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Tuesday 1 May 2007

Rankin, Rebus TM and the Templars - Part 1

For some reason last week, I started thinking about Ian Rankin. It might have been that he was in the local news which I will return to later but I dont really know.

Anyway, I would like to share some strange coincidences and syncronicities which quickly became apparent after a few minutes googling. Mr. Rankin writes crime novels, the majority of which involve a police detective called Rubus. The books are very popular and published by Orion.

Now, the first of the series of books was called Knots and Crosses. It was recently reissued to celebrate 20 years of Rebus and a new logo was issued which includes a trade mark and two XX's which may represent the roman numerals for 20. As well as this, a beer is being launched in honour of the books, Rebus20. It is a variation of Rebus' favoured pint, Deuchars IPA.and is to be launched in London in Auguust.

Firstly, please take a look at this press release for the beer release
You will see that appears to contain masonic references, "encompass", "handcrafted","no small amount of art and craft" "true master of his art".

Then if we move on to the release date for the novel, it was 19/03/07 (29, 2+9=11) also (19+3=22).
Turning to wikipedia we find that the 19th of March is Quinquatria and was a Roman festival day scared to Minerva, godess of craft and wisdom.

Now Deuchers IPA is produced by the Caledonian Brewing Company. Their website states it comes from a Robert Deuchar of Edinburgh in the late 1800's. Have a look at this Mr. Deuchar on wikipedia and then take a link to Scottish Knights Templar. Even though it might seem a bit intangible, it is worth it just to add up the dates, ie 1811 (11).

Just to add a bit spice, Bob Dylan got married that day 19/03/65 (19+3=22, 6+5=11). For more on the remarkable Bob Dylan together with a host of multi-coloured features see .

But back to the remarkable Rebus. A rebus is a puzzle which those of you familiar with the TV show Catchphrase will be accquainted. "Say what you see". It is a mixture of a visual symbol and letters or numbers, thus creating a new word. For example a bumble bee and the letter R = BEER.

Now Rankin has trade marked his Rebus character and name so it now reads Rebus TM. In addition, the 20 is sometimes represented by XX in the top right hand corner, in smaller letters, rather like that of a number being factorised. In addition, there is also a curious new image being portrayed with what looks like a candle flickering and an image which I cant work out. I would link it but I am not sure of the position being new to this malarky.

So, is it a Rebus. Is it telling us something. Does the TM and XX have significance. I have merely skimmed the top of this bubbling pot and have a feeling the soup is yet to come.

To be continued

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