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Tuesday 22 May 2007

TV News Review - Monday 21st May

Commencing with the BBC News at 10 where the fire on the clipper ship, The Cutty Sark, headlined the show. We saw images of a mobile phone video recording of the fire, flames etc and the blackened shell that remains. It seems that all is not lost though as the ship was being refurbished and the masts, figurehead etc had been removed.

Over to Iraq and the news that another British soldier has been killed in action. We were also advised that a civilian fuel tanker had been destroyed and the Turkish driver killed. We were told that "locals celebrated the death of the driver" and saw images of "locals" dancing round the burning vehicle.

In Leicester, the father of Madeleine McCann visited the shrine that has been created for his daughter. We were told Mr McCann had seen lawyers in the UK before making this visit and that he took fifteen minutes or so to read the cards and tributes, from both "friends and strangers", before himself adding a yellow ribbon to the thousands already there. Does the statement "friends and strangers" not sound a bit strange. Is it just me or does it slightly suggest that strangers are not friends and not to really be trusted, or, certainly, herd us in that direction of thinking.

On Saturdays News, we saw a feature on the simplification of planning permission procedures for home improvements which advised that there would no longer be a long, laborious, planning application, it should soon be far easier to modify ones home. However on last nights news it was revealed that included within the new legislation will be things like airport runways and nuclear power stations.

We were shown images of a small village which will be torn down to create a third runway at Heathrow and a lady who lives in the village was interviewed. We were then given examples of planning decisions which had taken up to 7 years to approve. We saw images of a nuclear power station and were told that new ones had to be built. The feature ended by reminding us that this might be "a blow for democracy" but it would be a lot easier for people to get house improvements. "Dormer windows, wind turbine, solar panels, no problem". This is similar to bribery but the really scary bit is that it will work. We are nearly all selfish and believe, on a collective and individual basis, be that our homes, cars, clothes and material goods reflect our status in society and "our worth" as people.

Then we went back to a feature I missed on Friday, a big chunk of ice which has broken away in the North Pole. We are trying to find out why this has happened so a posse of scientists (and journalists) have braved the conditions. Last night we saw them in a variety of boys toys and were told that they had in fact managed to land on the piece of ice by means of a ski plane. They are hoping to bring us a "special report" tonight. Obviously, climate change/global warming are being blamed.

Feature on immigration and social housing. This was on the news last week as well, the story being that the migrants are getting priority for council houses and also creating pressure on the private rental market. We saw a polish chap who has not as yet managed to get a council house but does have a privately rented flat. We then saw a typical, English, "working class", gentleman, Mr Terence Doherty. He was interviewed wearing an England top and explained that his difficulties in obtaining suitable housing had led him to seek assistance from his local BNP politician.

We saw the BNP candidate give a short interview where he explained his strategy for allocating housing. He thought reflectively as he looked round the council estate where the interview was held and advised "three generations" "the ones that built it", "they should get the pickings". He advised that new housing had to be built though, this was the main problem.

Could it be that a solution is already at hand for the migrant/affordable housing crisis. Why not just put the all migrants in the new eco-villages or, eco-ghettos. The proverbial two birds.

Over to Gaza and another vigil for Alan Johnston, the missing journalist.

Blackpool, boy stabbed to death

Then a feature on a gathering of computer king pins and the forecasts for what will be the big next thing. Not much was said really but most of the big players were mentioned. The hope seemed to be that "virtual experience soon merges with real life".

We went over to Cannes and the celebrities at the film festival. Main feature revolved round a film based on Daniel Pearl, an American jounalist who was murdered by "terrorists". This film portrays how his wife coped. Mention was made of al-Quaeda and 9/11.

I changed channel to ITN where they commenced with the Cutty Sark. Apparently the ship has links to "when Britannia ruled the waves". Other quotes "a mobile phone once again catching (the images of) a modern day disaster". A witness spoke of "waves of fire".

Still to come - Russian spy poisoning - But first-

Madeleines father. He "wandered through the tapestry of yellow ribbons", the "only sound was bird songs" in the "quiet of the village". However, the cameras were there to catch him and the paparazzi who skulked round him. We saw a little girl with a yellow ribbon in her hair being interviewed about giving Mr McCann flowers.

Over to the Algarve for an update on the same story. The "suspect" from last week has fainted, it was reported by one of his friends. The fainting episode lasted 20 seconds we were told. It has also emerged that the "suspect" has spoken to Max Clifford, the PR genius.

We moved on to the promised Russian spy story. This was simply a regurgitation of the original story from a couple of months ago, along with the fact that the CPS will let us know more today. It allowed the ITN to show the poison trail etc etc.

A bit on Cameron and grammer schools, the iraq soldier, large explosion in Lebanon, an Israeli woman killed by a rocket from Gaza and Alan Johnson, in that order.

Then football, a Brazilians 1000th goal, saw fans going berzek with joy, game was stopped for 16 minutes to allow celebrations, hugging etc.

A bit more football and we finished on the Falklands. I was unaware of this but ITN is actually running a special feature on the anniversary and last night we saw an old crew member of HMS Arden, go back to the spot where it went down and his workmates were killed. We were told it was a war grave as we saw images from underwater cameras which divers used as they explored the sunken ship. The old soldier was treated to viewing this spectacle on a TV screen and we got to see him watching it. Old images of the war were shown as well. We were told the ship "sacrificed" itself in order to allow other troops to land safely.

We had time for a quick look at tomorrows headlines,

Mr McCann and the yellow ribbons
Iran is up to malarky
90% dont want Camilla as Queen.

Need to be William then ?



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