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Saturday 19 May 2007

Child Cruelty

Unfortunately, I was delayed yesterday evening in bad weather and missed Derren Brown and the ITN News programme.

However one snippet of news which caught my attention was the appeal against the " bad mothers and grandmother" from the North East. For those of you not familiar with the case, these "ladies" had encouraged their toddlers to fight each other and captured the moment on video camera. One of the ladies husbands had found the recording after returning from war and, horrified, had gone to the police. The grandmother involved could not see the problem, she herself had encouraged her children to compete physically with each other

The ladies concerned were duly tried in Court and given a suspended jail term, however this was not enough for some do gooders and they had the sentence reviewed, in the hope that it would be increased. This was carried out yesterday but they were unsucessful in their ambition.

I am not advocating we behave like savages but what startled me in this case was the hatred and abuse directed to these women for their crime by so called civilised individuals and the media, especially the tabloids although it did feature on the national news programmes at the time, shortly before the newspaceman commenced his reviews.

Are these so called "civilised" individuals the same ones who allow their children to sit in their "nursery" (no longer a bedroom) watching creatures who talk out a television in their belly's (tellytubbies) and a talking, blue reptilian, Barney. The children sit, hypnotised. But this is better than having them wrestle with each other, in the manner of fox or badger cubs.

Cosset them, give them every consumer item you think they need, tell them they are the best in the world at everything. Then send them to school for indoctrination by bubbly, young, female primary teachers, who themselves are so indoctrinated, that they genuinely believe they are doing a good thing by educating children in a pre prescribed, non deviant educational programme, set up by goverments who will happily send their pupils to war at 16.

Then, in the army, they can be brainwashed further, so much so that when they return from their job away, which involves killing people in the name of upholding democracy, they will grass up their own family for lesser crimes.

And we wonder why we are going backwards ?

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