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Wednesday 9 May 2007

TV News - Tuesday 8/5/07

The headline feature was Ireland on the BBC, with the presenter live from Stormont. Dr Paisley declared we were on the way to lasting peace. We were introduced to "four politicians of the most diverse backgrounds". Disabled children performed a show for them, to "show that Stormont was open to all. We never saw the actual politicians shaking hands with each other.

And, in the manner of Bush with the Queen, as mentioned in my review yesterday, another potential faux po. This one when Blair referred to McGuiness as a man of 80. Paisley chortled and I got suspicious. Eighty years ago, on April 12th 1927, The Royal Parliamentary Titles Act of 1927 renamed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The change acknowledged that the Irish Free State is no longer part of the Kingdom. No wonder Adams looked raging. Is this new Ireland joining up with France, Germany, USA etc

Over to the war zone of Belfast to see the murals and catch up with a couple of individuals who will never forgive and forget. One on each side, the first lady lamenting the loss of a son, the second man, a brother, a policeman, killed on duty. We see the genuine emotions of these people, is this a good thing for us? Our natural human urge is to try to comfort them in their grief and anger, yet we cant, they are not in front of us, so we grieve with them, alongside them as if we are part of them. People who identify with the poor victims for whatever manner, feel more for them.

Nick Robinson appeared and was asked for his comments on Tony Blair's achievements with whole process. He a gave a glowing report on the entire matter. I read Martin McGuiness' book maybe ten years ago and remember the jist of it anyway. I have also read a book by Dr Paisley. Given their obvious differences and the fact they still apparently detest each other so much as they will not shake hands or make eye contact then I fail to see how this will work. Perhaps ITN will have a reason.

We turned to the abducted girl. This is obviously a very emotional subject for many people and as such the media are devoting considerable time to it. The actual news is that there is no news. So we were subjected to more images of the church, parents, searchers etc. We were reasuured that the Portugese are doing their best now and we were shown a TV set, itself showing a Portugese news report on the young girl and showing a photograph of her. So now we have seen the proof that the Portugese are actually doing something (they must be, its on their TV) we now feel more secure that they actually are. We still dont actually know very much about any of the enquiry processes.

Just to reassure us further that all is being done, the Portugese football star, Ronaldo, gave a plea for the girl to be returned safely on Manchester United Television, again we saw this in the format of a TV show within a TV show. We also saw emotional images of toddlers hanging yellow ribbons and teddies etc at a war memorial which is being used a shrine. Are our feelings not being conditioned and focused here. There are children being slaughtered every day in this world. Yet we focus on this one poor child and the grief and the grief of her parents.

Over to finance and we find that the takeovers market is booming. Rupert Murdoch is buying the Dow Jones. It should be another bumper bonus year for share traders apparently. But the reporter then described the two different types of stock market crash and said obviously we were hoping for a certain kind to happen. As if it was going to. Strange, maybe. If we look at history, cycles and astrology, it is destined to crash. What goes up must come down. It is already late.

Lets look at things another way. If all these takeovers keep happening, then it won't take long before there are only a few big massive companies owned by a very few individuals. Its like a big snowball, the more takeovers a company makes, the bigger it gets and the more companies it can take over. Once you own everything, it no longer really has a financial value, its value is that of total power and control.

E numbers next. Now these are ok individually but it has now "come to light" that in a cocktail, they are dangerous. Like most drugs really. So, basically, we have been driving our children to hyperactivity, tantrums etc through their food. Who knows the long term effects ? We were showing images of kiddies playing and advised that there is no date for publishing the full results though.
Give them ritalin though, a stimulant similar to that of amphetamine or cocaine. In a strange paradox, this stimulant somehow subdues the child. We have our childrens best interests at heart though, we lavish them with toys and gadgets as if perhaps to appease our own inner thoughts that, actually, perhaps, maybe, this is all wrong. Cue Supernanny and her physchological conditioning of "acceptable" childrens behaviour.

Just outside Bethlehem, King Herod's tombstone has been found we are told. The archaeologists have been looking for "their Holy Grail" for 35 years. Also we were told that the history about Herod "depends on who you believe". Two examples were given, one being Matthew from the Bible. We were told it was near Gaza and that could be a problem in this "Biblical land". I mentioned Gaza yesterday when we were told "not safe for Westerners". ITN reported in early April that the supposed grave of Jesus has been found and proved through DNA.

These reports may appear insignificant but I fear they are not in the grand scheme of things. All reports set seeds in our minds. When will they germinate ?

We went to ITN and I missed the first wee bit. Same features though. An extra quote for you, "Northern Irelands New Order" referring to the fantastic four and not a Blue Monday. After the news a half hour "special" on poor Maddie.

Does it not make you mad? Is it not maybe all meant to ? To dehumanise you with all these graphic images of pain death and misery.


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