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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 2nd July

Our News at 10 on the BBC was presented by Hugh Edwards and we began with terror as the main story; the focus being the aftermath of the attempted car bombings in London and Glagow.

It has transpired that at least two of the suspects are doctors and we moved up to our reporter, David Robertson in Glasgow who advised that "for those living here, these are uncertain times". We saw a quick re-run of the blazing vehicle fire at Glasgow airport before a switch of scenes to a hospital in Paisley, the workplace of one of the suspects, where images of a remote controlled robot which is used for bomb control purposes were shown. Then, we saw a small group of people standing in the street and a quiet popping noise was heard in the distance. This, our reporter advised us, was a controlled explosion.

It was time for a short run down on what we know about the suspects so far. Dr Abdulla was first, some short personal details were given including the fact he was a devout muslim. Second, the driver of the vehicle - he is in hospital and we dont know anything about him. Last, was Dr Mohammed Asher, he was the suspect arrested on the M6, the BBC advised they could not show his image but they gave his details, his wifes name and advised he had a baby son. Furthermore, the two individuals who have been identified were not from the UK.

We went back to Glasgow and saw images of the damage to the terminal building and queues of would-be holidaymakers. We were invited to ponder the damage that could have been caused and also "the chilling thought that doctors could be involved"

It was time for a spotlight focus on the M6 suspect. We saw the images again of his vehicle being stopped on the M6 then we went to his rented house, "in a middle class area". Some of his neighbours were interviewed, all appeared think the suspect a decent family man. Furthermore, we saw an interview with his landlord who, according to the reporter, liked him (the suspect). It appears that the suspect was considered - "considerate, dilligent and caring". His father has appealed to King Abdullah of Jordan for help, so convinced is he of his sons innocence.

It was now time for some scaremongering and we were told that "these doctors may
be innocent but it is now apparent that young professionals are becoming more radicalised". No evidence was provided for this sweeping statement. Nevertheless, we were told of the "everchanging threat" of terrorism and reminded of the fertiliser and London bombers, including reconstructed images of them making bombs. These bombmaking skills have now developed into utilisation of petrol and gas canisters and this, therefore, explains the "everchanging" aspect.

This story then evolved into telling us of a chronic NHS staff shortage which means we have 22,500 overseas doctors working here. 500 of these are from Iraq and 74 from Jordan. None of these people have work permits. No details on extremism are asked for either when these characters apply for jobs.

Back on to mainstream terror though and we were informed that if there is a court trial for any of the suspects currently in custody, this will be held in England and not Scotland, even though one of the offences was on Scottish soil.

Over to Old Nick Robinson next, on the same subject, though moving on to the approach being shown to the attacks by the new Gordon Brown government. Nick says "what a difference in language, gone are the words war on terror, gone is any mention of Islam. Rather, terrorists are simply criminals that threaten us all. Calmness and dignity is the new response under our new leader.

A bomb has exploded somewhere (sorry cant read my notes) in the Middle East. We are told this "may be the work of al-Quaeda.". Maybe not though.

A seventeen year old boy found guilty of murdering a fifteen year old in London. The victim was a very promising young football starlet for QPR and was stabbed, it appears down to jealousy and resentment over his abilities and therefore social status? We saw images of the boy playing football at QPR and a short interview with his coach was shown. We then saw his father, who has started a campaign to try to give young people better things to do than turn to crime. A swiss army knife was pictured and this was apparently the murder weapon used.

We closed this feature with images of the boys father and family. Curiously, the camera angle chosen was behind the family so you could only see their backs. We then saw them linking their hand behind them, one of them had gold bracelets on both wrists. This reminded me of a previous news feature regarding flooding in Dudley, details can be found here

Coming up - The boy who gave half his liver to his dad

First, the flooding again. Thieves and drug addicts are the main worry now, it is feared they may start looting flooded houses. As such, we saw local "men" residents, guarding the houses, or keeping an eye on them anyway. We saw some more locals interviewed and we got to see inside their houses in Hall Villa Lane which are still partly under water.

Our reporter was on scene to let us know that it is raining again. This was illustrated by showing us raindrops landing in the floodwater. Furthermore, the fear is that "this water is getting dirtier, it is full of sewage, rubbish, even dead vermin". (I was unaware that a media reporter was a victim)

Madeleine McCann next but it wasnt. An image was shown of a young girl dressed in the familiar pink sun hat and top, almost identical to that of Madeleine. However this two year old girl was raped and murdered by her uncle, a 22 year old paedophile.

Westminster again next, this time a run down down on David Cameron's shadow cabinet reshuffle and the new characters who will feature therein. "May battle commence" was our reporters call, I couldnt quite work out why.

Next though, Bush and Putin discussing defence systems. "We were told that Bush is not yet convinced", again I am not sure what of; I thought it was the Americans who were locating them next to Russia and therefore the Russians that needed convincing. I must be paranoid.

Zimbabwe next, life is not too great over there and so we were treated to images of starving infants and mothers with fly's buzzing around them. As a special treat we got to see a girl aged one and a half years with malnutrition. Then we got to see natives filling canvas bags with beans and carting them about like flood prevention sandbags. Which, when full, they were identical to.

Disturbing imagery was rife throughout this feature, we saw older ladies leafing through piles of black and white (are'nt they always) photographs of dead relatives, obviously upset. We were told that a whole months wages buys only 12 loaves of bread and then, to finish, we got to see a paupers cemetery, complete with Flanders-like wooden crosses.

The liver transplant next. A son has given 60% of his liver to his father who would have died without a transplant. We were told this was a medical breakthrough, the first transplant between two living human beings. A doctor told us it was remarkable. Each to their own, I shall say no more other than a lady told us that she -"saw David's liver arriving for his dad".


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