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Monday 13 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Sunday 12th August

We started with climate change on the BBC early evening news and as such, it was off to Heathrow to see "Climate Camp" and the "tented village", which are being constructed at present by protestors against expansion of the airports facilities. We heard from one of them, an American lady, she told how one "sometimes needs to break the law" in todays world, in order that one's point is actually listened to.

An arial map was displayed, the outline of the airport terminal highlighted in red for us and we saw the police chatting with some activists. Nothing very much seems to happening, that appeared to be the story so far.

A 57 year old man was murdered in Warrington. 8 teenagers are in custody. The story appeared to be that the youths were involved in some type if anti-social behaviour, the gentleman came out to challenge them, and is now dead. We heard from a neighbour who had witnessed events via his CCTV monitor. That seemed to be the sum total of his involvement. We heard of previous instances of petty vandalism and suchlike in the same street - "but nothing like this." Moral - it could be you next - is there not petty vandalism in every street ?

Motor cyclist shot on the M40 near Warwick. Details were sketchy.

Foot and Mouth and we are still no closer to finding the causes. It seems that some soil is to be analysed to see if that sheds any light on the matter.

The Conservative party next; David Cameron has unveiled plans to cut the red tape involved in running a small business. We saw a pub serving Sunday lunch and the proprietor told of the increasing mountains of paperwork, especially in relation to the kitchen operation. Apparantly, the Labour party feel that this is synonomous with "the right wing taking over", although why was not explained. We saw John Redwood and heard of "same old Tories."

Another soldier killed in Afghanistan - total now 70

Pakistan "have admitted" that the Taliban are working from their territories. Images of rocket launcher brandishing insurgents were shown along with poppy fields - the main source of the worlds opium. It seems that Pakistan are however "winning hearts" with somebody and we heard of their "tireless campaign against narcotic production". Maybe all their vehicle tyres have been stuffed with drugs and driven out the country ?

Love heart confectionery

4 American soldiers killed in Baghdad.

Our next feature regarded last nights meteor shower which would be visible - "for those that get excited about the sky." (Chicken Licken ?) So, "would anyone bother" - and we saw some individuals asked if they would be getting up early to observe this astonomical extravaganza; some had work, other claimed they might. We heard of the new moon and to close we saw the sun behind a cloud.

Sport - Manchester United drew, same old Chelsea, 64 games without defeat.

In Scotland, were "Hearts still winning" - no, a draw with Aberdeen was the result.

Cricket to close.



David said...

Not even brave enough to mention which 'biker gangs'...

33_hertz said...

Haha. Yes, you're quite right David.

aferrismoon said...

I read the Chicken licken story and you may be pleased to know that all the animals who were going to the king to report that the Sky was going to fall in, were all tricked by Foxy Loxy, He got them down the Fox-hole and ate them all up. The story ends with ' and there was now no-one to tell the king that the sky was going to fall in'