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Monday 21 May 2007

The Wonderful Wizard of Wembley

In yesterdays blog, I noted that the Royal Box at the rebuilt Wembley stadium was located on the 108th level, there being 107 steps up from the pitch to receive an award from one of the "family".

Because of the relationship in size between the sun moon etc and the number 108, does that mean that somehow, our minds would perceive an object or being, located on the 108th floor, when viewed from ground level, as being as the sun. In terms of how our eye would process the information to our brain if you follow me.

For those even vaguely interested, I suggest you check the story behind the classic John Buchan novel, The 39 steps, that being the amount of steps to the Royal Box in the old Wembley. Then, have a look at Quatermass and Wembley.

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