the surprise news that inflation has fallen. Evan Davies, the BBC economic reporter, was on hand to explain what this all meant. We saw the Bank of England and heard of energy bills and volatile weather conditions. Evan told how we should "not bank on it" and "what goes up can come down, what comes down can go up". Most enlightening.

After our visit to Pakistan yesterday, we travelled to India to see how they were progressing since 60 years of independence. The BBC sports reporter, Mihir Bose, travelled back to his native country to see how things had changed. The main jist seemed to be that India has collectively shaken off its spirituality and has welcomed a materialistic philosophy. We heard how a university degree is considered de rigeuor nowadays for Indians who wish to get on and "keep up with the Jones'." A Rolls Royce salesman was interviewed, he has sold 24 Phantoms in the last couple of years. There still are poor people however and we saw some rag clad urchins playing football.

During this long feature, Mr Bose (an extremely decent Indian gentleman) spoke of Salmon Rushdie and the year 1947. He told how "knowledge itself is not valued" in India, and that the "contradiction (of university degrees) has never been resolved. Furthermore, "the new generation are determined to be major players on the world stage." The purpose of this feature is, in the manner of Shilpa Shetty, - acceptance of our Indian cousins into a New World Order. Gordon Brown said this very phrase when he recently visited India, at exactly the same time as the Big Brother race furore.

More order for the New World as Alex Salmond, outlined his proposals for a national referendum on independence for Scotland. There will be three choices for us, - no change, more power or full power. We heard of "constitutional evolution" and and the Scottish parliament building at Holyrood was pictured, alongside the Queen's humble abode. However, some say that these are "a raft of destructive policies" and so we went to a "cafe" to see some public interviewed; a man with a Scotland football top and two old wifies. Mixed opinions and the cafe looked more like a tearoom.

Health next and the middle aged spread. Talk was of heart disease, body mass index, waist to hip ratio. Doctors looking at monitors were pictured as we were told our stomachs should measure less than our hips. Exercise is the order for a "washboard stomach and a longer life."

Colonialism - Long Term Black & White Issue ?


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