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Wednesday 2 May 2007

TV News - Tuesday 1st May

Only at day two and already I have let myself down. Last night I dozed off during the last 10 minutes of the ITV News. My apologies for this but my hot chocolate was consumed 10 minutes earlier than usual and this must have affected my internal clock.

However, let us start with the BBC and to just clear any allegations of bias which may be forthcoming, the BBC News is earlier. The main headlines was MI5 and their conduct when investigating the weedkiller bombers. We were shown relatives of the 7/7 bombers demonstrating and asking for an enquiry. A thing about himan nature is that we like to blame somebody for the "bad things" that happen in life. Inside it makes us feel better if we can point a finger and say it was such and such's fault. With drug abuse, this is a almost a prerequisite. Yet are we pointing the finger at the right people, is it not that really the majority of problems are caused by the structure of society and manipulation of human emotion. People are angrier now because they are scared. But the real truth is too terrible for a lot of people to actually consciously accept within themselves. They are living in denial because the crowd live in denial, outwardly at least and it is easier just to go with the flow. But to where, one must ask.

We then move on to Lord Browne. the main thrust seems to be that he lied to a court as to where he met his gay lover. Mr Browne said a park, the gay lover said an escort magazine. Now Mr Browne has his dark side, dont we all, but is this really worthy news for the second feature. I felt a bit sorry for Mr Browne when he was being photographed, whatever he has done, he is still a human being. After all the young lover tried to blackmail him. Is getting cash for questions a similar crime and therefore worthy of a similar penalty ? Is that where we are going ? Would it be easy enough to engineer this, if for example you had a personal grudge against Mr Browne and knew what escort magazine he subscribed to.? Would someone want someone different in charge of BP Oil ?

Then Tony and him advising a Scotsman might well be in charge of the UK next week. Is this the classic double cover and is he watching Scotland. Will the whole Union be revised including Ian Paisley. Is that why the Ireland thing was agreed but deferred. Could this somehow involve the monarchy and a new King of Scotland in the forseeable future ?

Girl of twelve shot in Manchester, bit about Tony and some rioting from Turkey. I am dubious about the rioting shown and sometimes think that the TV can make a meal from a morsel. We then had a feature on genetics, as usual it was shown in a positive aspect, I have a lot to say on this but time is too short today. Then a reminder of Ipswich and the murders.

We then saw a feature about China and global warming. The Chinese lady portrayed was making rubber ball things which you put in the tumble dryer to save energy. They help dry the clothes somehow. They were made in a diesel oven which looked dubious, the lady's job was to carve little spikes out the rubber. It was then stated that the lady was most happy, she was earning more than most, she had bought a scooter and a mobile phone. She wanted to buy her parents a house next. So what were they saying here. Forget the global warming bit just now. Are they saying that that is happiness, a mobile phone and a scooter. Do we see this and somehow feel better about ourselves if we too aspire to these material goods. Are they they be all and end all .

Will be back tomorrow, cheers. sorry about any mistakes today, am running well late.

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