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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Number Crunching

I am inspired today to look at some numbers and dates. Before I begin, I must confess to my readers that in my early teens, I developed a form of what is known today as obsessive compulsive disorder. In my case, this led to a development of me living my life whilst doing everything in three's or multiples thereof. Although, I also had other numbers which I considered acceptable or even favourable for example 13 or 34.

This "affliction" did not trouble me too much and I think I managed to keep it more or less concealed, although my behaviour probably was rather strange at cetain times. Anyway, somehow I inherited a young dog which I took out to the woods as much as possible and for as long as possible. This seemed to "cure" me to a certain extent although I still have an interest in numbers and, if the truth be told, certain "obsessions" still live with me.

Yesterday, I briefly touched upon orange marches and would now like to discuss the dates, along with some other observations.

Lets look at the numbers in the year 1690 first. 16 is 4 squared. Then we have 9, 3 squared. Add them all up, 9+6+1 you get 16 again. Or, then add 16 plus 9 = 25. Five squared.

This might all mean nothing, but the date of the Columba massacre this year was 16.04.07. Again we have the 16 and the 4. Add them all up, 16+4+7, you get 27. 27 is a powerful number for 3's, firstly, 3 cubed or to the power of 3; 3x3x3 =27. Also, 2+7 = 9. What about its full date, 16/04/07. Read it like this, on a running basis 1+6=7, then 7+4 = 11, then 11+7= 18. Eighteen could be read as 1+8=9 or, alternatively, three sixes equals 18. Or 6 three's. And six is 2 x 3.

Moving on slightly, lets look at the 12th of July, 12/7. Again, we can break down the 12 into a simple 3 x 4. Or two sixes. The seven, could to be said to be 3+4. But does any of this actually prove or mean anything ?

Today, we have a concert for the late Princess Diana at Wembley stadium. The date is the 1st of July, 2007. 01/07/2007. Not much there. This would have been her 46th birthday though. Again we have the 4 and 6 (2x3). Coincidentally, this is a full moon. I believe also that the moon is currently full at a point in our solar system, known as Galactic Centre. This point is known as the energy source of our solar system and the sun actually orbits this point itself, in a long cycle of 26,000 years or so. Also, the earth is approaching its aphelion with the sun, which means that this is the time at which the earth is furthest from the sun and I think, almost opposite galactic centre, in terms of the entire solar system.

So, if one was aware of potential energy flows around this time of the year then now would be the time to use them. The Queen was in Scotland yesterday to mark the 3rd session of a Scottish Parliament. Princes William and Harry have organised a concert at Wembley today, a venue we already know to be highly successful as a musical arena. People who have attented recent concerts in the arena have spoken of the way the sound seems to vibrate around the stadium. Additionally, 63,000 people will attend this ceremony

Does not sound travel in waves, like light and all energy. Could the design of Wembley somehow hold, contain or perhaps even condense/distill and channel or direct raw energy ? Could today somehow mark a symbolic, or maybe even real, collective transfer of our contained emotional energy from the late Princess Diana on to her sons. Remember the Royal Box is on level 108, 108 being 9 x 12; you already know the further breakdown of 9 and 12 but the number 108 itself is of numerical significance although I apologise for having no time to discuss that here and now.

I am sure that we will we now see William and Harry transferred or remorphed within our collective psyche, into their mother, Princess Diana's, Jungian archetype; that of the caring mother; a prerequisite reassurance for todays increasingly fear paralysed population. Is this just the first step of that process? The grieving for Diana was massive in proportion and created a collective resevoir of the emotion of raw grief. Furthermore, is this energy reincarnated and revitalised in our individual unconscious when we view images of shrines and flower placing in other times of tragedy, for example Madeleine McCann ?

And as above, so below. This week the proverbial heavens have opened and rainfall, apparantly not seen since the days of Noah, has fallen. We have seen this in the news, with the feature on the Ulley Dam, which is close to bursting; the waters within have been diverted to a suburban area which is still, today, under several feet of flood water. Is this symbolic of our collective mentality and thinking ? Is this a message from God, dare I say it ?

Hope this gives you something to think about.


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