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Saturday 5 May 2007

TV News - Friday 4th May 2007

We will have to start tonight with ITN. Last night I opted out of the BBC news and chose Derren Brown instead. I find Mr Brown both entertaining and extremely educational, especially in the context of mind control. If you compare the hand movements and body language he uses against that of our politicians, you will find many similarities. So, I chose him instead and will do on a Friday until the series ends.

ITN started with the inevitable local election results. We saw Edinburgh again, Alex Salmond, the Nats have gained "control" by one seat. Yet there are reports of contraversy in several areas already, so we will see how this progresses. It is just a load of the usual malarky really as far as I can see, the same people with their same principals. We saw David Cameron in Blackpool, he looks older already, there must be a strange drive within these people.

Then, sadly, a young child is missing, presumed kidnapped from her bedroom in her parents holiday apartment in the Algarve. The story reported that the holiday complex was "like an open village with no security cameras". I dont know the significance of this are there not still some villages in the UK without any CCTV ? I am sure there are many. This statement implies and suggests that if there were cameras the child would not be missing. When they use material such as this as propaganda, it is hard to object against without one being branded inhuman etc. The reality is that Bob Woolmer was found murdered in his room yet the cameras in the hotel did not help.

Then more about the energy saving/climate change/global warming gathering of top scientists to save our planet, I was not really sure what they were telling us, then a murder trial in Glasgow, a Polish girl was found under the floorboards of the church, a handyman was found guilty. In the course of the trial it has transpired that the young lady was sexually involved with the parish priest, plus with another married man. This has been heavily reported in Scotland and had done no favours for the Catholic (or perhaps any) church. I think we all know deep down that there is a graveyard of skeletons in the cupboards of many religions and they are being released, individually on a drip feed basis. The door might even be fixed on the stable now (unlikely) but there are plenty horses with stories to tell.

Then football with the Football League suing Your Tube for copyright over goals etc that YT have on their internet site. The main quote was that "this is all about money". Is it really, or is it just a way of heading towards control of the internet. We are constantly reminded of the dark side of the internet. The bomb making instructions etc. etc. Is this part of a long term strategy. We did have time for a clip of Leeds fans on the pitch though, the reporting of hooliganism is a topic I would like to write more about but time escapes me.

Then, a TV news feature I dream of. The newscaster, looking a bit embarrassed, said coming up - "Why the Hoff is happy to let us see this video" and we flashed to a glimpse of the aformentioned Hoff, stuffing a cheeseburger in his mouth. Cue regional news.

Then back to the ITN studio. Apparently, David Hasselhoff has got an alcohol problem of some kind. He therefore has given his daughter a video camera to record him drunk. He is releasing this video to help others who have drink problems.

The section of film we were treated to was in three parts. In the first, Mr Hasselhoff was simply gibbering rubbish for a bit, in the second he was on a bed, I think just getting up and in the third, he was eating a cheeseburger rather messily. His house was spotless. We were further advised that Mr Hasselhoff's popularity has increased remarkably in the UK.

What is this all about. Does Mr Hasselhoff think he will be more popular if he has defeated a drink problem. Why did he record the video, to help himself or others. He must have recorded it when drunk as he is meant to be drunk in it. He claims he asked his daughters to film it though. Was he trying to help others before he was cured himself.

I have concerns about this video and the whole manner of reporting of drink abuse. It is a sad fact of the world today that a lot of people feel a deep desire to drink, to escape. The price of drink comes down and advertising is everywhere. Our young people just want to get smashed. Then we are told about the health risks and blah blah while on the other hand we are shown TV shows like Ibiza Uncovered where drinking (and the resulting fights, shagging etc) is the whole show. A bottle of Grants Vodka is £7.99 in the shops.

But anyway, what is this all about and why is Hasselhoff getting massive publicity for himself (as a corporate entity).

Regards, back Monday morning

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