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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta

Yesterday I confessed to an appalling lack of knowledge on this matter so I took a dip in Wikipedia to see what it had to say. Basically, this whole situation needs to be treated with the maximum of distrust. Our whole fundamental basic system of law is going to be rewritten and I would suggest that the differences between our current, Magna Carta based system and any future constitution are very closely examined in minute detail.

There are important issues regarding our true freedom at stake here and is important that changes are not imposed, through the back door, by a potential new order of government. This is true of whether you live in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland and it appears, to the newspaceman, that the UK is being dissolved into single countries or entities, simply in order that it can become part of something bigger. This is basic alchemy and part of the "laws of nature". Tony Blair is showing us how it works on a personal level, as is Al Gore.

The wheels are already in motion.



Anonymous said...

Yeah I live in Ireland but not in the UK. geddit?

Newspaceman said...

I think so.