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Tuesday 1 May 2007

Monday 30th April 2007 - TV News Review.

What can I say about last nights news. Let me start if I may with the BBC news report from their studios. Curiously, the backdrop consists of a night view of London, if you look to the left shoulder of the newsreader, you may see what looks to me like a giant MacDonalds arch, partially obscured. Can anyone enlighten this ignorant Scotsman as to what it actually is. I know that young children can understand the MDS symbol long before they can read though, would they jump to the same conclusion as myself. Will the news somehow taste better?

The main story was about Terrorism. I dont want to go into the nitty gritty here but some native citizens of the UK were convicted of planning terrorist attacks in the UK mainland and had amassed a stash (600kg) of fertilizer and planned to build a bomb and blow up a yet to be decided target. The main thrust of the BBC news appeared to be to tell us the bombers plan, provide a bit background to them, provide details of their links to the 7/7 bombers and give some details about the MI5 operation.

This was done by showing images of bombs going off, the prerequistite bombed double decker bus, muslim clerics preaching etc etc. Standard format really. What really emerged though was that the home grown, clean skinned terrorists had firstly been to training camp in the mountains of Kashmir in Pakistan, secondly it could be the boy next door to you and lastly, there wasnt much of a story really. Is a double decker bus somehow symbolic.

We only had time for a wee bit other news after all of this. Prince Harry is definately going to Iraq and we saw the standard soldier Harry video clips, Harry in a bomb shelter giving the thumbs up, Harry going under a piece of orange tape and Harry aiming an assault rifle. Harry and William etc concern me deeply.

Next feature, Alan Johnstone, his picture has been beamed on to the BBC building in London. This could bubble for a while.

Then we had Scotland independence and the visitation of Brown, Cameron etc etc to different bits of Scotland along with Alex Salmond. I will no doubt write more about this but to quote from Nostradamus - "Poison under the heads of salmon". What also makes me curious is the tie up in dates for the Scottish election and its relationship to Ireland and in particular the Ulster Unionists but I will no doubt write more on this.

Ben, from would be happy with the next feature which related to Kate Moss and the unveiling of her new collection at Topshop. Kate has apparently been very hands on with the entire operation right from the beginning. Kates hair was peroxide blonde for lasts nights opening (does she have 7/7 links ?) and she was dressed in scarlet. I would put here more as a scarlet elf though. Anyway, when Kate tried to open the curtains on the store window, they appeared to stick and there was some delay. Just time for a quick snorkel Pete ? We were also reminded that "In 2005, Kate was photographed in close proximity to a Class A drug".

Cue more celebrities. We were reminded that Madonna has signed a deal with H&M and Lily Allan with New Look and images were flashed of both of these ladies.

We only had time for the regional news and it was time to reinforce some more fear of terrorists. More of the same images although one in particular showed some characters at "training camp". They were dressed in combat gear with assault rifles and walking rather aimlessly around a woodland setting. It didnt look much like a training camp or the Pakistan mountains.

The moral - You cant trust anyone, anyone is a potential terrorist.

Moving over to ITV where the full programme was devoted to the terrorist threat. For some reason, this show was presented from outside a tube station in London. This has happened previously. Does this somehow reinforce our unconscious fears, the fact that the programme is from the street and not inside a building. Is is saying something to us. These are the sort of issues that interest me.

ITV was really more of the same although I did note that in their clip of a terrorist training camp, the trainee carried sticks. We were also advised that "MI5 followed the vehicle. It came off the motorway and then went back the other way for fifteen minutes where it came off again and went slowly round a roundabout". We were advised that this was "classic al-Queda tactics" from a terrorist manual to ascertain if one was being followed. Classic behaviour if you are a wee bit unsure of where you are going and miss your turn off as well surely.

Nearly forgot, they managed to get the Harry videos in as well and tell us that full instructions for bomb making are available on the internet.

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