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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Hermits Position Required

In the olden days, the mid 1800's, to be vaguely precise, it was the vogue for the aristocracy and nobility, in order to keep up with trends, to employ the services of a hermit within the grounds of their estates.

The hermit would simply live in the grounds in a ramshackle shanty-hut, and roam about, no doubt hunting bees for their honey and other similar natural delicacies. He would be paid a fee for this duty and one imagines that on occasion his services would be requested, perhaps via the gamekeeper, in order that he could be spotted, ambling across the drive, by a distinguished visitor.

Today, matters would be simpler, given mobile phones. If for example, you had guests arriving at seven for half seven dinner, newspaceman would arrange to be in the vicinity of the entrance gates, dressed in sackcloth and looking unkempt, darting, furtively, through your bushes. Your guests, alarmed, would sure telephone up, advising of paparazzi. Imagine your inward delight when you are the first, in this era, to announce, "Darling, dont be so silly, thats the Hermit".

All applications will be treated in confidence


Unknown said...

Now thats just damn funny.

hoi polloi said...

Too funny :D lol!

Newspaceman said...

Thank you both, most kind and much appreciated.

No offers as yet though.