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Friday, 3 August 2007

Short Break

I will be back on Sunday, covering Saturdays news.

cheers and apologies


aferrismoon said...

Perhaps a news type story of your short break might be included. Mr. Newspaceman has been plagued by Saturdays. Is this a revolution , will we have to suffer Saturdays for ever.
Sunday-breaking news
Widespread relief across Britain, Saturdays have returned to their normal 24 hour periodicity

Newspaceman said...

Your article on the bountiful harvest of August was most appropriate AFM, and that perhaps explains my absence.

I remember in one of your observations , you wrote of a young man who had learned the art of honey making, and how this should stand him in good stead.

I must agree wholeheartedly with those sentiments and believe that it is about having a connection with nature which then allows one to perhaps view matters from a more realistic perspective, ie to see the whole.

I myself aquired a dog when in my early teens, it allowed me an excuse to just wander through countryside for hours, thinking and maybe more importantly, not thinking.

Funnily, I have been thinking a fair bit about those days recently, again it puts a perspective on being internally happy and how this can be achieved.

My comment in another of your blogs about the missing three minutes is based on the fact that my mobile phone and van clocks were both 13 minutes fast and always have been. Yet this changed to 10 minutes about two months or so ago - at least that is when I noticed, when waiting for a train.


33_hertz said...

I hope that you enjoy your Saturday off.
Kind Regards