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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 6th August

We commenced once again with the foot and mouth outbreak on the BBC News at 10, as we heard about another potential case and 50 - 100 cows being "slaughtered on suspicion" of having the virus.

Again we ran through how the virus may have been transmitted to the scene of the first outbreak - "the farm in the eye of the storm that has paralysed the farming industry" and we heard from the farmer, Roger Pryde. An arial map was shown as we discussed the two possibilities - waterbourne(via the recent floods) or airbourne (via the wind). A quick glimpse of Gordon Brown visting Defra and then praise for Roger for noticing the tell tale signs on his cattle almost immediately. Obviously takes a pride.

We moved on to cost - running into millions per week. Images of healthy cows were shown as we heard of an "official surveillance zone". We went to an abatoir, the proprietor advised he may have to impose holidays on staff nect week. Our reporter pressed him - "lay off's?". The reply was mumbled but affirmative as he looked sheepishly at the ground. Another map with a superimposed cell structure was shown and we heard from the BBC chief scientific editor, David Shuckman, who was not sure if the virus was spreading.

Heathrow followed as we heard that a climate change campaign group had been banned from protesting about British Airways. However, it appeared that most other campaign groups were still free to protest and images of demonstrators at East Midlands airport, cutting the perimeter fence, were shown. Both sides seem to have claimed victory in this instance and we saw an arial map of Heathrow with the proposed new runway and terminal which were highlighted in red.

The 14 criminal immigrants are still missing - on the run.

Clifford Hollis is not though and we were told how the armed robber has eventually been captured in Spain, several years after being sprung from a prison van.

Madeleine McCann - no new evidence appears to have been uncovered in the recent searches of the suspect, Robert Murat's, home or vehicles. Images of her were shown in her football strip. We heard of speculation in the press, our on site reporter advised that "a vacuum fills with speculation". Mention was made of the rumoured blood on walls story however the McCanns consider the theories in the Portugese press as out of order. We were not made aware as to what these may be.

Coming up - McLaren motor racing

First floods in South Asia, we saw families who have been forced onto the roofs of their straw huts along with their goats. A translator was on hand to advise that they are "struggling for food". As is usual, we travelled in a helicopter above the flood plains until we landed, in time to watch one man eat some plant roots and another who held a rat by its tail, the implication being given that he was going to eat it.

Gun crime in Manchester - the trial of the accused in the Jessie James murder of last year has commenced. Witnesses have had their identities disguised, voices changed and are giving "long distance, anonymous evidence." We heard of the Gooch and Doddie gangs and saw images of a funeral.

Lynn and Megan Russell next, who were attacked and murdered by schizophrenia suffer Michael Stone. This was the example used in a debate over "psychiatric Asbos" which some wish imposed on sufferers of this disease. We heard of forced medication, a revolving door, too much power and then we saw images of a high street, the other pedestrians were all blurred. Does schizophrenia give you blurred vision?

We met a sufferer, Roger, who told how he used to paint his fingernails and sometimes pray in the street. His mother and sister told how they had begged for him to be taken away but nothing had happened. However, we heard that he had undertaken a course of "intensive support" and seemed to have recovered, so much so that we were treated to him strumming his guitar.

As promised, Lewis Hamilton and his fall out with teammate Fernanso Alonso. Apparently, they have been squabbling for months and have stopped talking. We heard that their "mateyness
was as genuine as a £9 note" then Nigel Mansell told how it was no one's problem but theirs.


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aferrismoon said...

i wondered where the old 'sus' laws had disappeared to. They seemed to have been upgraded to ' slaughter on suspicion' - good for cattle and the odd Brazilian tourist