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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

TV News - Monday 07/05/07

Yesterday being a Bank Holiday, the TV schedule was slightly distorted and a there was a break of thirty minutes between the end of the BBC news and commencement of ITN. I fell asleep before I could catch up with ITN so its only the BBC I am covering today.

We started with the tragic case of the wee girl missing in the Algarve. We were subjected to a harrowing interview of the girls mother, pleading for her safe return. We then flashed to a British man who now lives locally and were advised that he appears to be co-ordinating and managing an unofficial search party, mainly comprised of holidaymakers. We were told that information coming from the Portugese authorities was scant and the search leader advised that all he knew was she was wearing white pyjamas with an eeyore motif.

Another flash to some farm outbuildings and were advised that they were being covered by trained search teams who "know what they are looking for". We were then advised that the police had issued a further public statement, the first for two days, which didnt really tell us much more. It was then explained to us that "the lack of information is causing confusion" and that this could be verified by the fact that she (the little girl) was wearing pink pyjama bottoms and a white pyjama top with an eeyore motif whilst the unofficial search party were looking for a girl in white. The difference being the pink bottoms.

What is this all about. Is it sour grapes because the Portugese are obviously not being dictated to by the media and so the media want to have a go. Or could it be more subtle than that. Do they somehow want to stimulate people who are drawn towards children. Does the pyjama bottoms colour realistically have any significance in the grand scheme of whether the child will be found alive. I doubt it. This might sound a bit off but does an "unofficial search co-ordinator" not have parallels with another missing child case in the UK where the co-ordinator is now behind bars. Are they letting us draw links, ourselves, in our unconcious, to similar cases in order to reinforce our fears by reincarnating similar cases. Simply opening the folder marked paedophile, located within our subconcious and adding another set of images, the mothers grief etc etc.

Then on to the M25 (MI5?) road crash. A stag party returniung to Brighton in a recovery vehicle are involved in a collision, tragic loss of life. Police are carrying out a thorough investigation.

A report of a murder of a student, Rebecca Love, who was studying marine biology at Hull. Another student has been charged with the crime.

Slithering along to another murder and suicide, this one the shooting of a policeman by a man before turning the weapon on himself. It transpired that the killer was a pest control officer. This will answer the question I highlighted yesterday about the gun. Yes it was a big one and he had it to kill pests. We did see his neighbour though, a chap probably about the same age as the gunman who said it would be totally out of character and that no one actually knew the story yet. Digressing slightly, I saw an extremely interesting documentary about urban foxes on Channel 4 about a month ago. There was a pest control officer in that who gloried in the power of the gun. There was also an man who helped injured foxes recover and he was a joy to behold, an man I could only aspire to.

Focusing on France, we saw the new PM and were told that he was part of a new alliance, that of France, Bush, Germany and Tony Blair. Remember, you read it here yesterday when I suggested the obscene form of Hoff on our screens would somehow involve Germany. It has. He is the celebrity face of USA/Germany, the acceptance within ourselves that it is all sweet now between us all. The Hoff symbolises the new unity. I have just worked that out I think. Anway, the new PM is off on holiday, Tony B is on Your Tube, rioting has commenced in France which "lives in interesting times". Dont we all?

A soldier dead in Iraq.

Moving on to the highlight. The Queen and George attending a banquet. George's apparent faux po about 17 instead of 1976. I would love to say I am an expert on America and it's independence but I am not. 1776 seems to have been a busy year though for America/Britain I remember 1976 though, the Sex Pistols. Anyway, what was this about, this slip of the tongue. Then Bush stated that "she (the Queen), gave me a look only a mother could give a child". Are we to infer that USA is the Queens child. When I did a quick check on the BBC website this morning, it advised that the Queen wore the Queen Mary Tiara.

Does the Queen Mary Tiara contain the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond This gives the basic of the legend of the diamond and I must confess to having researched this some months ago and keeping no notes. However for
the conspiriologists (see below) amongst you, it is worth some investigation, especially in relation to current worldly affairs and potential future NWO leaders. I will try to discuss this more as it develops, the bud is certainly beginning to split and the petals forming.

Then, something about Scotland and Alex Salmond.

Then Allan Johnston and Gaza, we were told that locals feared that Gaza was becoming a no go area for westerners ?

Over to Ireland, where we saw a goverment minister state, whilst signing something, "Never before has a goverment minister willingly given away his power" mmm, why now then one asks ?

But cheer up, football, the camera focusing on a young Charlton fan who had just seen his team relegated. Too young to really know what it means anyway. His face was painted in the manner of a red devil face.

Snooker and then a strange last feature on Germans who holiday in Germany because of global warming. This saves their carbon footprint plus it is getting warmer there. We were told of the saving of carbon by a typical german family if they chose to stay at home and holiday. The only concern the germans have is that tourists may come flooding in.

What a bizarre feature. If the Germans truly were concerned about tourists, they would not have agreed to be interviewed, basking in the sun and drinking pina coladas. What is this all about. More of the Hoff influence perhaps. Plus an excuse for some global warming.

It is all moving very fast.

Thank you to Ben from for the word conspiriologist which is where I obtained it, plus, excellent information.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the problem is that the Portugese police don't seem to be doing much at all - a description of what the little girl was wearing wasn't released until FOUR DAYS after she had gone missing... and then it was released by her parents, who took the initiative because the police weren't. Surely this should have been made public immediately? Reports from Portugal show the most vigorous search parties come not from the police who are barely visible, but from a number of expats and their dogs. The press conference in which the girl's mother pleaded for her daughter to be returned was again not organised by police, but done by the family as the police weren't bothering. If this happened in England then yes, the media would be adding to the furore, but it would mean something was done. Out there there is no pressure from the Government, families, locals and especially the press and so a little girl's life may have been taken, parents may have lost their baby girl for good.
Look behind the headlines.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, thank your for your comments. You state that the problem is the Portugese police dont seem to be doing much at all. How exactly have you ascertained that, through the media? You then state that a description of what she was wearing would have perhaps influenced whether she was found or not, we have been shown a very recent photograph. You then advise that reports from Portugal... Where are you watching these reports. On your TV and the media are deciding exactly what they wish you to see. You then state that the press conference was organised by the parents and not the police. This is suggesting that a press conference would help matters. Yet you have no actual knowledge of whether it would or not, you simply assume that a press conference is a good thing and helps matters because the media portray that image. Then, you advise that if in England, the media would be adding to the furore, but it would mean something was done. What exactly is being done and how does massive media exposure help the poor child. Finally, you state that there is no pressure over there... especially the press. You are implying that press involvment would have found the girl. Additionally, our media are over there in droves.

Surely you need to look behind the actual media and how they are actually operating today. You seem to believe that they are always a good thing and always showing an accurate, unbiased portrayal of current events. This is not the case, I am sorry to say that.

You are being more influenced than you imagine and they are preying on your human emotions in very subtle ways. I beg you to look more at the influence of the TV and media news in this world we live in as I realise you are a decent person and mean well and I do not mean to sound patronising but you must waken up for your own sake and realise how you are being conditioned to think and what people would like you think.

thank you

thanks, Brian