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Thursday 10 May 2007

TV News - Wednesday 9th May

I only watched the BBC News at 10 last night and we started with politics and the imminent resignation of Tony Blair. We moved over to the Commons to watch David Cameron and Tony trading schoolboy insults at Question Time. They act in the manner of posh juvenile schoolboys at a debate because they have never actually grown up. Nor do they ever accept responsibility.

We were invited to have a look at the economy that Gordon Brown is leaving when (if?) he takes up the post of Prime Minister. A prime number is one that cant be divided by another. Perhaps we should change the name of our leaders title ? We looked at the housing market and stock exchange as another bank interest rate rise is imminent. Roll out a young lady who has an interest only mortgage. Her payment will have gone up from £742 to £857 per month over the last six months.

She is struggling with this and advised us that as money was going to be tight, she would "no be eating out" and "thinking where the money goes". I will try to write a full article on this but this young lady is a fool. An interest only mortgage means the debt will never be paid off. All you pay is interest. The banks obviously love this. They get maximum return. The customers monthly payments are cheaper so people borrow more money which in turn pushes up house prices. We all need somewhere to live though and this last eight year boom is destined to crash for the simple reason that houses are now too expensive in relation to earnings. I worked in mortgages in 1984 - 1991, please believe that the financial services industry do not have your best interests at heart. The really worrying part is that some of the staff genuinely believe they do. This is because they have no real knowledge, only what they have been told by their bosses and they dont want to know any more. These people are the dangerous ones in our world. Content in self imposed ignorance.

We were also reminded the stock market could crash. I mentioned this yesterday as well. Is this a seed being set somewhere. When the market does crash the BBC may refer to this report, thus bolstering their reputation in our fragile minds. What would happen if both markets crash ? If everyones house is suddenly worth only half of todays value, then it just means people are more in debt for longer. If everyone is in the same boat, they will accept it. You will simply be allowed to carry your negative equity (addional debt) over to the new house. As long as the gadgets and cars keep flowing all is sweet. A man is measured on his perceived material assets, clothes, car etc and this is nonsense.

Then the search for Maddie, the latest on the investigation from Portugal. Images of cars being stopped and searched. A helicopter view showing vast countryside. The national guard is out. We were shown police on horseback . Then over to the family who read another statement. We were told that there was widespread debate over the behaviour of the parents in leaving the children alone and that the Portuguese media were blaming them. A similar technique was used as yesterday to demonstrate this, the camera zooming in on a Portuguese newspaper and a picture of the girl. Anybody read Portuguese? Change image to the grandparents defending their children. Is there really any need to apportion blame and have a witch hunt. It is offensive. Does this stir up racial tensions.

Two men found guilty of passing state secrets, a conversation between Blair and Bush.

Gaza now and Alan Johnston, a ransom demand video has been received. The camera did its trick of zooming in on another television as the play button was pressed on the video recorder. We had an image of his identification card and strange music and chanting. We were then told that a demand had been made for release of a British Islamic cleric in return for Mr Johnston. We were treated to an image of this cleric, dresses in white robes, beard etc. Obviously we find this image disturbing because - he is different from us. Deep down within ourselves, we already distrust him because he is a stranger. The media are reinforcing that natural inbuilt protection instinct. We as a collective humanity should be striving to rise above it.

Quick flash to a feature -Hindus and their sacred cow, but first,

Zimbabwe. A report on illegal immigrants flooding into South Africa from Zimbabwe. They basically cross through the jungle. We were told that there was a lot of mothers with children and we saw some interviewed, using body language to convey the fact they were hungry to the camera. There is people who pick them up, they work as trackers in a hunting lodge. We were reminded by a tracker that they have young babies. "This is a land where leopards roam wild" was an actual quote. We then saw the border fence, heavily fortified at one point but easy to cross at others. We then saw this easy part and were told that it was a dried up river bed. We were then told that the refugees crossed crocodile infested waters where on the other side, local thugs wait to rape them. A busload of captured illegal refugees were shown, being sent back. They were all men.

What is happening here then. Why is it all men shown being sent back. Is there subtle imagery being used in the words "flooding in" and the images and words of a "dried up river bed". Does this somehow reinforce the vast quantity, we imagine humans filling the river bed. Any why all the references to babies, who's emotions are they targetting here ? And the animals, the leopards and crocs. And the vast countryside of the Maddie report.

Back in the UK and terror raids. One being the wife of one of the London bombers who killed 52 people. We were shown a police van at her house. We were again told her husband was part of the team on 7th July when 52 died. Another family member was shown, outraged at the arrest. Reference was made to the 7/7 bombers. Flash over to Birmingham and another arrest. It also is in connection with the July 7th bombers, which was the worst terrorist outrage since Lockerbie.
So, they used 4 different descriptions for the same incident. London bombers, 7th July, 7/7, July 7th. Also we have in common parlance, the weedkiller bombers, the flour bombers, the bus bombers, the underground bombers, 9/11, 11th September etc etc. Does it not make you think there are more terrorists and attacks? Why mention Lockerbie. Does outrage = rage out. Make you mad.

Then the bush fires in Hollywood, images of fire, burning.

Back to the UK and the Hindu's. Their sacred cow has got TB and as such should be destroyed. The Hindus are not happy and are going to form a human chain. Images were shown of the cow in it's church and alter, almost ridiculing the whole matter. Perhaps ridiculing religion. The Hindu was British.

But if we look at the whole link thing here, they started with a brief story and image of the cow which came directly after Alan Johnston. We were told more later. In between they show illegal immigrants in Africa, floodings, wild animals. Then bombings, specifically by "home grown" terrorists. Then back to the British Hindu's and their animal. All these images all flashing at us like a strobe.

Final word from the BBC - "Best BBC News POD release" of the week - Madeleine McCann.


If you are interested the animal connection, please see above.

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