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Thursday 2 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 1st August

We commenced on the News at 10 with the report of British Airways who were fined approximately £270million after admitting being involved in a price fixing cartel over fuel and cargo costs. Virgin Atlantic blew the whistle on this wrongdoing which they were also involved in; as such, they seemed to escape any penalty.

Another television scandal has flared up, this time ITV have been accused of misrepresenting the death of an Alzheimers sufferer, Malcolm Pointon, in a soon to be seen documentary. Publicity for the show claimed that Mr Pointon passed away on screen so to speak; in fact, he passed away several days later. His sister said that his death was faked and we heard from the film-maker, Paul Watson, who blamed ITV. It was all "a dodgy process" we were advised as we were reminded of the recent drama involving the Queen and the BBC.

More television, this time Channel 4 have banned all telephone competitions as the "public trust has been undermined."

Children who are "donor conceived" - with the help of donated sperm for example - will now have these facts recorded on their birth certificates we were told. Apparently, MP's are all for this, given the abundance of hybrid embryos and similar. We heard of cloning and saw scientists at work in, and maybe even on, their labs.

Coming up - "a very special girl"

First though, bogus weddings and we were told of Polish girls, immigration and "sham marriages." The story being that individuals are pretending to be married in order to immigrate to this country.

Iraq is ongoing, obviously, and so we went there tonight to hear of more human carnage. We spoke to "one soldier in a random group" of American servicemen who advised it was just not worth it. He was just back from the front line apparently. Usual images of suffering and death were shown.

Britains biggest cash robbery - we heard details of how £30million was still unaccounted for. Angels share ?

Home Information Packs have finally been introduced, these are now compulsory for anyone selling a four bedroom or bigger property in England and Wales. "Revolution is upon us" we were advised.

To close, and as promised, the very special girl, Zoe Chambers, who received a heart transplant in June, has been released from hospital. We saw the adorable baby and heard from her parents. At one time, Zoe "topped the European transplant list for a donor heart".

Could ITN top that - They started with the BA "jumbo fine" and I stopped taking notes.


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