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Saturday, 21 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Friday 20th July

Our armed forces were the first topic on the BBC News at 10; it appears that they are over stretched and we have no contingency capability. We saw images from Iraq and Iran and heard that three more UK troops were killed in action yesterday.

Tony Blair however, is "very pleased" at the moment. This is nothing to do with the war; obviously, but rather that he and his chums will escape any prosecution over the cash for honours fiasco. Nick Robinson was on hand to enlighten us further, it appears that these scurrilous allegations "haunted Tony" in his end days.

We heard of the enquiry and we saw Lord Levy who complained of constant leaks to the media. It was implied that the police were the source. Nick then interviewed another suspect, Sir Christopher Evans over a statement regarding a "wish for a K or a big P." (a knighthood or a peerage) Sir Evans was extremely candid and more or less stated exactly how it all worked, although he couldnt quite remember the actual circumstances of the KP statement. He could however remember that there was someone he would like to throw a punch at. I got the feeling it was maybe Nick who would be the target, after all, it was the BBC who started all this.

The K.P. Crisps Monks - Promotional 1983 advertising produced by Wade. Enough to drive you nuts.

Terror-ential rain next. We saw all the usual flood images. Helicopter views of flooded fields, livestock, homes, cars and the ubiquitous school children, singing in a boat. Again, it seemed to be the new build houses which have suffered worse.

The cargo ship Napoli next as featured on Wednesdays news. It is now in half and should be removed over the weekend.

Politics again followed. We were told of the results in the English by elections. Focus was on Ealing where David Cameron has made five visits, in order to bolster support. This didnt work though and Labour held on to their seat. We went to Sedgefield where again Labour had held onto their seat. Menzies Campbell seemed quite happy about the increased vote to the Liberal Democrats in both seats and we saw him hugging an Asian gentleman. The BBC made no comment as to the increased support of the BNP, the far right party, who received nearly 9% of the votes in Sedgefield, that would be too blatent.

A father who murdered his own daughter in a honour-killing was jailed for life. Mahmod Mahmod, an Iraqi Kurd, was given 20 years. Honour killings and this particular case were both highlighted in some detail about a month ago when we witnessed some horrific home videos from Mr Mahmod's native land on the BBC news

We went back there for the next feature - although it did not involve Mr M. Rather the topic was ongoing tension in the Bad-lands ( phonetic) near to Kabur on the Iraq-Turkey border. Apparently this is the boundary of the proposed new European Union. We heard of Kurds and a possible Third World War between Turkey and Iraq.

Harry Potter - only an hour and a half to go. We saw queues of patient Potter fans in London.



aferrismoon said...

cheers for the news, read it last night, thought of u doing the graft, sorting through for the reiteration of stock phrases. The repetition of crtain news phrases, as in this one, 'haunted' that pop up in defence of light killing. I watched the film with and about Robert McNamara last night. He says he acted 'like' a war criminal and was often brought to tears.
Its this wierd proportionality the news has - Tony is haunted by the idea of an objective investigation, the bombed and shot are merely enumerated.
Numbers - 359 > 3-2-1 , a way of looking neglected
147 = 3x49 , 94=2x47
if u have the inclination check WrongWayWizard's article CASINO .
147 provided Snooker and 47 provides Roulette [ lots of red and green beize etc.

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Newspaceman said...

Hiya, pea and ham - from a chicken! Knor chance.

Taking stock, have read WWW article but cant quite get my head round it all.

Will try, have got a couple of fox snaps for you, send a message.