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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 9th July

It was mostly terror again on the BBC News at 10 last night given that some of the bombers in the 21/7 incident were yesterday found guilty.

So, we ran through the whole saga; again; images of the streets of London after the attack, images of maps, interviews with eye witnesses etc. An old man in his 70's was shown, trained in unarmed combat, he told how he thought "I could take this man", in reference to a fleeing terrorist. Another man told of a bomber saying "this is bread", in reference to his potentially explosive, smouldering backpack. We were told of a "bomb mixture left bubbling".

The attackers were African Muslims who "came here for a better way of life" then "attacked the country that gave them refuge". We were asked to consider "what could have happened if" (the bombs went off). We saw images of the Brazilian gentleman who was shot in error, shortly after this incident.

We turned to the bombers. One, I think Muktar Ibrahim, had been normal until he had been sent to prison where he quickly became "radicalised" and "lost his humanity. So said a former friend. However we also heard that even after this metamorphosis, "he still loved Oasis and Wonderwall". You just cant tell can you.

On release from Her Majesty's Pleasure, Muktar was observed camping in the Lake District by our secret services. Images of this camping excursion were shown, with four or five Muslims doing a physical exercise workout, beside their tents, somewhere in the hills. Furthermore, he had been stopped and searched when travelling to Pakistan. Thousands of pounds and a first aid manual for gunshot wounds were found in his belongings however he was allowed to continue his journey.

This feature went on and on; how the bombs were made etc., etc. until it was time for Iraq

Here, we again travelled by helicopter with American forces over a no-go area while we were told how the Americans are making Iraq a better place. We were told how there has been "genuine achievements by US forces" and how they have had "plenty of local help". However the problem seems to be that once "they control one part, trouble simply breaks out elsewhere".

We saw an American serviceman interviewed who compared the Iraq situation to the situation that "you guys" had in Northern Ireland. This is beyond belief, the two situations cannot be compared side by side and in fact it distorts realities. We then went over to Washington to discuss the American political viewpoint of Iraq, it appears they want their troops home.

A British soldier, killed in Iraq, named, his photographic image shown

Next up, three people kidnapped, tortured and killed a man who suffered from epilepsy. They kept him prisoner in a garden shed, before torturing him over a period of several months. During the ordeal, they fed him only scraps of food and made a Middle East hostage type video where they forced him to say he was being well treated. One of his abductors kept a diary of the events. We saw elderly residents of the neighbouring houses. They told of their shock, they had heard nothing and never knew what was happening - "only yards away". And your neighbours shed ?

The adorable little girl kidnapped in Nigeria has been released, unharmed.

Then up to Glasgow, Easterhouse in particular, with Ian Duncan Smith of the Conservative Party and Nick Robinson, the BBC chief political editor. We were told of a broken society and we travelled the slums of Easterhouse until eventually we found an occupied property. Here, a large family appeared to be gathered, both inside and outside , many seemed to be drinking and in good cheer. Nick and Ian had a chat outside the house whilst young chaps hung out the windows, shouting and jeering. Tellingly, the White Lightning cider bottles appeared almost full, as if freshly purchased and the house the lads were shouting from was unfurnished. Nick had removed his tie for this excursion and his chest hair was visible. He appeared rather on edge throughout.

Ian though was taking it in his stride; as you would imagine, because "he is on a crusade to mend broken lives". We were told of "an echo of beverage welfare state" and saw interviews with two ladies, both of whom had lost their sons to drugs. One woman said that she was glad her son was now, finally, free of pain. Many images of slum housing and social depravation were shown throughout this feature. However, I believe that Easterhouse is being regenerated and is almost unoccupied.

Seattle next and the launch of the new 787 aeroplane. When unveiled, crowds "flooded forward to touch its skin". We were told of its greeness in todays climate changing environment. Floods of green; one can only dream.

I didnt take any notes on ITN, sorry, but it was all terror again. However one small thing caught my eye and is well worth mentioning. We saw a graphic computer game style reconstruction of the security services raid on a flat in London, where two of the 21/7 bombers were apprehended. An architects type blueprint plan of the flat was shown, ie the layout from above. The bathroom floor was depicted as a black and white chess board. When the two suspects came out; in the graphic reconstruction; one was placed at each side of the doorway. For those who have no idea what I am blethering about, please see here and it will make perfect sense. It was most uncanny.



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