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Thursday 16 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 15th August

Fiona Bruce again on the BBC News at 10, we commenced affairs with details of the bombing carnage in Iraq, 250 people from the Yazidi religious sect were slaughtered, many more injured. Images of injured children and general carnage were shown as we heard of "ethnic cleansing" and houses built from mud.

The BBC graphic team had been busy so we were treated to a 3D computer simulated reconstruction of events as matters were blamed on al-Quaeda, who apparently view the Yazidi's as infadels. A robotic voiced American soldier (not the first I have heard), told how "the terrorism will go on for years"

Missing luggage followed as we were advised of the huge volume of insurance claims which are submitted for this event. We heard how "each claim has its own story" as shocking stories of a missing wedding dress and twins pushchair were revealed. However, it appears that this is not all the fault of the airline companies and that passenger numbers are "pushed Heathrow to the limits". We closed by seeing the aftermath of an auction of lost property, two smartly dressed Asian gentleman were asked what they hoped was in the locked suitcase they had seemingly just bought for six pounds; "Gold or a diamond ring" was the reply.

A hospital doctor, Victoria Anyetei, has been found stabbed to death in Kent. Images were shown of the lady, we heard she was a respected doctor and church goer. The incident happened very close to a childrens playground, as such we saw images of toddlers playing on the swings - "only a few yards away." We heard that police are keeping an open mind over whether an ex patient could be involved.

Man died in hospital in London, he was attacked a few days ago after challenging youths who threw litter in his car window whilst sitting at traffic lights.

Coming up - Huge lottery winner

First though, we continued with the fascinating report on New India; again our host was the likeable sports reporter, Mihir Bose. Just to tie up some loose ends from yesterday, Mr. B was born in 1947, the same year as India's independence, however he came to the UK in the 1960's and has returned to India to catch up with matters.

Again, we were told of the westernisation of India and it appears that they have now caught up with us, "Great Britain is now a partner". A strange Indian rapper was shown, Boopsie, who's lyrics glorified making it big. An English girl was interviewed, she has only recently moved to India and told how her new Indian friends talk in American accents. Her mother said it might be something to do with American television - a worrying prospect if you hold the same sentiments as myself about collective conditioning.

We moved on, obviously Mihir likes cricket, nay loves it, therefore we saw a wee bit on that. He popped in to see his cousin in the Bengal Club and they shared a whisky and memories of the olden days. It seems to me that Mihir is sad about the way his homeland is transforming yet he is resigned to it. That makes me a bit sad, he sort of reminds me of my grandad.

More drinking of alcohol followed - this time socially unacceptable because it involves juveniles. Youths were shown, drinking and smoking, in a cemetery in Leeds. One was asked what he would be doing otherwise and advised he would be in bed. Reminder was made that "alcohol and teenagers can be a lethal combination." Furthermore, "alcohol fuels anti social behaviour", Britain tops a league in drinking and "a four pack of stella costs £10". It doesnt actually, it costs £8.99 for 10, I checked this morning.

A long feature on Angela, the lottery winner from East Kilbride in Scotland. She won £35 million, we saw her receiving the cheque and dozens of paparazzi taking snaps and shouting "Angela, over here love." Money buys fame and fame strokes our ego's ?

Jack McConnell announced his immediate resignation as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. He is taking up an unpaid role in Malawi under the auspices of the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, an organisation set up to provide education to third world countries by Messers Bill Clinton and Tom Hunter.

A long feature on housing next, we saw green belt countryside and were told this could be built on, we simply need more houses. - "Loosening our green belts" is the catchphrase, we need the equivalent of a second London.

Football, Arsenal and Liverpool both won, Celtic got an away draw.

McConnell and Hunter - ambassador's for the New World



Anonymous said...

Hi, love your site.Very strange events with the Yezidi/Yazidi and very occult, who is trying to wipe out this group who claim descent from the Fallen Angles, could it be the western brotherhood? Key words to google Anton La Vey, Black Book, Satan, Necronomicon, John Dee etc.

Anonymous said...

soz, meant angels

Newspaceman said...

Thanks very much, very interesting indeed, more to it, definately.


aferrismoon said...

Angles are Angels anyway, thats why John Dee liked' em and various mathomatico-magi. Thats my theory