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Friday, 18 May 2007

TV News Review -Thursday 17th May

I only watched the BBC News at 10 last night and we started with Gordon Brown and his forthcoming stint as PM. We are now on a "countdown to Brown". Countdowns are popular at the BBC.

We saw Nick Robinson and his feature started with images of the "Trooping of the Guard", with the soldiers in busby's etc. This somehow equated to a change of PM. We flashed over to GB'S acceptance speech and saw Nick asking Gordon "Why no election?" during a press conference.
Flash over to Tony Blair who is at the Whitehouse, in the rose garden, with Bush. We were told that Tony, not Gordon, is going to the G8 in Germany.

We went back to Nick who advised us "King is not dead, long live the man who's going to be King". I am not sure what this was about, it does not make too much sense as Gordon Brown is not the King. However Prince William will be King, perhaps soon, and one wonders if he may take a more political role, especially if he follows in his fathers "green" principles.

Anyway, over to the Whitehouse where Tony and George are "celebrating their special relationship". Bush told us that there were "a lot of hot air artists" in politics and Tony was not one of them. I can only assume here that the "hot air artists" George refers to, are other country leaders. If we take it in the context of Iraq then it could be said that George is implying that other countries "agreed" to support the "war" initially, then decided against it. 9/11 was mentioned by the reporter and we saw George being asked who he blamed for Tony leaving and went back to Nick, this time at No. 10.

We moved on to the animal/human hybrids. Basically, "we" have decided that it is okay for scientists to merge the cells of humans and animals. This is all in the name of medicine and for the long term good. The problem appears to be a lack of human eggs and therefore we are being "forced" down this route.

This whole genetic thing I find deeply disturbing. The excuse is always used that it is for medicine/health benefits. But why ? We cant afford the medicines that are being produced just now. We cant afford to feed all the human beings on this planet. Yet we are manipulating nature in order to help us combat diseases and therefore live longer. Yet the one thing we all know for sure is that one day we will die. So why dont we try fixing the mess we are in first before embarking on new unethical and dangerous practices. Notwithstanding the fact that this "technology" and knowledge of genetics could be used in other mutations in the name of medicine.

Gaza has kicked off, Israel is bombing Palestine but it seems okay as they are using "high tech" weapons. We saw an image of a tv monitor showing a car driving along a street. The car was then blown up. It was clinical and we were told that the car contained some undesirable terrorist. We then saw images of an Israeli school which had been blown up by a "low tech" Palestinian mortar bomb. Obvious classroom carnage. A man held up a piece of shrapnel for the camera. To me, this was a slightly biased report.

Then Alan Johnston, vigils have been held round the world.

Coming up - 2,500 post offices to close and a feature on baldness.

First though, Madeleine. We were told the family were overwhelmed by the public support. We went to the Algarve for the nightly report, a police press conference was held. Not much is being said about the "suspect". Usual images were flashed up.

Then a story about the Home Office delaying inputting DNA records of a few criminals into the national DNA database due to an oversight. This isnt really even newsworthy, it could be said that maybe the goverment release these sort of "confessions" to make themselves appear more honest. Or it could be that they just like to reinforce the importance of the National DNA database in respect to criminality and therefore the benefits of it. By making this into a a big deal they are making it seem more important and slowly selling the concept to us. Just in time for the new saviour, the ID card.

Post offices are to be closed. 2,500 of them. We were told the reasons why, less people using, more people use direct debit etc., pensions and dole paid direct to Bank. So really it is just getting closer to the "cashless society". Once the PO's are closed there will be no option for some. However people liked cash and there was a reason for that. People say "My grandad kept his money in a tin in the garden, he did not trust banks". Maybe they just thought about things on a deeper level in the olden days and maybe the trusting banks was just an excuse.

We had the feature on baldness, and I dozed off.

Is it just me or is every feature herding us in a certain direction

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