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Friday, 6 July 2007

Question Time, Davina McCall and Big Brother 1

For those unaware, Question time is a political debating show, comprising five public figures, generally politicians, journalists, commentators and suchlike who answer questions directed towards them from a supposed mixed audience

Yesterdays programme was a special "schools question time" where apparently eight students had worked alongside the production team in order that the topics reviewed would be of particular interest to young people. Our five panel members comprised,

Ed (call me Ed) Milliand, a labour MP and member of Gordon Browns cabinet

Sayeedi Warsi - British born Muslim conservative MP and member of Cameron's shadow cabinet

Davina McCall - Television presenter, in particular the hostess of Big Brother

Douglas Murray - Neo conservative journalist and writer

Charlie Bell - won a competition to be on the show, although unlike the other famous competition winner called Charlie who found a gold wrapper in his chocolate bar and subsequently inherited a chocolate factory; this one had submitted a one minute video clip and, subsequently had been selected to appear.

The audience seemed to be entirely comprised of politics students with perhaps a slight neo facist - Israeli Jewish bias although this was not revealed initially. Our topics seemed to mainly comprise the Iraq "war", climate change and the Israel/ Hamas situation; obviously these are our youths pressing issues.

There is a point at which telvision becomes social indoctranation. Last night we reached it.

Ed, unlike his famous four legged equine namesake, had little to say on Iraq. Sayeedi talked politically correct sense on this issue. Davina appeared to talk sense but I shall discuss that later. Douglas is a reptilian entity with extreme nazi tendencies and extreme jihad/islamic paranoia. Charlie has his heart in the right place but somehow reminded one of Hugh Grant - an actor who struck it lucky- not with Barrymore; but playing himself - as a bumbling, handsome, half-fool. The audience seemed human at this, very early stage of proceedings, and Douglas appeared to be digging his own grave. A cruel paradox given his first name.

We had warmed up to climate change and Ed again avoided any issues. Supernannyish Sayeedi talked more politically correct sense. Davina...; Douglas said so little that he has obviously squared this in his own mind and is keeping it secret, and then Charlie bumbled through; showing a bit humanity. The audience seemed in agreement with the majority of the panel - Humans are to blame for this crisis.

Israel was next. Ed played it safe, happy not to lose, happy not to win, happy for some free public relations. Supernanny talked politically correct sense, the type of sense which can only be abstract. Davina..., Douglas wants to kill all Palestinians because he hates everyone who is not a self opinionated, egotistical, new-world-order conspiring, pretentious, closet homosexual with a bad coke habit; like himself. Charlie was Charlie. I am suprised Douglas didnt try to snort him up one of his flared, powder seeking, reptilian, nostrils.

We saw the true colours of the audience now. No longer was Charlie their darling. From being green, humanitarian, peace loving, hippyfied students, they appeared to metamorphasise, en masse, into a congregation of "chosen one" lizard-like entities with the same equally cold blooded principles as Douglas. Perhaps they were not actually green under humanoid synthetic skin, but they were certainly not green as regards hijacking an audience in a television manipulation programme directed at the "thinking" public.

And the devine Davina? Well , she is worthy of her own "article" in which I shall also try to discuss climate change - she needs educated, a person of such social infuence.


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