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Thursday 9 August 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 8th August

Fiona Bruce was at the helm of the BBC News at 10 as we embarked on our journey; we commenced with foot and mouth and were advised that there appears to be easing on the movement of livestock ban; however images of slaughtered cattle were shown, and we heard of another cull.

The source is still a contentious issue, it seems that drainage in the Merial laboratory is now under scrutiny although we heard again about possible staff involvement. The EU considers Great Britain as a "big risk" and as such, our meat is still subject to an export ban - this decision will be reviewed in a couple of weeks and will depend upon whether any further outbreaks occur outwith the containment zone.

Another television controversy followed as we heard of a polce investigation into a Channel 4 documentary type programme, Dispatches, which was shown in January. We saw some small clips of ths particular edition and heard of hatred against gays - "throw him off the mountain." The police mounted an enquiry against the alleged Islamic extremism pictured, which was the puported point of the show; yet it appeared that in fact it had been spliced together from various extracts and therefore the programme makers had been investigated in terms of racism. We were reminded how ITV, GMTV and the BBC have already had their knuckles rapped recently for misrepresentation - the implication seemed to be that Channel 4 were obviously guilty.

However, we then saw a representative from Channel 4. He looked like a taller version of the BBC's own Nick Robinson. An intellectual, sophisticated type. He told of a zero tolerance attitute to racism. Images of Muslims were shown and we heard of a similar type story involving the Kent police and an investigative reporter, Duncan McIntyre - the police had eventually to pay damages - "they are not always the best judges"

We moved on (or did we?) - US forces kill 30 militants

Another two British soldiers killed in separate incidents in Iraq.

Manchester and the ongoing Jesse James murder trial. We heard of new witnesses, further arrests to be made and his mother was interviewed, she talked of justice.

Madeleine McCann - The DNA found in a cafe in Belgium, where an eye witness was convinced she saw the girl, has been analysed; it came from a man. We saw the McCann's attending a "short, informal meeting" with the Portugese police. Talk was of the Portuguese media and their speculative journalism in this matter. On a side issue, would the beared Chinese lady weightlifter, as discussed yesterday, now have male DNA?

Coming up - The smog that threatens next years Olympics

First - Hamas, Fata and Gaza - "One of the most densely populated areas on earth". We saw how Israel controls who moves in and out and we heard how the "Palestinians in the West Bank have been abandoned". I couldnt follow who by. We saw images of urban warfare and a businessman with a warehouse full of goods told how he was unable to move them. A thronging beach was shown. We heard of liberators and terrorists - "Gaza is isolated because of Hamas."

An powerful earthquake has hit Indonesia although it was undersea and therefore immediate, visible damage was minimal. One wonders about the long term or unseen effect though.

Is another interest rate rise on the cards ? We saw a graph with a large shaded line - this was the "Nile Delta" and reflected future inflation. As long as we are in the shaded bit, things should be okay, that seemed to be the suggestion. However, a gentleman from the Bank of England was interviewed, he advised "better think - put those rulers away" We heard of farmers, overdrafts, farmer's overdrafts and "rising food prices".A Honda Civic car salesman spoke of a steady market but seemingly we need a slowdown so rates will rise.

Everything's rising

Sun Alliance (Nostradamusly apt name in these storm damaged times ) - have shed 500 jobs. Another financial institution, Cheltenham & Gloucester, have similarly downstaffed, 300 will go there.

Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, has called for a new commission to be established to, in effect, give Scotland a state television output, separate from the BBC.

Chinese Olympics as promised, the birds nest stadium is nearly complete, one year to go but there is a problem. Smaug. Not the dragon from the Hobbit but a thick pea-soup fog which hangs over Bejing at midday. "Chinese weathermen" were pictured, firing "cloud seeking rockets into the sky". We heard that "bad air may force cancellation" of the entire Olympics but it seems some trees are being planted and this may help. Anyway, "China has a year left to fix it's sky"

To close, we heard how the Yangtze river dolphin, previously found only in China, is feared extinct after a team of research scientists failed to find any during an extensive survey.


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