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Tuesday 14 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 13th August

We commenced with a feature on Karl Rove and George Bush on the BBC News at 10, the story being that "the man Bush called his architect" had resigned from his position. We heard how Mr Rove "had designed the Bush presidency and Karl himself was pictured, advising the "world had turned many times" since he initially took up his role. Another short clip of him, this time rapping, was shown.

Talk moved on to how damaging this was for Mr Bush as we heard that this now made three major resignations in the recent past - "all the President's men." Apparantly, this is extraordinary and a "sign that Bush's dreams are now gone"

We moved on to the case of the man murdered by teenagers in Warrington. Images of the victim were shown and we heard part of a poem that his twelve year old daughter had written - "the best dad that anyone could want". Details of another four men who were killed in similar type incidents were given, they also were attempting "to protect themselves or their family". Police patrols have been stepped up in the locality.

M40 motorbike shooting - The man was killed by a single gunshot to the head, the motorway has now reopened.

Climate Camp at Heathrow followed - we are told that any disruption to passengers is considered unacceptable by our Government and therefore the police have imposed stop and search techniques at the camp. We saw protestors unloading supplies, including a bath and were told that "some trouble is expected." There are "big arguments at stake" here.

A Chinese toy manufacturer has killed himself after his products were recalled as unsafe.

Iraq and Afghanistan - We are fighting on two fronts and this is proving "costly in terms of lives." We heard of a "summer spike in violence" and were given a death count to date. Images of soldiers in Basra were shown .

Coming up - Diver saved

First, maybe about six months ago, we saw a feature about a young Indian boy who had run 40 miles in eight hours or so. He has now accused his coach of torture, we heard of scars, the boy being beaten and deprived of food.

Footsie 100 share index - large climb today however we were reminded we live in "financially fragile times" and our "problems have not gone away." We were told of Goolman Saachs and three billion pounds written off. Hedge funds seem to be to blame.

As promised, the rescue of the diver who had jumped into the sea from a cliff and had to be rescued. We were reminded of the name for this hobby - tombstoning and we heard of other deaths. This particular incident was in fact "a miracle"

Pakistan and India next, a feature on Muslims and Hindus in Pakistan. Reference was made to a historical migration between countries and religions as we saw Pakistani television. Reference was made of a Muslim state and we heard a new, to my ears, word, - Talibanisation.


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