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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Tuesday 10th June

As seems to be the norm at present, we began with terrorism on the BBC News at 10. Todays problem seems to be a reoccurance of the furore in the Muslim world from a few weeks back, when the Queen honoured the author Salman Rushdie for his literary works.

A video film has now been released on the evil internet by evil al-Quaeda. In it, they promise retribution for what they perceive as a further slur against their religion. We saw the usual nightly images of terror and terrorism, including the ubiquitous blazing car.

Tie sporting Nick Robinson was back safely from his excursion to Scotland however the subject matter was still the same - social breakdown. We saw David Cameron who stated the our problems can be surmised as "guns, gangs, graffitti". These are "all part of the same story" and Mr Cameron seems to believe that these could be eradicated if people simply got married. As such, the Tories plan to attract people to marry each other by means of generous tax allowances.

We moved on to trouble in the Red Mosque which is situated in Pakistan. We saw some images of urban disorder and were told of links to al-Quaeda.

The twenty one seven bombings - No word as to any further verdicts as yet.

The McCann's are back in the news though, apparently focus has returned back to the original suspect - Robert Murat.

Floods next, there is talk of turning a P&O ferry into a floating refugee camp for those who have lost their homes. A map was shown of an area in Hull, showing all the new build properties which have been consructed on flood zones. Looks like we might need a veritable flotilla of ferries. We saw some victims too.

A nonsensical environmental feature next about the harm of cows and sheep to our ongoing fight against global warming. Basically, the animals are releasing methane as part of their digestive processes and this is feared to be adding to the problem of climate change. This is just plain scaremongering, the feature would be laughable if it was not for the fact that some people will no doubt actually believe it.

Geore Bush, there will be no withdrawal of troops from Iraq. We saw a short clip of Bush, he talked of al-Quaeda, the Iranians and the "security of our children". Worryingly, he actually believes it.

The Chinese next, we were told how they have "executed a man", Zheng Xiaoya, who was in fact the head of their State Food and Drug Administration. Apparently, some of their goods are suspect and that there is a global crisis over their safety. In fact we should be deeply suspicious over anything which is marked "Made in China". To substantiate this, the BBC showed an clip with the mother of a girl who had died due to contaminated goods and then we got to see a brain damaged boy. Interviews with Chinese people were shown, their words translated for us. We finished this feature by being reminded again that Chinese goods were "dodgy" and "don't trust their food, drink or medicine".

Next, and to close, was a long feature on computer hackers (for want of a better word) and the fact that Britain is under potential cyber-attack at all times. We should be aware of this and is a "wake up call". I can really say no more about it.


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