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Wednesday 23 May 2007

TV News - Tuesday 22nd May

We started on the BBC News at 10 with a feature on the poisoned Russian, Mr. Litvinenko. This has been well covered before, Mr L was exposed to a lethal chemical, polonium-210. Again, we went through the poison trail over London, the plane etc before we saw an interview with his wife and images of his coffin being carried. The standard image we see of Mr L is that of him on his deathbed.

We were told that the "suspect" in this case is a ex KGB Russian man who trains bodyguards. We saw images of him using a handgun and were told he is "trained to kill". We saw further images of the Russian army marching and on guard duty.
We then saw images of Tony Blair and were told that Britain will take a stand on this but basically the Kremlin are not interested in extradition.

The next feature was on the new HIP's as discussed last week. They have been delayed till August and we were told that this was partly due to a lack of "energy surveyors". This feature used the usual images of for sale signs etc but also animated the feature using two little plastic people and a plastic house. We saw an unhappy man interviewed, he has been in training for 18 months and invested £40,000 in order to become an "energy surveyor".

We then had a short feature on the independence of courts in our judicial system. Lord Phillips, a senior judge is questioning the potential ramifications of the new Ministry of Justice which the goverment are planning to establish. The judges fear that this may affect their impartiality as it brings the question of imprisonment and cost/overcrowding factors into account for example. This feature was illustrated using images of old fuddy duddies with wigs, shuffling in a queue. These are the Lords.

Another short feature, this one on the overpayment of family credit. This carried images of cute little toddlers playing.

Over to Lebanon where the first images were children crying. Images were shown an urban war zone and the reporter, clad in body armour and apparently in the middle of a battle, advised us that there were 40,000 refugees caught up in the middle of this. We saw further images of children in hospital with shrapnel wounds, again, like last week in Israel, the shrapnel was held up to the camera.

Coming up - Murder on the Riviera

First, Ice Island (ii). This is the name being given by the BBC to a large chunk of ice which has come adrift from the main North Pole. Coincidentally, it sounds like the name of a James Bond spy thriller. Anyway, we were told that "some scientists say it is the biggest single global warming event in the world". No other information was given in regard to number, qualifications, experience, etc of aforesaid scientists.

We went over to ii and the artic where we saw ariel views and the investigative reporter told us that its "not just the climate, its the coastline". We saw him landing on ii on a skiplane, (as discussed yesterday in the newspaceman) then we saw him walking on the ice. As there was not much to see or say really, we went over to a BBC special effects department who had provided some fantastic images for us to view.

These consisted of an animated Houses of Parliament which was placed on the animated ii to give an idea of scale. We then saw an image of all of London, again being placed within ii. The reporter told us that London could fill the island. Mention was made of melting glaziers with global warming being blamed

Then, curiously, the reporter explained how future chunks might break off. This was shown utilising another animated special effect, in this one a large split or fissure appeared and cracked open across the ice, leaving a gaping chasm. It reminded me of the road runner escaping from cayote when the desert opens in the cartoon. Anyway, the reporter who was now on the main artic ice chunk, pointed to a line of humps in the ice. He explained that if chunks did break away, they would likely split at the hump line because, this was where it had split off previously. So if it has split previously why are we worried ?

A short update on Madeleine McCann

The soldier who was killed in Iraq yesterday was named and his image shown

A feature on Lord Tebbits criticism of David Cameron's Conservative party policies which LT feels are Labour orientated. Grammer schools seem to be the main problem which allowed the BBC to show some nostalgic black and white images of schoolchildren playing ring a ring of roses. Nick Robinson interviewed Cameron and Eton was mentioned in respect of Cameron. We were then saw some "middle class" parents, sitting round, discussing the issues. Limited footage was shown including the phrase "full scale attack" was used.

As promised - Murder on the Riviera. This involves the Earl of Shaftsbury who is an Eton educated, multi millionaire with a "weakness for champagne and women of exotic backgrounds". He was found buried in the woods and his ex (third) wife is getting blamed. We were told intimate details of their shenanigans.

Over to football and Liverpool fans invasion for the final. Too many, too few tickets. Ring any bells ? It might shortly, certainly you could say the fire is stoked or the media would like us to believe that, given the report. No big screens (I am unsure when they became mandatory) so the bars will be overflowing with fans. So, logically, if there is trouble of any description, the media can say - should have had the big screens. Football hooliganism (for want of a better word) is a social problem, not a football problem. It is also popular with the viewers whether they would care to admit it or not.

and Over to ITN.

We started with the poisoned Russian. ITN believe that "the key clue is the weapon, in this case poison". They told us that some believe that this was an assassination backed by the Russian Government and that the cost of the poison utilised in the murder was one hundred million pounds which could lead to a cold war style confrontation we were told.

Madeleine - The parents have hired a campaign manager to help the search for their daughter.

Coming up - An oilfield the size of England is being dug in Canada.

More on the HIP's including interviews with estate agents, images of house for sale signs etc.

Then over to Canada, an ITN special. Basically a story of a huge oilfield in Canada and the environmental problems it is causing. Huge trucks, the size of which I have never seen before, were used in the operation. We saw poisoned fish and a doctor told us of cluster of cancer in the human population. It still seemed operational though.

We turned to football and Liverpool again. This is "the biggest match of the year". We were shown images of fans trying to get tickets and their frustrations. Images of the Acropolis were shown and we had a short interview with the new American owner of Liverpool where he told us he would obtain players "whatever the price"

Iraq - soldier named and image shown

25 Dead car bomb Iran

5 Killed in Turkey

Then headlines for tomorrow -

Iraq grows poppy opium

Eastenders has dropped a planned child abduction storyline due to Madeleine.

End of News. Both channels - same programme. On your mind. To make you angry, scared and emotional. And therefore vulnerable to more. And so on. A little at a time. Just a smidgeon, every day, in tiny little quantities. Till when ? Either you waken up or... Even if you dont watch television, the majority do.

A new Liverpool, kings of Europe and perhaps the World. Success bought through an American "whatever the price".

What price will the New World be ? And who will be King

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