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Friday 31 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Thursday 30th August

It was Huw Edwards as host again on the BBC News at 10 last night where we began with Gordon Brown and public sector worker pay rises; this issue being brought on by the wildcat prison officers strike on Wednesday. We saw Gordon speaking, he told of inflation and interest rates and how he would do nothing to place Britain's economy at risk.

We heard reference to the police, NHS workers and "the tide has turned" before we oursleves turned - to Evan Davies for his opinion - which amounted to "money is far tighter". Nick Robinson, the BBC chief political officer was back to advise that he felt Gordon was standing strong on this pay rise issue - "no hint of suggestion that he had abandoned his strategy because of what was an illegal prison officers strike" although told of concerns over coordinated strikes and militant union action.

Our children followed, as we were told that writing standards have fallen for seven year olds in education. We saw debate as to the root cause of this; no one seemed to know, however we were assured that government "investment" has in fact increased, yet paradoxically, our children appear to become less educated.

Virginia Tech massacre was next, debate over whether the authorities were too slow to act. Images of the gunman were shown as we heard "the guy showed signs of madness." We were treated to a full run down of the story before hearing that a major problem in todays society seems to be "how to distinguish weirdo from dangerous."

Anthony Barron, a 54 year old paedophile from Oxford was jailed for life yesterday, found guilty of 89 offences.

Another soldier killed in Afghanistan

Iraq followed and we heard of fears of poverty, "millions have lost homes", "millions are displaced with no food" and "no where to go but the gutter". We saw shanty tent towns and heard of hunger, thirst and threat of disease. However, it appears that the temporary camps are now full and therefore closed - "hardly paradise".

We were asked to compare the situation with "African levels of poverty" and again, this entire shambles is being blamed on religious division, although we were told it was not a problem before the military action began. We closed with reference to "the youngest and oldest are most vulnerable" before images of starving infants and disease crippled pensioners were shown to remind us what they look like.

Coming up though - Princess Di

To warm us up though we had time for a measles scare and heard of the MMR vaccine and "wealth of research" before images of loveable infants were shown. It seems that there is a "cohort of children" who have not partaken in their MMR booster jag and this is proving to be a "continous threat of serious outbreak".

The skin healing cream, Savlon, has been withdrawn from the shelves of several leading stores afer fears of deliberate contamination by animal right activists.

Pakistan followed, as we heard of unstabiltity within the country and how in fact this issue is "vital to our security," here, in the UK. Talk was of al-Quaeda and "lawless regions". Quite a long feature.

The divorce rate in this country has fallen over the last twenty years; as has the marriage count, reference was made to the "informality of divorces." Seemed a pointless story though.

Then again, perhaps not, because it was time for the promised famous divorcee though, as details of a new survey were revealed - 40% say the Royal Family are in touch with the rest of us, 56% say they are not. We heard the Queen, speaking shortly after Diana's death and noting there were "lessons to be learned." A former employee of Her Majesty, spoke of how these changes had in fact been carried out "in a very British, undiscussed way". To confirm these alterations, we saw HRM meeting Bob the Builder and visiting a McDonalds hamburger bar.

Children dont need to read, to feed

It appeared that the Queen "recognised the need to change" however attention was drawn to "Charles and his consort, Camilla" - we heard of resentment. The solution appeared to be that the Queen remained as is "for as long as possible" to avoid Charles becoming King and, one would assume, pass her role directly to the young William

Was that not always the intention ?


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