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Saturday 12 May 2007

TV News - Friday 11th May 2007

I skipped the BBC news last night in favour of Derren Brown, so I have only covered the ITN news.

First feature is the missing girl, Madeleine McCann. ITN seem to consider that the main suspect is a blonde woman. Police are scaling back their search and investigation however ITN's reporter has managed to locate a Portugese lady who saw a blonde woman "acting suspiciously" on the date Madeleine was abducted. Tomorrow is the missing girls birthday, ITN summed it up as " a very emotional day indeed"

We heard a statement from Mr McCann

We moved back to the mysterious blonde lady and were told she is about 1.7m tall, about 50, bit fat, hair in a middle parting. Is this evidence of a kidnap ring we were asked. We were told of more rumors of CCTV footage from a filling station. We were told that with all these new leads, Mr McCann seemed hopeful and that "Gerry and Kate" (McCann) are staying strong.

The question of the mysterious blonde woman allowed ITN to lead on to explaining to us how kidnap groups utilise woman to befriend the potential victims. It then advised that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year as sex slaves etc.

We were reminded of Myra Hindley and Rose West.

The blonde woman was discussed again, then it was time to focus on a church, this time a prayer service in St Andrews being held for Madeleine. As all week, images of grief were shown, tonight a young girl in hysterics being comforted by an adult inside the church.

A football connection, David Beckham was shown, pleading for her safe return - Please help us, he said and held up her photograph to remind us of what she looks like.

We moved off to Gordon Brown and his qualifications for PM. We were shown him reading a speech where the autocue was still visible and one of his aides shut a door in his face.
Gordon does not think politics is about celebrity we were told. Tony Blair appeared, giving Gordon his full endorsement. We were told Gordon has a big brain and is a workaholic but does he have popular appeal ? Well that depends on how the media portray him really does it not?

Up to Stevenage to see four prospective voters giving their views on Brown, not much to say really.

Time for Terror though - A report about the Brazilian man shot by the police on the tube. Images of the tube station, armed police etc.

27 students given a posthumous degree in Virginia after the shooting by a crazed fellow student.

Football - Bobby Moore statue unveiled.

Football - Liverpool and their ticket allocation, quite a long feature, images of winning cup etc.

Then, the last feature was based on the Hammer House of Horror film company. They have been taken over and we were reminded of their cult horror films. One in particular was highlighted, which regarded the stealing of a soul and incarnation. Images were shown of a girl, lying in a bed with adults round her in connection with this. Other images constantly flashed, including that of a blonde woman, dressed in scarlet, middle aged, slightly overweight. Other images of fear, screaming etc were shown.

That was the end but there was just time to remind us that tomorrows newspaper headlines were all about Madeleine. Her parents face agony and the fear is her mother will have a breakdown.

Is it really?

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