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Monday 14 May 2007

TV News - Sunday 13/05/07

I watched the BBC news at about half seven and the first story was Madeleine McCann.

We were shown images of her "beloved Everton" running on to the pitch wearing Maddie T shirts, T shirts showing a picture of the girl with her name and love hearts to the side. We were told more prayers have been said and that the family are still strong. Furthermore we are told that as long as they remain strong, people will continue to come to the shrine which has been created for Madeleine, and hang yellow ribbons and flowers. Cue images of children hanging ribbons on the shrine.

We were then told that they (the girls family) want the search to remain in the headlines. As such, more Maddie T shirts have been distributed through the UK and we saw images of ladies wearing them in a marathon. We have not seen any celebrities or politicians in these T shirts yet alrthough that may come. Also, her family have brought in their own legal team whilst the police enquiry moves on.

To verify this we were told that police have forensically examined 2 cars and 12 people interviewed. New holidaymakers have arrived at the resort and we were shown the Pheonix family from England who have arrived. I am not sure that the surname is spelled in this manner but it was certainly pronounced as such. What an interesting family to choose given the mythology of the creature. Unfortunately they didnt have anything interesting to say or so it appeared.

We moved up to the hills, a rural Portugese village where a local confirmed that they too were worried. Then back to the beach to see the McCanns who wished to walk themselves and had advised the camera crews when they would do so in order footage could be made. They had nothing to say yesterday though and the search goes on. Police are looking for a couple, the man is German I believe

Over to Gordon (Gogsy) Brown. Although he may be " a sober, shabby workaholic", yesterday he showed a "human, happy, humerous side" and was in the studios answering questions and showing "humility". Is there something behind these statements one wonders.

He told us that we (the goverment I assume) plan to build five new eco towns. These will give a much higher quality of life for the residents, with cycle paths, etc. I cant wait to see these new towns, will they perhaps have a huge TV monitor in the village square (de rigour in new housing developments by the way) which could show pop concerts, new year, big sporting events etc etc. Thar would create a big family atmosphere and all the cameras will provide security for the children. Any residents who cant behave properly will have ASBO's issued until they become conditioned. Maybe Guv (thats the new word for the Goverment by the way Guv - Bruv, Big Bruv) will utilise its facilties for important announcements.

The Labour left are going to challenge Gogsy for the leader of the Labour Party although this is not seen as a threat to him.

Next was the story of our young people who have spent months training for a 35 -55 mile walk, over two days, over Dartmoor. Unfortunately, the weather was miserable and so thousands of them were evacuated by helicopter and "brought down in a controlled manner" to "base camp" where worried parents awaited their return. One young chap advised he "had never felt so much rain, it was horizontal". Where did he do his training, indoors ? It seemed that after the tragic death of a youngster last year at the same event, "no chances" were being taken with their lives. Wer were flashed an image of the girl from last year who tragically perished, other images included open windswept moors, rain, mothers waiting.

We moved over to Afghanistan. We were told that a top Taliban commander has been killed. Nato advises this is major. We see a video of the Taliban fighters in the windswept mountains, with rocket launchers, machine guns etc. No mention is made of which of these is the killed commander. We are told that he kidnapped and beheaded people.

Just in case there is any doubt over identity we are shown a blanket covering a body on the concrete floor of a building. A man, who looks like a Taliban fighter but obviously is not, goes over and pulls up the blanket to peer at the face of the corpse. We dont actually get to see the face. He then tells the camera it is definately him (the taliban commander). He does'nt seem in the mood for discussion, he is definate in his identification.

We are told that his death is a major blow to the Taliban and there "is no one who can obviously move into his shoes". This statement could also be true if we had no knowledge of the Taliban's internal structure ie it would not be obvious to us.

Time for Wills and Harry, swaping their military uniforms for bowler hats and attending some sort of military event. We were reminded that Harry heads for Iraq soon. Funnily enough we have not heard much about Iran recently.

Football now, "a desperate afternoon filled with tension and tears". Heard that phrase recently ? We were told that the conspiracy theorists were wrong in their predictions and that Wigan were in Wonderland. Do all conspiracy theorists believe all the different conspiracy theories and all live in Wonderland ? That is what is implied here. If the media call something a conspiracy theory it is probably too close to the truth for them. Anway, images of jubilant and grieving supporters including children were shown.

Bit Formula 1, we are doing well, paraolympics were mentioned and an Englishman won the golf in Spain. Images of sunny open gold course in Spain.

Time to tell us that for the latest from Portugal and Madeliene see the BBC2 news later.

Our regional news was also mainly about Madeleine and her what her Scottish family were doing to help.

I then watched the ITN news at 10.

Again, mostly about Madeline. Main questions from Portugal are 1) Where is Madeleine 2) How are her family coping. Four different images of M were flashed up in succession, the last being the football strip one, which the camera lingered on.

After all that we moved to Iraq and US forces being ambushed. Three are missing, feared kidnapped. We were reminded of another soldier who is still missing in action, after a year, despite prayers. (Please see re the prayer aspect of this.

Sane features on Taliban and Gogsy then over to sport.

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