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Saturday, 14 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Friday 13th July

It was Fiona Bruce who presented the BBC News at 10 last night, where we commenced proceedings with the conviction of media tycoon Conrad Black. Mr Black has been found guilty of fraud and obstructing justice. We heard how he was "an old fashioned press baron" and we saw CCTV images of him removing files from his offices to confirm his crime in our minds. We were told that he may have watched Citizen Kane too many times. So again, as yesterday, seeds of doubt over the integrity of our media are being sowed in our minds . Its harvest time that concerns me.

Next up was the tale of Robert Torto, a paranoid schizophrenic, who carried out three separate petrol bomb attacks on corner shops in London. Again, we saw how CCTV had helped catch this individual and images of the burning shops were shown. We were told that Mr Torto believed he was the son of God. I thought Jesus confirmed we were all sons of God though but this was not mentioned.

The BBC themselves next - after Thurday's embarrasment with the Queen, they are set to "put their house in order".

Breast cancer to follow and we heard how it was taking too long for ladies to be diagnosed with breast cancer after reporting any symptoms to their GP's. We saw a lady who would have had to wait 12 weeks for an appointment, she had instead gone private and as such had been treated and "was on the road to recovery" by the time her NHS appointment came through. We were again asked to consider what might have happened in this instance (thanks for the mammaries, perhaps) and then we saw a doctor state that"every woman believes she has breast cancer". This statement was then expanded upon, the doctor actually meant every lady who has a lump believes she has cancer and this therefore somehow could explain the lengthy delays in obtaining NHS treatment.

Network Rail - it appears that someone will face manslaughter charges over the Cumbria train crash earlier this year. We saw images of the derailed train etc.

Coming up - American poor people and their health

First - Beckham mania hits America. We saw the Beckhams surrounded by paparazzi (700 we were told) as David prepares to "take soccer to a new level" as he prepares for a new season with LA Galaxy. David gave an interview in which he stated his family came before his football and we saw images of Victoria mingling with other "celebrities". The Beckhams we are told are "taking to Hollywood like a duck to water." Mention was made of a potential friendship with Tom Cruise.

Our country and floods followed. The government is releasing some money to help pay for the damage. Hull, an area which we have seen in some detail recently, will receive 2 million pounds.

Back to sport and Gordon Brown is to release a million pounds to help school sports. The tories saw this is spin and we saw images of Gordon playing tennis. We saw Kelly Holmes and we heard of how the UK could be "the greatest sporting nation in the World". Furthermore, sporting activities combat drugs, obesity and anti social behaviour. Apparently, a target is to be set for our youngsters of 5 hours per week of sporting activities, previously this was two hours, however it will not be compulsory. Could it be compulsory - can you actually make someone take part in a sport ? Anyway, it appears "sport is the way forward".

The promised American poor people next. This was a feature about poor people in South Carolina who are being refused treatment for HIV as they have no money. George Bush appears to be getting the blame. We saw images and interviews with dying people and their relatives.



aferrismoon said...

Cheers for link to the ginga family. yeah I did see it. I saw it b4 the Harry Ginger thing. Cheers for your blog , as I don't live in the UK its pleasant to read the news without the the blandness. My dad visited me and brought a Daily Mail - Paper of fear , death and smallmindedness
Hope alls well with quiet, mild-mannered Gordon B

Newspaceman said...

Funnily enough, red haired people were in the Edinburgh news last week. A tourist type museum was offering free entry on 7/7/7 to those with red hair. This was because of the superstitions of bad luck associated.