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Monday 27 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Sunday 26th August

We commenced on the late afternoon BBC News with the development that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has decided against joining the thanksgiving service for the late Princess Diana, which is to held this coming Friday.

This allowed the BBC to indulge in a Di-fest, countless images of her were shown as we were told of "a glamerous Princess who's popularity the Royal Family had never seen the likes of before." We saw Camilla reading her statement of non attendance and a bald man told of "shilly-shallying and speculation" before we heard that Diana shared Charles with Camilla and images of the young princes were shown.

Guests expected to attend the event include the Queen, Gordon Brown and Elton John - we heard that Charles wanted Camilla to attend but there was "relief at Buckingham Palace" when she decided against it - "cannot fly in the way of public mood".

We headed over to Greece next for an update on the forest fires - it appears that the authorities, like our own in Iraq, "are not winning the battle". We saw a holidaymaker from the UK who appeared to bemoan the fact that all the usual tourist facilities were now gone and we heard from the Greek foreign minister before watching images from Greek TV which seemed to show arsonists at work. Images of blazing woodland were shown as we heard of the flames "sweeping down the hill", "fighting a fire front" and a "major outbreak."

Three men have been charged with the murder of Brent Martin in Sunderland, a 21 year old man and two youths aged 16 & 17. Mr Martin had learning difficulties and was battered to death.

Rhys Jones, the eleven year old boy shot in Liverpool - We were told of a "dynamic and fast moving police investigation" and heard of 6 suspects now being held. "Thoughts turned to the family" though as we saw churchgoers praying in a temporary church - the usual one closed due to the ongoing enquiry. A bishop spoke of a "parallel universe" and of "rules being suspended."

Three books of condolence, similar to those for Princess Diana, have been made available for those inclined, this apparently allows one to "share grief and sorrow" by writing a message. We heard of a survey about guns, a "gun found under a mans bed" and scared citizens.

The family of one of the friendly fire victims has spoken out about the circumstances of the death, Mr John Foster, father of Pte Robert, has demanded that a full investigation takes place. We saw Mr Foster, obviously upset.

Basra - it appears that our troops are slowly beginning the processes of moving out.

Sport, football, Manchester United.



aferrismoon said...

Have u seen the Monty Python sketch where Eric Idle is on trial, prosecuted by Michael Palin, while Terry Jones ids the presiding general. After a lot of confusion , Eric Idle is asked if he has anything to say and replies, saying something to the effect of how violence perpetrated by one community against another is acceptable, yet violence within the community.....etc etc.

Newspaceman said...

Have not seen it afferismoon.

Got ridiculed a bit at school with Life of Brian - put me right off Monty Python, so I never really watched any of it.

Sounds bang on though, I must try to conquer the demons.



Newspaceman said...

Looking for worms this morning, aferrismoon ?


aferrismoon said...

Wow, 0.7.59, well absolutely not, though I was having an English lesson at the time. i'm not sure if it puts up ESt or Pacific Rim time