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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 16th July

We began on the BBC News at 10 with the ongoing saga over the poisoned Russian, Alexander Litvinenko. Matters have escalated to international level; as such we heard of "echoes from the Cold War" and " Russia has warned of serious consequences."

The position seems to be that Russia are refusing to hand over the chief suspect Andrei Lugovoi therefore Britain has expelled four of their diplomats from the UK. We saw images of Mr Lugovoi at target practice and were told of our position - "we had to do something - after all, radioactive material was brought to the heart of London." We were asked to consider if the Russians response "would be symmetrical or do they wish to draw a line under it ?"

Over to the Foreign Office for more discussion, our lady reporter stood with a backdrop of three very large arched windows. The camera was positioned and angled so that the journalist took up the entire middle window. In other words, the perspective was that you could then only see one arched window on each side of the lady which made her look almost like part of the building. There didnt seem to be much more really to discuss. Again, we saw images of Mr Litvinenko on his death bed.

Dr Wakefield next. He is in court to answer charges of professional misconduct. There were placard waving supporters outside the courtroom. We heard how the Doctor was the first to link autism with the MMR vaccine however it seems that his methods of research were perhaps slightly dubious. He apparently paid children who attended his sons birthday party, £5 each, for a blood sample. Images of him at a medical conference were shown where he joked about having to double the fee next year.

"Is it a bird ?, is it a plane ? - No, its superBoris". Jolly Nick Robinson jested his way into the next feature, concerning Boris Johnson standing as Conservative candidate for election as Mayor of London. We saw BJ cycling and were told he was a friend of David Cameron. A clip of Have I got News for You was shown as was a spoof multiple choice question on BJ's personal life. Answers included Liverpool FC, Jamie Oliver, New Guinea cannibalism or a lady who alleged an affair. Nick told of "faith in celebrity" and we saw Ken Livingston, the current Mayor.

Our relationship with our children next and we saw some lovely toddlers being packed off to nursery school. One in particular held a replica toy London double decker bus. We were told of how the nursery industry now "takes on the responsibility for a childs education." Ed Balls spoke of "juggling life and family". We were told of "21st century 3 year olds". The upshot seemed to be that this was the way of the family now, both parents work and the baby goes to nursery for social indoctrination lessons. Supernanny has showed us the basis of this education. A child who does not conform with the requested behaviour patterns is excluded from the group until they do. In this way, individuality is compromised, however this is not considered an issue. If this technique does not work, Ritalin is usually the next approach. This chemically speeds up the brain and, paradoxically, slows down the child. What a wonderful world.

Coming up - rubbish - images of piles of black bin bags in the street

Football and potential fraud. Police have raided three football clubs premises in some sort of fraud investigation although there is no definate story as yet. We saw a police station at No. 37 somewhere and then we saw the chief sports reporter, Mihir Bose outside the stadium of Newcastle United. He confirmed the lack of actual story however we were advised that the "arm of the law has reached football".

Kerry Katona next. A celebrity for being a celebrity - if you follow that - Miss Katona has unfortunately been the victim of an armed robbery in her own home. Three robbers, armed with a knife, crowbar and sledgehammer, burst in and forced her husband to hand over the valuables, whilst KK was locked downstairs with her young child. We saw interviews with neighbours etc and Max Clifford, the public relations genius, spoke of his shock.

A young girl who challenged her schools right to ban her from wearing a purity ring, has lossed her case in court. The ring symbolises chastity, however the school have a no jewellery policy.

The Hindus in Wales and their holy cow next. I covered this story maybe two months ago, it concerned a culling order being placed upon a sacred cow which has TB. The Welsh Assembly has overturned the death sentence and everyone seems happy. We saw the Hindus, chanting round their alter.

Food waste now and we headed to the streets of Oxford to see piles of bin bags. We were told of rotting waste attracting vermin and that the problem seems to be what to do with all our "kitchen scraps". Various suggestions were put forward, feeding the scraps to pigs etc. etc.,


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