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Monday 20 August 2007

ITN News Review - Sunday August 18th

The leading feature on the ITN mid evening news was that of Hurricane Dean, as it travels through the Caribbean, leaving destruction on its wake. It had come close to Jamica, which is now apparently "cut off from the rest of the world" and we saw images of the carnage and heard of holidaymakers. The main talk seemed to concern the space shuttle Endeavor; its planned return to earth has been put forward a day, to avoid any potential weather difficulties.

We moved back home to hear an update on the hotel fire in Newquay. 2 of the guests who had been feared killed in fact turned up safe and well. There is still one person missing though and, unfortunately, one casualty.

Climate Change and BAA followed, we saw images of the ongoing civil action and heard that there were more police than protesters. Images of some loveable green grandmothers were shown before we saw some riot police dressed accordingly. Then we got to see the police hitting some anarchists with their truncheons as we heard of offices being blocked by activists. Police state ?

Artic Roll - Food for thought at Climate Camp

The London toy shop, Hamleys, has removed some items of childrens jewellery from sale in it's store, due to high levels of lead within the product.

Hungerford - Another quick reminder of "the day we want to forget", thanks ITN.

Overseas conflicts next - we heard how British troops are stretched in Afghanistan with reference to Gordon Brown and George Bush.

Last up was sport - victory, misery, battle, gutted, beaten, thriller. Is war technically a sport ?


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