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Monday 7 May 2007

TV News - Sunday 6th May

Last night being Sunday, the news was shorter and on both channels at the same time so I only watched the BBC coverage at 10pm.

We started with France and the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy, the "right wing candidate" in the French elections. We were treated to scenes of crowds of jubilant supporters, singing, drinking and dancing in a well behaved manner. The footage switched to the losing "socialists" we were told they were gutted and the camera chose to focus on a huge skinhead in their crowd who was showing his grief through extreme body language.

Quick switch to the reporter in France who was asked how this would effect relations with ourselves (The UK). The reporter explained that Mr Sarkozy would take the French nation forwards, he admired the USA and UK and would try to make France more like us. He also stated that just after his winning speech, Mr Sarkozy " was looking for Tony Blair's phone number". Was he indeed, did he ask the reporter for it ?

Then the story about the young girl missing in the Algarve. Tragic. We were shown the McCanns going to chapel and that prayers were said not only for their daughter but also for the peple looking for her. We then saw the McCanns in their grieff before heading to the countryside where we were advised by the reporter that " we are about 4 or 5 miles out and have seen no signs of a concentrated search". Does this imply something about the prayers/church.

Then a policeman was shot in Shrewsbury and another man killed. It was a domestic incident, a man in his 30's shot the policeman then himself. We were told that the man and his partner were out drinking in several bars before arguing and being thrown out of one. The reporter on the scene had managed to find an eye witness, a young girl maybe 18. In her interview she described what she had seen, as requested ,obviously upset. She was only asked one other question. " What kind of gun was it, a big one, a small one? " Incredible

Then John Reid has resigned. Mr Reid seems dangerous to me, sometimes I think he is deranged, perhaps by fear. The worrying thing is that his fear appears genuine and this comes across. Why is he so scared and more importantly who has scared him. The presenter of this feature stood outside 10 Downing Street, but to the left, giving a backdrop of standing between two pillars. We were told that when Mr Reid had the defence job "this suited his leadership style". What leader ?

Then we had NicK Robinson advising that "when" Gordon Brown becomes PM, it will be all change round the cabinet table. Why though. If a company gets a new MD, does he/she then sack the majority of the board. No, but our government regularly does.

Then, football, Man Utd fans celebrating like the French. Newcastle, Coca Cola, Snooker.

So thats America, France, UK and the Hass is working on Germany.

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