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Wednesday 22 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Tuesday 21st August

Vixen-like Fiona Bruce, dressed in opened button tunic, was back at the helm on the BBC News at 10 last night, replacing the blonde girl from Monday, who's name I missed. Additionally, there was a change of programme format structure, the two opening features being interlaced; which was new to me.

Anyhow, we commenced with the storm over "headteachers killer", Learco Chindam; it appears that this has now escalated to political level with David Cameron, the Conservative leader, stating it is "utter madness" to allow Mr Chindam to stay in the UK once he has finished his prison sentence for murder. Mrs Lawrence was shown, obviously distraught, although it appears she has been misled throughout this saga and was always under the impression that he would be deported on release.

We cut from this story and transferred our attention to cancer. "Stunning images" of brightly coloured cancer cells were shown. We heard of scans, timescales and heard from a doctor in a head-dress of some description, like half a turban. Cancer victims were shown from their hospital beds as we were asked to consider the "impact of the dreaded disease" and "is the cancer plan failing?"

We returned to the political row over Mr. Lawrence and heard that "Phillip would have been here today" if the stabbing had not happened. We saw longer interviews with David Cameron and Mrs Lawrence before images of the murderer were shown. We are told that the problem is being blamed on Human Rights legislation and/or the European Union. It depends on who you listen to, but, personally, I would not believe any of them. They are suffering from a mental disease or disorder.

Hurricane Dean next - 165mph at the "eye of the storm." Luckily, reporter Gavin Hewitt had braved the conditions and so we saw images of the hurricane bending palm trees whilst various objects blew along the street, possibly thrown unseen by other reporters. Gav told how "Mexico was spared", "the eye of the storm", "landfall" and "almost incredible - no casualties." We saw some holidaymakers on a beach and closed by being told that "they build strong hotels in hurricane zones." Is it not curious that we give hurricanes human names, it almost brings them closer to us. The same could be perhaps said for our dear old friend Al, al-Quaeda.

Worries over Russia followed, it appears that our RAF had to scramble two aptly named Typhoon jets, Biggles style, in order to intercept a Russian bomber. We were reminded of this tactic being employed in the Cold War - the bombers being known as bears. However, it appears that "the bears are now less threatening" and that perhaps Russia is showing that "it considers itself a global power." Apparently, actions such as this "enhace President Putin's popularity and power."

Coming up - The young Jewish boy who was an SS Mascot (image of boy in SS uniform shown)

First though, the Eastern Europeans - thousands are still coming here. We saw the reporter Evan Davies, who spoke of a "slew of statistics". Interestingly, when I check my dictionary, there are two possibilties for the word slew. The first is - turn or swing round to new position, the second is - the past tense of slay - kill.

Anyhow, Evan then ran through the statistics for us although they didnt seem to tell us much. It appears that there are three options for migrants. Stop coming, keep coming or come and go back "home." Evan told how statistics can be misleading though and we went to Peterborough to see some immigrants. We heard how it is no longer a majority of young single people who are arriving at our shores, rather "now families are coming." Mention was made of a "great rush", of people, not water.

ChoicesUK, a home entertainment retailer of rental DVD's has called in the receivers. Images were shown of a video shop and we were reminded of the transformation to disk. It appears that, in the manner of Buggles, "Internet kills the video store."

Wendy Alexander has replaced Jack McConnell as the Labour party leader in Scotland. Just to remind readers, Jack, a man with the publics best interests at heart; pre election anyway, resigned his position a couple of weeks ago, giving no notice of termination of employment. It appears that he was head hunted for a role within the Clinton-Hunter organisation, - educating the thirld world for the unified New World.

We then travelled to Iraq and met some US forces in Baghdad, - "part of the surge." They are involved in training the new rag tag Iraqi army and images were shown of a group of Army and Navy Stores clad individuals, this being the "army." Worryingly though, we were advised that these very recruits may in fact have been - "part of the in-surge-ency" and furthermore , "their loyalty was not known."

As promise though - Introducing the the child darling of the Nazi SS, Mr Alex Kurzen. Images of the gentleman were shown whilst still a child, dressed in the appropriate uniform and chasing young girls up a stair in a stage performance of some description. We heard howhis parents were killed by the Nazis, somehow he was adopted by the military - however they never knew he was a Jew. This performance had caused Mr K "heavy emotional and psychological damage" however somehow he managed to end up in Australia. More images of Alex dressed in his cute little outfits were shown and we saw an advert for Hitler. It appeared that they only reason he had managed to escape detection was that "he looked so Aryan" and was therefore easily accepted as a Nazi mascot.

We closed with the old colonial game of cricket, England doing well again, slaying the enemy.

Unbeknowing Nazi child star - Black and White ?


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