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Saturday 26 May 2007

TV News Review - Friday May 25th

I only really covered the BBC News at Ten last night, I did watch ITN but really couldnt take much more. Attention has again focused on the Algarve and missing Madeleine as the Portuguese police have now issued a description of a man seen carrying a bundle (which could have been a child), the night that she disappeared. The description is a white man, aged 35 - 40, wearing a beige jacket. It was pointed out to us that this description matches that of the only "suspect" and again he was named and images shown.

We moved on to more images of the girl and we were told that "today is international missing childrens day". There were no appeals about any other missing children though and we concentrated on the McCann family who gave an interview to the BBC. They defended themselves against any criticism of leaving the child alone in the apartments saying that they would not have felt any more guilty had they been in the next room. They have found inner strength and thanked everyone for their ongoing support. Mr McCann appears to believe they will find Madeleine. We finished by showing some some images of Madeleine playing.

A feature on the health service next and the case of a lady who tragically died after contacting the NHS via Camidoc, an out of hours doctors service. Apparently, she saw eight different doctors over a four day period and none of them diagnosed her septicaemia which took her life the day later. This feature didnt really tell us much other than the "out of hours" service provided by the NHS in this instance was unacceptable. Again though, it creates seeds of fear within people about using or relying on this service.

We moved on to the story about the Earl of Shaftesbury which was covered on Tuesday's news.
His wife and her brother were found guilty of his murder. Bjorn Borg was somehow involved with the woman in the past, I did not quite work out how. Anyway, we were told that "this was a man who led a double life".

Down in Essex there has been an armed robbery and a "have a go hero" has been shot. We were told that he was heroic. The getaway car has been torched.

Coming up - China's one child policy

First, the story of a muslim cleric who has been deported back to Jamica. His name is Abdulla something but he used to be called Trevor Forrest. Apparantly, he has served a prison sentence for condoning murder of Jews and Hindus in the name of Islam. Trevor said that he had never called for a jihad in this country, only overseas. This gave the BBC their daily opportunity to provide all his links to various bombers and terrorists and run through their activities as well, just in case we may have forgotten. "He met and influenced the shoebomber" and was involved with al Quaeda's European Leader. He was used as a recruiter for terrorism.

Although he has been deported to Jamica, any interested parties will still be able to hear his lectures on jihad websites we were told. So what was the point in deporting him. Surely with his multitude of terrorist connections we should have let him stay here and monitored him.

Time for the Chinese children. The chinese are only "allowed" one child per couple. We were shown some chinese families with two plus children and it was explained that the chinese are having "multiple births" because they are probably taking fertility treatments. The first family we saw had four children but they all looked different sizes to me. Notwithstanding this, we saw the reporter in the local Chinese chemist where he purchased "the last box on the shelf" of fertility tablets after "handing over 50p". We were told that some chinese were rebelling against the one child law and there had been some rioting. We closed with images of loveable little chinese toddlers, rolling about.

Another pointless feature on the surface. Yet again though this week, we have mention of rioting. We also see a social system which could be described as being more controlling than ours, similar to Thursday nights focus on East Germany.

A feature on Wales and it's future "independence".

Ireland- Bertie Ahern looks like winning in their elections again but it could be another hung parliament, similar perhaps to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We finished with more "rebellion", this time the anniversary of punk music and the Sex Pistols. We heard that they caused outrage at the time. Many images of the Queen and Royal Family were shown. We saw clips of John Lydon and Malcolm McLaren. Images of punks pogo dancing were seen. We were told that "this symbolises how Britain has changed". We also heard a quote referring to "deference to the Old Order" in respect of the Queen and Royal Family.

This feature gave a distorted view of the punk music scene. It appeared to be glorifying the rebellion against the Queen to a certain extent but also, at the same time, classing it as pointless, given that nothing really has changed. As I said yesterday, it appears the media would delight in some social unrest and it must be asked as to why they desire this. It appears to me that they want a bit revolution in order that a new social system can be implemented.



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