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Monday, 2 July 2007

ITN News Review - 1st July 2007

I watched the ITN late afternoon news yesterday where we commenced with the attacks on Glasgow and London. It is now obvious that "we face a sustained and long term terror threat" and "another attack may be imminent".

To help emphasise this fear, the ITN showed some more images of the burning car outside Glasgow airport and we were told how the terrorists "rammed their lethal mixture into an airport terminal". We are on "security level critical". The saga continued as we heard how the police had arrested two people on the M6 motorway last night.

Luckily, ITN had managed to find a mobile phone recording of the terrorists car being stopped by the authorities although we didnt see very much. We heard from eye witnesses though and they told how the suspects had been stripped of their clothes and dressed in white paper suits.

Up to Glasgow now where our reporter, Tim Rogers, was in the city centre interviewing people about what they thought of it all. It seems we are coming to terms with it and just getting on with life. We went to Glasgow airport where we saw gigantic queues of cheap-plastic, waterproof suit wearing, members of the public; in a downpour. Nobody seemed to know what was happening, so they all seemed to be hanging about, just waiting, in the rain. Images of adorable children were shown, bedraggled, bored and wet, some wearing football tops.

Our government is having a hard job of trying to balance fear against security and we moved back down to London to see short reports from both Downing Street and Scotland Yard, both updating us on matters. Not much was said but our reporter advised that - "amazing technical things can be done with mobile phones", Thats reassuring then.

Coming up - Hero Airport Worker

First though, this was Di's day and we went to Wembley to see the birthday bash organised for her by her sons, Princes William and Harry, to celebrate what would have been her 46th birthday. 63,000 people are attending, however we saw increased security and "fingertip searches" of the paying guests. William told us that "it was a tribute to Diana's appeal - that so many turned up"

He told of her love for music, dance and charities and there was mention of Duran Duran. We were told that Wembley was rocking and we saw the Princes, jigging about, up in the 108th level. Behind them, we could see the bottom half of some plump ladies, jigging about a bit faster. Curiouslly, when the camera flashed to the rest of the crowd below, not many seemed to be rocking. As a side note, I think the song being played by DD included the lyrics - "Reach your hands to the Sun God", the other two songs they played being Rio and Wild Boys; which they dedicated to the young Princes.

Smoking next, the ban started in England yesterday and we saw an editor from ITN who is trying to stop smoking. He talked of acupuncture and laser.

Time for hero John, "the toast of his colleagues" at Glasgow airport. John was back at work and he told how he had dealt with the suicide bomber. It was his "civic duty" and we "were under attack here"

Furthermore, John explained to us that "The British people stand proud" and, in just in case there were other terrorists planning a similar attack and watching the news to get some information - "Glasgow doesnt accept this - We will set about you". It seemed to your author that it was just as well there were no Asians nearby or our John may well have "set about them" on the spot, such was the adrenalin build up and nationalistic fever being displayed. John, it seems, is itching to have a go. There is no football at the moment though so this may explain his behaviour.

"A brave man" was the only comment as the news finished.


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