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Sunday 27 May 2007

TV News Review - Saturday 26th May 2007

The main feature on both news channels was more on the story of the mysterious man with the bundle who was seen on the night that Madeleine disappeared. This was discussed yesterday in the newspaceman as the police had only just issued a description..

It has now transpired that it was in fact a member of the McCann holiday party who saw this individual and this was reported to the police at the time. It appears that the police were unwilling to release this information to the media and it has taken political intervention, by no less than Gordon Brown, in order that these details be made public.

The description is pretty vague to be honest but the question now seems to be why the police did not release this sooner and this was discussed in some depth.

I am not sure of child welfare laws in Portugal but it is now obvious that the McCann's are not happy with certain aspects of the police investigation. This obvious breakdown has given rise to my thoughts that perhaps the Portuguese authorities will charge the McCanns in respect of leaving their child alone. This will no doubt create a further media frenzy. Again, this story allowed the usual images of Madeleine to be shown.

The second main story was that of David Beckham and his return or reincarnation to the England team. This story contained the usual images of the England team, David, supporters and some goals etc.

Sorry this is so short.


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