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Monday, 23 July 2007

ITN News Review - Sunday 22nd July

It was really about the flooding crisis on the ITN news at half six yesterday evening. We heard that matters are going from worse to worse and the usual helicopter images were shown. A man was shown cycling with a six pack of bottled water and we heard of panic buying. Old grannies were shown; waving at the camera; happy for some attention. David Cameron appeared in Oxford, striding through flood water in his green Hunter wellies. We heard that the rain was "an act of God" and were told of how day trippers who had come in to view the chaos were - "enjoying the bittersweet spectacle". We closed by being reminded we are "waiting for the Doomsday Clock to strike", in terms of further rain, one assumes.

Over to Iraq - another soldier killed.

David Cameron re-appeared; this time to insist the Tories can win the next election.

26 Pilgrims die in a coah crash, images of the aftermath were shown.

Sport was next, always a good selection on a Sunday - Golf, Formula 1 and Cricket.

That was about it really, we closed with the weather. To illustrate this, ITN showed a man and his infant child, snorkeling together in a swimming pool before more doom and gloom was forecast.



1 comment:

aferrismoon said...

look 4ward to any foxy pix.
I didn't expect that u would necessarily understand or even be interested with the Casino article. it surprised me a little that the same story about 47 should throw up these 2 pastimes [ Snooker and roulette].
Glad u enjoyed the sport last night. Here in Prague the Czech 20s lost in the World Cup final to Argentina, thus little or no interest in the Irishman winning the Open
People also went stupid for the translated Harry Potr here . Well u can never tell , probably about 12 people but the camera angle always makes it look that the 5000 are still wandering around looking for the next Massiah.
Miss Rowling complained about the state of Czech childrens homes a couple of years ago and this story was revivified next to the Harry Potter advertising as news story.
I wonder whether Harry et al can stop the Iraq war. This seems to be part of the subtext that you can only change the world through forces out of the control of most of the populus while rubbing one's genitals gently along a broomstick.
Personally I find your blog worthwhile as it removes the shrill, shock and awe of today's media.
Have fun, build an ark, take up golf