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Sunday 20 May 2007

TV News Review - Saturday 19th May 2007

On the BBC News at 10 we started with Tony Blair in Iraq and his final visit to the country.
We were advised that Iraq will "define his legacy" and we saw him addressing a group of soldiers who we were assured gave a warm welcome. The images of the soldiers told the truthful story though, they didnt look too happy.

We then saw images of Tony sitting with soldiers in the mess and were told that shortly after the visit, the soldiers base came under mortar attack. As did Tony's car whilst he gave a press conference in which he confirmed that things were getting better and that the ongoing problems in Iraq were in fact caused by a minority of people. Tony then shrugged off the mortar attack saying that "these happen every day". We were told that it was just a coincidence that the mortar attacks happened during Tony's visit and that the streets were so unsafe that Tony later used a helicopter for transportation.

We were then treated to an interview by some pompous, war loving individual who advised us that the problems in Iraq were not due to the war invasion but rather the American insistance that the country and goverment be totally restructured. This "new system or order" had not been thought through properly and therefore had not worked.

Over to the Algarve, where the McCann family are desperately trying to keep up the momentum of the search for their missing daughter. We seem no further foward so appeals were being made at football matches etc. As usual, images of Maddie were flashed up onto the screen to remind us what she looks like.

In Gaza, Hamas have agreed a cease fire so it seemed calm for the moment.

Then we had a short feature on planning permission for home improvements. The Government (Guvv) are relaxing the rules on this to make it easier for us to improve our homes. Apparently, we are "having to expand our homes as we cant afford new ones". I dont quite follow that logic but never mind.

Then sport, the cup final from the new Wembley stadium. Fans were "awe struck". We saw images of the new stadium, well behaved supporters etc and were told that the players had to climb 107 steps to collect their medals from the Royal Box. Now this may sound like my over active imagination but does that not mean that the Royals are 108 steps up, given the players are a step below when they collect their medallions. 108 is a significant number. It is 9 x 12 however I recommend you have a look at theses 2 sites for example. and

We went over to the cricket for the report.

Time for celebrity and the Cannes festival. Michael Moore and DiCaprio have both made documentaries, on health and climate change respectively. We saw images of these and other celebrities and were told that "a message with a celebrity attached always goes down well". We were reminded of Al Gore and his film.

ITN was more of the same again although it did have a feature on some sunken treasure which has been found on an old boat. The skipper said "theres something about gold that does things to people" Also, we saw Prince William opening the new Wembley stadium before taking his seat up in row 108. And all on19/05/07 which, quite coincidentally, adds to 22. Now where have I seen that number before

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