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Monday 28 May 2007

TV News - Sunday 27th May 2007

I watched the BBC evening news at 7.30pm where the leading story was that plans are afoot by the Home Office to give the police "unprecedented powers" within the UK. Basically, the police will be allowed to stop, question and search anyone, anywhere, on any whimsical notion that they want. We were told that critics say that this "will alienate an entire community". This was in reference to worries that the police will use the new legislation to target young muslims and the darker skinned members of our society.

We saw images of uzi weilding old bill, patrolling, and we were told that Tony Blair had used a newspaper, Murdoch's Sunday Times, in order unveil this new terrorist busting legislation on the public. We were told that there is already similar legislation in force which is used widely. A critic advised that this was "the domestic equivalent of Guantanamo Bay. However we were also told that the new legislation would give "more effective use of police resources".

Comment was given that this was "classic spin and tiptoe backwards" policy by the Government. No reason was given as to why the Government employ these "classic" tactics. Is is just to warm us up then? Anyway, we were reminded again that "we live in strange times". Somewhat reluctantly, newspaceman advises his readers that somehow he thinks he has somehow "been" in these "strange times"before, perhaps in a previous life. He has no fear but is apprehensive to say the least and is considering stockpiling sardines and similar foodstuffs, for a rainy day. Or a blue moon, which coincidentally, there is this month I believe.

Moving away from the newspacemans mid life crisis, where he finally accepted that the world was a lot of shite, we had some "good news". Depending on your viewpoint really. Scientists have discovered some sort of potential genetic solution to breast cancer. We saw a lady with the disease who was looking at an photographic image of a young girl, her daughter, on a laptop computer. She told us that her daughter had asked her what the chances were of her, herself, having the cancer, and we were told that the chances were very high.

We were told that "it used to take decades" to sift through a persons DNA and select specific genes and that now it only takes a few hours. A doctor scientist character told us that this was "the holy grail" and would enable doctors to predict who exactly is at risk. Up until then, I thought that discoveries about DNA and genetics were confined to the last decade or so, but it seems otherwise. The use of the term "holy grail" may be more accurate than one would believe but we walk on dangerous territory here. Is this just not another public relations exercise for the benefits of tampering with our genetic make up and glorifying DNA research, perhaps for purposes yet to be fully revealed.

The McCann family again, not really much further forward with their missing daughter but the Pope has invited them for a visit to the Vatican. We were told that this is of the "highest religious significance" to the McCanns and that their strength comes from their faith and religion, mention was given to the "little church in Playa". We saw images of the Pope and were told that this visit will be "a massive boost for the campaign". This will be a private, spiritual moment. As regards progress on the search for Madeleine, we were told that the description issued by the police on Friday had generated "a steady stream of phone calls". Furthermore, the family friend who saw the mysterious man with the bundle, is "racked with guilt about it".

This whole story is beginning to become quite sickening really. I dont think that most people now believe the girl will turn up alive, I am sorry to say that. Yet huge media focus is given on the family, which no doubt also feeds their inner drive and belief that she will be found. Constant attention is made of the McCanns faith and the volume of prayers to God which are being said throughout the world. Now, if she is never found and the media attention dwindles, as it must, do we not somehow unconciously remember all the prayers and faith in God and that these did not in fact work. She was never found therefore God paid no attention to all our prayers. Is that the message we are left with ?

An ambush in Afghanistan, a soldier killed and named, photographic image shown

A feature about the Russians and gay rights, more social unrest

Israel and Gaza, "no one is immune from retaliation" we were told and "belief is being played out through conflict". This will kick right off shortly, wait and see. We are becoming more and more dehumanised through our exposure to death, war and violence. We have seen a man hanged, recorded by mobile phone and piles of bodies in excavated war graves. You dont even flinch when you see the images of corpses piled in a road. How can you when your head has seen thousands before, both on the news and in films etc.

Our minds have become frozen with the coldness of the daily images we digest through the medium of television, particularly the news. Each new images just freezes onto the ice island within our heads. There is hardly room for any warm images of love etc. Even images of little children playing are now identified with paedophiles, abduction, misery. We see puppies, we think of dog fighting and children getting mauled. We see a blackbird, we think of bird flu. We see a fox, we think of rabies. We see woods, we think of weirdos and winos, lurking in the bushes, waiting to pounce on our children. We see coloured young men and think of terrorist outrages and we are told that no one is to be trusted.

Is it no wonder that our world is a state. Yet the media are the ones who are creating the proverbial picture on the box of the jigsaw puzzle. And like a disease, the more you see, the more you believe and the more reality becomes like that very picture. The television is the vector for the alien virus that pervades mankind and that very virus works on your mind, perverting and conditioning it, telling you what is and isnt acceptable until, eventually, it will overtake your very soul and spirit yet allow you to believe that you are in fact in charge of your own life when, in fact, you dont even know what life is.

The sad news is ladies and gentleman, we are close to having a "media chosen" human "God" who will apparently cure the world of its ails and restore peace and harmony. But will he ?

Time for sport and a mention of your old mate Al. (al Quaeda)


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