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Friday, 4 May 2007

TV News - Thursday 3rd May

Starting with the BBC as always, the first feature last night featured child abuse within the Church of England. In this instance, the Rev David Smith was found guilty of abusing six choir boys over a thirty year period. Apparently, two of the victims had reported this to the Church, one in 1983 and the other in 2001 however no action had been taken. There was also a link to 9/11, one of the victims had reported Rev Smith after seeing him on the TV. A relative of Rev Smith had been killed in the terrorist attack and Rev Smith had been interviewed. We were treated to an old TV clip of this.

The main points of the feature were to relate this to a similar matter again with the Church of England, both matters can be found here. . We were also advised that "the fear is this will turn out like the Catholic Church" and reference was made to a similar problem in America. This feature showed strong visual images of stained glass windows, the church building, the alter etc. One of the abuse victims was interviewed in a graveyard. The church building appeared to be filmed through tree branches, giving a strange Omen like effect. There were no leaves on the branches though which would suggest that the filming was not done yesterday given that the trees are now in leaf, it being summer.

What do these images tell us in relation to the story. How are we being engineered to think here ?

Second feature, Elections 2007, not much to say really although the reporter was dressed in scarlet with blonde hair. For those interested in the "scarlet woman syndrome" and its "syncronicities" within our world and culture, please see for a series of excellent articles.

A lot of time was spent on the elections, we saw Jeremy Vine who seemed rather excitable, perhaps it was the new technology, specially designed to show all the results as they come in. As always.

Then, soldier dies in Afghanistan ; the UVF giving up their weapons, sorry, stashing them away. Quick clip of the Queen, more later, then on to climate change. A huge team of scientists have assembled themselves together and decided that we can do it. Together we can all solve this problem simply by saving 2% of something or other which will then equate to 0.1% of the worlds GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As long as we can do this by 2022, all is sweet. We then saw planes flying over Thailand and throwing buckets of salt on the clouds to make it rain. Is this magic. Who knows but it was time for a quick reminder of the previous days "tower of light" feature and another quick flash of the image. The presenter also said "what on earth should we do" which I found a rather out of place phrase, not sure why.

Then a bit more terror, Israel and the kidnap of Allan Johnstone.

And back to the Queen and her visit to America, in particular, Virginia. Quite a long feature, she has not been there since 1991. We then reminded that a lot has happened in that time, namely 9/11, The Gulf War and Iraq. Nothing else was mentioned as having happened in 16 years, only the wars / terrorist attacks were deemed worthy of report. The Queen then spoke of the horrors of the Virginia massacre and we were reminded of the death toll etc etc.

Back to the last feature, the funeral of footballer Alan Ball. Maybe I am just over imaginative but did the camera not seem to linger on the choir boys and did the last scenes not include the Cathedral through the branches of a tree, though this one in leaf.

Over to ITN, more of the same, the feature includes flash images of stained glass windows, Jesus on the cross, etc etc.

Then more elections and a bit about 7/7 MI5. Again I fell asleep, sorry, but it is hard concentrating on the news, you dont realise till you try.

Is there a pattern developing ?

cheers, Brian

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