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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

TV News - Tuesday 15th May

Again, massive coverage of the missing girl Madeleine McCann. So much so that the BBC have sent their top reporter over to report from the scene. What has happened is that the man who was being questioned has become a suspect.

The usual format was employed, we saw features and updates on the family, the "suspect" and a glimpse of the "very limited" police press statement. It appears from the police statement and the information from the BBC that if someone is questioned in Portgugal then they have no legal rights. If they then promoted to a suspect, they have the right of silence and also the right of legal representation before they are interviewed further.

The suspect in this instance was reported to the police by the media as they felt he was acting suspiciously. The police then took the man in to the station, upgraded him to suspect status, then questioned him. They also searched his mothers house and took away video casettes. etc. He was then released. His mothers home is in the middle of the media camp and is under siege.

That appears to be all there is to the story so far. We are moving up a phase though.

Then we moved on to a feature on Home Information Packs (HIP'S). This is some sort of energy survey that will be carried out on your house if you sell it. Not much to the story but we were advised that government "wants HIP'S A.S.A.P." This is apparantly a Climate Change Issue.

Plans to make doctors apply for training placements online have been dropped. No reason was given. Hopefully, our doctors are good guys who place humanity before money/social status. One can only trust but it looks like the government backed down.

Palestine, a report from there and a warning of disturbing graphic images. Over there, scenes of overturned vehicles, Gaza in a cycle of internal, political/religious, revenge killings but still managing to mortar attack Israel. Thing about disturbing graphic images is that we are being told what to find disturbing. So we are told get ready for disturbing images. Then we find these images and subsequent similar repetitive imagery, equally disturbing.

I find the constant images of the missing girl disturbing, especially her eyes. The thing is that if I was to walk along the street and look in young girls eyes, I would quickly be assaulted or arrested. Even if you walk through a park where there are children, you are scared to look up or at them. Even at young lads having a kickabout, you would not want to look over in case a mother saw you. "What you staring at ma laddie (young son) fur. You some sort of pervert".

In todays society these could easily lead to the newspaceman being hung, on a lampost by a jeering crowd of normally sane ladies, all mad with "fear rage". I could die, my last moments recorded on a mobile phone, to be shown on my beloved news. Although, I am not guilty, I have some ladybird books, a few of the ceramic KP Friar monks and a small collection of Matchbox and Dinky cars. These would be pounced on as evidence, he must have used them to lure children.

Anyway the whole news is disturbing, that appears to be its intention.

July 7th, 3 out of 4 of people arrested last week, released, no charge.

Another big feature on migrants. This one is about unscrupulous employers paying low wages to black market workers. We were told there is between three and eight hundred thousand of them but they "keep our food cheap" for example. We were reminded of a previous disturbing feature of a chicken farm which was shown about a month ago. Images of the staffs accomodation was provided. They lived as "slaves" we were told in that feature and were about eight beds to a draughty, minging room. Plus, chicken farms are stinking.

This feature disturbed me slightly when it was shown. The chickens lived in cages, then there was the migrants, who were termed "modern slaves". We were watching from our homes. It was a strange thing because we are just the same but we think we are not. What price is that comfy settee and central heating ? Your soul ? What about the chickens conditions, they were not even discussed? Sorry, I digress. anyway images were then shown of piles of cockles and a windswept beach. We were reminded of the tragic death of the cocklepickers by the presenter.

Over to Gordon Brown, who has "fleshed out his vision". He is advocating a sort of school/work apprenticeship for scallies and the proverbial "bad eggs". This is probably a good idea but is there going to be any craftsmen left to train them, or have we skipped a generation? 150,000 children leave primary school and are not numerate. I personally find this bizarre. More mention of the eco-homes and their built in hidden microphones and cameras. Who knows, its all for the good of us anyway, it must be, it was on the telly.

A family have trialled the new internet TV etc. Verdict, rubbish, there is nothing to watch. Nothing new then.

I turned to ITN and the suspect. Usual images, beach, Maddie etc then we were told of the two "key points". ITN like this phrase. 1) She (Madeleine) is still missing 2)The suspect has not been arrested. They told us more snippets, a matress has been removed. We then saw the McCanns and were told they were "perhaps relieved that things were going forward". We were then told that the question now was "Is Madeleine still alive"

Over to the suspect and a friend advised that (the suspect) "could not speak to the media because he was helping the police". However we were still given a full description and life/work history of the suspect. He worked for the police in the UK in Norfolk at one time. We were then told about the local village community and the fact "the suspect is one of their own".

Moral - Trust no one. Fear everyone. Grass your parents.

Then a bit about Al fayed and Princess Diana. He wants his legal team be able to question the Queen in the enquiry. The Queen is not meant to be questioned we were told, she dispenses justice. One wonders. Anyway, it is a highly unusual case. Is it not indeed. For everything a reason. We saw Paul Burrell and were reminded that the Queen is supposed to have said "powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge". We saw some images of Princess Diana getting flowers from lovely little young blonde haired girls.

Bit about bank charges and the legal status. Irrelevant really. All the same. Like the shops, you look at all the bars of different chocolate and you cant decide, there is just so many to choose from. Perhaps though, they are all really just the same and so that is why your brain can't make a decision.

Feature on France and the old President. Mention of Iraq. An evangelist minister has passed away. July 7th release of suspects again, images of taped off streets and armed police were shown. A 16 year old boy killed in Newcastle, stabbed to death. 2nd in two weeks. No mention of the one in Edinburgh though, on Friday night.

Then football and back to the McCanns, behind the scenes. I get the impression the McCanns despise the media, I dont know why.


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